The “Japanese Miscellaneous” popular model Miyato Miyagi demonstrates elegant summer costumes, fashionable atmosphere, high -level full

As one of the hottest models in Japanese miscellaneous, many matching Miyato Satoshi is of great reference, and it can also make many girls who are more chaotic in dressing and matching. Here is a few sets of out -of -the -streets that are suitable for summer. The color combination is simple, and the selection of single items is very simple. No matter how old you are, you can basically use it.

Many girls are mainly based on simple design. Whether it is the selection of clothing or the combination of colors, it can have such characteristics and will maintain a basic and concise style.

Take the color as an example. Too many fancy colors are difficult to control. It is easy to form a very obvious sense of disobedience.

The combination between black and white is the most secure


Essence This black sleeveless top has a loose appearance and a significant sense of falling. You want to reflect the slender leg shape. Remember to match the slim -fit pants.

How to wear and tightly wear up and down

Not everyone can use it. For those who are not very good in congenital legs, their thighs are thick and their calves are not well -proportioned. They are a short board that they bring. Disadvantages.

Such as this

Black sleeveless top


It cooperates with a loose pants, but the pants itself has a certain sense of formal sense, and it belongs to the items that women can use the same age. Take it, not restricted.

T -shirts are often a fire of fire, especially in summer. Whether men, women and children, can use the same style of white T -shirt. In order to cater to simple themes, the cooperation of white T -shirts can also be simplified as possible.

Miyata Satoshi uses


Loose black suspender skirt

There are hierarchical collisions and displaying the ultimate contrast of color. The key is that the combination of these two clothing effectively weakens the age, but the color will not be tender, revealing the obvious natural and generous temperament.

Many girls with good legs will also favor loose pants more, which is the broad sense of their version. It is more comfortable to wear with a tight combination with the legs.


This one used by Miyato Satoshi

Khaki trousers

In fact, it is a good match, that is, no matter what the season, no matter what the temperature is, no matter how the items you match or the color change, you can use it to insert it into the shape without any visual discomfort in the visual discomfort. Or a sense of abruptness.


When you use an ordinary color and ordinary design items, you must want to put it out of the new feeling. Starting from the perspective of color, it is also a fast way.


Miyata Satoshi uses

Coordination of black T -shirts and purple skirts

Place this more personalized color in the lower body, effectively reducing the high requirements of skin tone brought by personality.

To say the most summer item, be sure to nominate a dress. Different designs let it show many temperament. The entire selection range of women is quite wide. But some people do not like to try skirts that are too obvious, that is, over -decorated items in the appearance. Black -based dress can fully meet their requirements.


Black sleeveless skirt

In fact, it has a coordinated effect on the proportion, and the cutting of the V -neck also has a stretching effect on girls with a round body and large face shape.

Some people think that the dark temperament of the black dress is too full, and often makes people feel that it is not light enough. Choosing sleeveless styles will completely break this less than one f one.


However, there are also requirements for the opposite arm curve. You can put on a thinner long cardigan or long shirt with a thinner style. As a cover, it is full of elegance.

The sleeveless top can also carry a full summer atmosphere, because it can exert its unique advantages in this season, reduce the coverage of fabrics, and wear a refreshing feeling. Especially the lighter sleeveless tops can look very simple.

Tights with sleeveless tops


In fact, it will cause her entire leg shape to become more obvious. Worried about it, she will be fat, and she will wear more wide -leg pants.


The sleeveless style items will have different interpretations due to the change of material. Like knitted fabrics, due to the great rebound force, the tenderness is sufficient, and it has also become a popular item favored by many mature ladies.


Simple coordination of jeans will enhance the casual or casual street style. The elasticity of jeans is not better than knitted tops, so it is necessary to make some styles according to the leg shape.

As one of the hottest models in Japan, Miyato Satoshi is suitable for ordinary people to learn. Whether it is a combination of color or the choice of single products, it can show as simple as possible.

Like this shape, the cooperation of T -shirts and wide -leg pants is the most common. Coordinate the hem of the T -shirt with the waist of the pants, which can extend the legs visually.

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Miyata Satoshi uses