Six action to protect men’s lumbar spine, relieve back pain and improve the quality of life.

The waist muscles are the core force area of ​​the body and one of the important structures to maintain the stability of the lumbar spine. Strong waist muscles are like a strong umbrella for the spine, which helps maintain and enhance the stability of the spine, and can effectively prevent acute and chronic waist damage and low back pain.

For men, it has extraordinary significance for men. The quality of the waist directly affects daily work and life. Therefore, strong waist muscle strength can improve work efficiency, improve quality of life, and relieve back pain.

4 groups of each action, each group for 20 seconds, or 15-20 times. Take a break between the group for 30 seconds, let’s take a look ~


Action 1,

Note: This action can stretch the hip muscles. Tight hip muscles are one of the causes of waist discomfort, so they should often stretch the hip muscles. When stretching the unilateral hip, the knees are pressed down with both hands, the hips are sticking to the cushion, the abdomen is tightened, and the hips are stretched. The legs on the other side can be straightened or knee. Keep 20 seconds. Each side stretches 2 groups.


Action 2,


Note: This action can strengthen the strength of the abdominal muscle. Too weak abdominal muscle strength can easily cause waist discomfort, so exercise more abdominal muscles to protect the lumbar spine. Both legs bend your knees 90 degrees, the knees are together, and the calves are raised to the ground parallel. Put your hands on both sides of your ears, inhale preparation. When exhaling, leave the mat in the upper back, contraction of the abdomen, and feel the soreness of abdominal muscle contraction. Inhale, repeat action. Four groups, each group 15-20 times.

Action three,

Note: This action can stretch the abdomen, lumbar muscle, and at the same time can passively strengthen the back muscles. Put your hands on both sides of the chest, straighten your legs together. When exhaling, straighten your hands and support the torso. Be careful not to shruff, the elbow joint is straight but not lock. The chin is slightly closed to avoid cervical discomfort. Keep your posture for 20 seconds and do 2 groups.


Action 4,


Note: This movement strengthens the back and hip muscles, which is necessary to strengthen the waist muscles. Lie on the cushion, straighten your hands and legs. When exhaling, lift the opposite arm and legs and put it down. Raise the arms and legs on the other side. Repeat action. Do 4 groups, do not do a total of 20-30 times.

Action 5.

Note: This action strengthens the lower back and hips to protect the lumbar spine. Put your hands on both sides of the chest, and support the torso slightly to leave the ground slightly. Exhale, raise one leg, inhale. Raise your legs and repeat the movement. Make 4 groups, each group 20-30 times.

Action 6.

Note: Stretch in time after exercise. This action can stretch the back and arm muscles. Try to sit on the hips as much as possible, straighten your arms, and press your shoulders down to completely relax your body. Keep 20 seconds and do 2 groups.


This action is suitable for men and women, not only men must protect the lumbar spine, but women must also protect the lumbar spine ~ practice together ~

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