Naked boots are out of date. “Chelsea boots” have become popular this year, and fashionable people are rushing to wear

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Aimei is a compulsory course for every girl’s life. Among them, only shoes occupy half of the rivers and mountains. The style of the shoes can be said to have everything. Only you can’t think of it. And shoes are also the best items that can most arouse girls buying in addition to bags. It is necessary to go to work for versatile work. Sports and leisure style occupies the advantage of the street, and various high heels are essential. Out of the street, you have a pair of high heels to make you instantly turn into the queen. The beauty of high heels is beautiful. It is definitely a hilling on the feet for a few hours when shopping, so the designers have found a good heart, that is, boots!

There are tens of millions of boots. Some time ago, the naked boots were winning the girl’s heart with comfort and aesthetics. The design of the ankle was not only very fashionable. Repair long legs. Naked boots are the most popular is high -heeled nude boots. It can easily transform into the royal sister with pencil pants or leather pants. With skirts, it can create a gentle ladylike temperament. In the versatile, the advantages of naked boots are obvious.

However, a recent retro trend has completely subverted the status of nude boots. Chelsea boots are like a dark horse. Chelsea boots have occupied a place in girls’ shoe cabinets with unique advantages, and have also become the main direction of major brands.


The past and present of Chelsea boots

So how did Chelsea boots born? Chelsea boots were born in the UK. They were originally special shoes riding. They were later discovered and determined that they were finally casual shoes. Since it is a sport -specific shoes for horse riding, the super good comfort of Chelsea boots from ancient times to the present is the unchanged design. It has no pressure at all, and girls who love shopping can be easily controlled.

The advantages of Chelsea boots

First element: comfort

Comfort is the first element of Chelsea boots, and this second element is the central element of the fashion industry. After the unique design of the designer, the fashion degree of Chelsea boots is rising. Many fashion bloggers and celebrities at home and abroad They all worn it out of the street, and various fashion magazines were indispensable. In today’s retro trend, Chelsea boots have become a veritable darling.

Second element: fashion sense

Not only has unique advantages in comfort and fashion, Chelsea boots are unique in matching. Whether it is skirts or pants, you can just match your own personal style. Many celebrities and fashion bloggers wear it out of the street out of the airport, or on the cover of the magazine. The style can be sweet, and it can make you beautiful in autumn and winter.

Chelsea boots versatile LOOK

Look1: Chelsea boots+striped suit


As the darling of the fashion circle at home and abroad, the big cousin Liu Wenhui has a unique eyes, and has already put on Chelsea’s boots. The top of the top is wearing a black high -necked bottom shirt. It does not require the superposition of the shirt and sweater. It is full of high -level sense. Wear a gray vertical striped suit jacket. The gray itself is a high -grade color matching. It is combined with a black bottoming shirt. The proper “Tang Jing” is both visual. The transition, the length of the nine -point pants left the boots to play room. The overall seems to be clean and neat, and the handbags are full of smart and intelligent.


Look2: Chelsea boots+sportswear


In addition, Chelsea boots are not only suitable for winter. The sports style is also very eye -catching. Liu Wen’s overall color tone is mainly black. The upper body black Oversizet shirt, with black sports shorts, revealing straight and slender calves, a pair of black Chelsea boots on the feet, The silver decorative square buckle looks high -level and generous, which is more fashionable than sports shoes.

Look3: Chelsea boots+cloak jacket


Similarly, Yang Mi, the first person in the entertainment industry, is also favored by Chelsea boots. As we all know, Yang Mi’s dressing has always been thousands of girls’ shopping guidelines. She has a very good airport shape every time. Name, black cloak jacket with black pencil pants, cape coat can enhance the sweet girly sense, and black pencil pants can also give people a cool feeling while setting off the leg shape. Needless to say, the overall shape can set off Yang Mi’s temperament. Girls who pursue cool and handsome style cannot be missed!

LOOK4: Velvet Chelsea boots+British wind jacket

For foreign fashion tide people, the casual style has always been good at their hearts. The stack of floral shirts and solid shirts make the overall sense of fashion bursting. Bags, the overall feeling is particularly commute and capable. Black pencil pants set off her long legs, and the black velvet Chelsea boots on the feet add elegant femininity. The scarf increases the leisure feeling, and it looks casual and fashionable as a whole.


LOOK5: Brown Chelsea boots+camel coat

Compared to the versatile commuting of black Chelsea boots, brown boots can make wearing more colorful and clear style. Wear a camel woolen coat, echo the color to the shoes, and the blue jeans plays a transitional role, which increases the layering of the entire shape. It is also more casual. With a gray scarf, the streets of autumn and winter can definitely earn enough to turn back!


Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. As long as the fairy, the little fairies need to find their own dress style to highlight the advantages of their personal figure, so even ordinary shoes can be matched with a clear personal style!

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