Cats, the first cat in Tmall underwear, want to transform into “Victoria’s Secret” with this trick

According to relevant data, the market size of the full -class underwear in 2015 reached 40 billion yuan. Among them, the three categories of socks, pajamas, and underwear have the largest demand, and the market size exceeds 25.3 billion yuan. The fund input process will be decentralized and diluted through the supply chain, which is not conducive to the rapid expansion of the brand.

Based on the big background of the industry’s development, the underwear brand Catman Group officially spoke to the industry, and wanted to open up the supplier and retailer system, so that the group began to transform from the original underwear manufacturer to the full -category brand output platform.

In this strategy, the Catman Group provides suppliers and retailers to provide services such as brand output, product design, visual marketing, and partner communication services, and then charge a certain proportion fee according to the standard. You Lin, chairman of Catman Group, said that due to the focus of various categories, this supply chain system is more suitable for creating explosive products. The goal of Catman Group is to achieve 2/3 of the 2/3 of the all -category of underwear.

How does online increased by 100 million?

Before the transformation, as a fashion underwear brand, the Catman brand has been established for 18 years, and the market valuation has reached 3 billion yuan. In the year, he won the underwear warm -category sales champion.

Based on such a big background, the M-BBC strategy proposed by Catman Group, the so-called “M” refers to the Catman Group will integrate the existing brand resources, including brand, design, and marketing. The two “B” in “B+B”, one refers to the supply chain of high -quality products, and the other is the retail chain of the online platform. According to the original traditional model, the two “B” are in the Cats Group In its own system, all category suppliers and retailers will now open the resources of various categories; “C” has two levels in Peng Yu, general manager of Catman e -commerce. It is the two “B” end mentioned in the strategy.

Through the M-BBC strategy, the Catman Group wants to create a service-oriented ecological industry chain, form a strategic consortium with suppliers and retailers, and fully serve the product operator and terminal consumers.


M-BBC’s cooperation mode diagram

In the M-BBC strategy, cats will be adjusted in two directions. One is to expand outward, and the brand with a market value of about 3 billion yuan is exported as the value of asset value to suppliers and retailers to fill the catman’s blank market. ; The other is to move towards light assets on the supply chain. In the new chain, the product is produced by the exclusive suppliers of various categories, and then directly supplies to third -party retailers or TP companies online. Retailers endorses the product with cats.

According to Peng Yu, general manager of Cat Man’s e-commerce, with the help of the “M-BBC model”, the online sales of the Catman brand will reach 500 million yuan during the year: “We will focus on the category, focus on the explosion of the category, and the most chains will the most chains. Strong partners gather together to serve consumers together. “

At present, Catman Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with many domestic strategic partners. The signing projects include warm clothes, home, bra, bra, pantyhose, children’s clothing, down, women’s clothing, men’s clothing and other categories. In the next three years, cats will cooperate 40 Suppliers with a sales scale of more than 50 million yuan.

It is understood that this cooperation will achieve full category and omnichannel coverage, and online sales channels including Tmall, Vipshop,, Weishang, etc. will all be the home of sales of “Catman Online”.

Simple replication of Antarctic Mode?

Industry experts believe that the traditional business model, the era of dividends in the manufacturing industry has passed. As a non -standard product, the cost of clothing is too long, and the inventory pressure is difficult to solve, so the transformation is imminent.

The implementation of the M-BBC strategy of Cat Man Group, for Catman Group, its internal management system and operating system will become lighter and lighter, and can spend more resources and energy to invest in product research and development and brand value improvement. ; For the supplier, after grafting brand resources, the product and brand combined to allow them to participate in the operation of the market. As a supplier role, they only participated in the chain 1/3. The sensitivity of the person is poor.

In the M-BBC strategy, the number of suppliers increased with consumers throughout the supply chain, which can make its product plan more and more reasonable, which is conducive to the benign of the supply chain. According to Peng Yu revealed that among the suppliers signed by the Cats Group, some suppliers can ship quickly for 3 to 5 days. Grasp and cognitive consumer behavior is inseparable.

In fact, the M-BBC mode of Catman’s online M-BBC mode may find a few shadows of Antarctic people. As the current underwear industry has made transformation and obvious effects, as early as 2008, it has begun to transform into the “brand authorization” business model. , Keep the core value of the “Antarctic” brand, get rid of the self -employed link of production and sales, and the platform of light assets.

With the rapid development of e -commerce, the category of Antarctic Human brand products continues to extend: extend from underwear, down jackets to men’s clothing, women’s clothing, maternal and infant clothing, home clothing and other categories. The quantity increased rapidly. Relying on this model, in 2015, the revenue of e -commerce in the Antarctic people increased by 42.30%, and the net profit attributable to the mother increased by 158.37%.

Peng Yu told reporters that compared to the two larger differences between the M-BBC strategy of the Antarctic Renmo Cats Group. In the first open chain, the Antarctic people were open in a certain category, so the price war has also intensified in recent years. Some merchants have made a set of underwear 29.9 or even 19.9 free shipping. Force, this will sacrifice product quality to a certain extent. Secondly, the M-BBC of the Cat will use the product as a guidance. In the same category, focusing on choosing one or two partners to form a benign competition, and every product is published from production to online, it needs to pass through the company’s quality management and control system. The independent commodity department within the group will conduct the quality of the goods based on a specialized management system.

You Lin, chairman of Catman Group, said that with the implementation of the M-BBC strategy, the annual sales of cats e-commerce in the next three years are expected to increase from 350 million to 2 billion yuan, and they are preparing to launch a listing plan. In addition, through capital operation and brand building, the next 10 years will make cats become “Victoria’s Secret” in the East.