Who said that men are greasy after 28? Seeing Deng Lun put on a denim shirt, fresh and dry youth feels full

In the impression of Xiaoliu, Deng Lun always gives people a kind of “Han Fan’er” Hua Mei Men’s impression. Since she starred in the TV series “Flowers and Flowers and Fogs” in 2012, she has begun to enter the performing arts circle. In the play, he plays the cute and lovely little man who is infatuated and ghostly horses, which is impressed by people.


However, in recent years, with the more and more film and television characters created by Deng Lun, the impression that people have left are becoming more and more changing. The fire Phoenix Xufeng in the Frost is a very classic film and television character.


Deng Lun has been in his debut for nearly 10 years. He has active film and television works to create a variety of classic and excellent film and television characters. It is very accurate for those who have various characters. Therefore, many classic works are left in the entertainment industry. The acting strength was recognized by people inside and outside the industry.


Although Deng Lun has developed slightly slowly in the acting career in recent years, and rarely continues to appear in new film and television dramas, he is often active in various variety shows, and there are signs of development to “variety show coffee”. It is undeniable that Deng Lun’s sense of variety is indeed very strong. He perfectly shows his true side in many variety shows. He has a good personality and is very grounded, so he is also loved by many netizens. It’s just a pity that such a good actor Miao Zi, if you don’t take the variety line.

Deng Lun is a very youthful boy. Although he was born in 1992, he is now almost 29 years old, but even if he is nearly 30 years old, he still maintains a very clean sense of youth. This is with his outstanding appearance. The conditions have a lot to do, but it is inseparable from the excellent dressing taste. Good clothes give him a high charm. Like recently shooting a fashion blockbuster, this set of look is very clean and handsome. Essence

Who said that men are greasy after 28? Seeing Deng Lun put on a denim shirt, it was fresh and dry. “A sense of greasy” is a problem that many people are unavoidable in the middle age. Especially for some middle -aged men, they do n’t manage their bodies and think they are handsome, so many girls feel difficult to accept when they see it. However, this situation obviously did not happen to Deng Lun. Although he is almost 30 years old now, it still looks very clean and handsome. After putting on a denim shirt this time, it looks particularly fresh and dry and full of sense of youth.

This look looks quite concise, the gray -blue denim shirt is relatively loose, and it looks casual and generous. It only ties the bottom buttons, revealing the gray -white color striped band -hood, which looks particularly casual and comfortable. Pants, tied with black and white stripes to patch the color belt, put the hem into the waist of the trousers, giving people more capable atmospheric.

Brown windbreaker cool handsome and domineering

Deng Lun, known as the “beautiful man”, has a very good appearance condition. This time, shooting a seaside blockbuster, this private service look is handsome, brown trench coat is put on his shoulders, the aura is strong and handsome, with a white pullover shirt Inside and blue trousers, the overall look is super charming.

Deng Lun’s look is quite handsome. It uses a white pullover as a single product. The version of the style is very simple. The type of windbreaker set off his body and taller, and it looked more domineering on his shoulders; below was dark blue casual trousers, put the clothes on the waist of the trousers, giving people more capable.

Black and White look simple and fashionable

The black and white Look, known as the “basic model”, is a classic match in the fashion circle. It is simple and generous and easy to get started, and it is very practical. No matter which item, you only need to be simple to wear a fashion style. Applicable to various occasions, loved by everyone. This time, Deng Lun started with the black and white look, and put the basic model into a fashionable model. The simple atmosphere was quite attractive and attractive.

I saw that he was wearing a black long -sleeved jacket, the version was simple and casual, and it looked quite loose and casual. It was paired with a white pullover as a single item, which looked simpler and comfortable, and looked very fashionable. Below is paired with black casual trousers to put the clothes on the waist of the trousers, giving people more capable, and the overall upper body effect is still very good.



In men’s clothing, jackets are relatively common fashion items. This kind of single product often shows two extreme feelings, either the style of the old cadre, or the “cool boy” that leads the fashion trend. For example, Deng Lun appeared in a brown -black jacket this time, showing a unique fashion charm, which seemed particularly simple and casual.


The dark brown jacket version is relatively simple. Although it looks more conservative, some old cadres feel, but after matching, it also shows a unique fashion charm. Inside is the brown bunker as a medium -jaicular item, revealing the neckline in the dark blue shirt, which looks more layered, and also enhances a lot of fashion atmosphere for this look, and it will not look too dull and low -key. After pairing with gray and blue casual trousers, the overall upper body effect is still very good.

Tuoton sweater+white trousers

Like the previous article, Deng Lun is a famous “Korean beautiful man” in the circle. It may not have to feel it, but after seeing him wearing a turtleneck sweater with white trousers, this feeling is obvious, temperamental temperament, temperamental temperament, temperament Gentle and handsome, who can you dislike such Deng Lun?


This turtleneck sweater version is relatively simple. The light gray tone texture is soft and thick, and it looks very comfortable. The high -neck style is folded and the striped element is embellished to add a little fashion highlight to this solid color system. It will not be too simple and monotonous; the following is paired with white casual trousers, holding a black handbag in my hand, the overall look is gentle and very handsome.


Since his debut in 2012, Deng Lun has been in the circle for nearly 10 years and has many classic film and television works. The most impressive of which is undoubtedly “Sweet Honey and Ember Frost”. I believe many friends are like Xiaoliu. I met him in this play. The century -old gift drama “Ideal Shining China”, which has recently participated in the party, is about to be released, which is still very exciting.

In addition, Deng Lun has gradually developed in the direction of “variety show coffee” in recent years, and participated in many hot variety shows. Whether it is “Extreme Challenge” or “Secret Room Escape”, it has impressed people. Popularity is loved.

Deng Lun is also quite accomplishment in the fashion field, and has become the new “boyfriend wearing template”. Do you like it?