What kind of material is good for car cool pads? Tell you one minute, don’t spend money!

What is the material of the car cold pad: the linen cushion

Generally, pure linen pads are made of pure natural materials. The linen fiber has unique unique tensile, friction resistance, fast, fast water, and fast water, soft water, softness, and non -burn. Its decoration and comfort are very strong. The unique pectin oblique holes have good breathability. At normal temperature, people’s real temperature is 3 ~ 4 ° C. In hot summer, this will be in hot summer. A little precious.


In the buying linen pad, you must first pay attention to the connector of the line in the line. The rough pads can be found from the surface. The fine ones are not easy to find, and they are all hidden on the relatively hidden back. The second is to see if the pattern is symmetrical, whether the color difference is. These are issues that need to be focused on in the process of selecting. In addition, the authenticity of the linen cushion can be identified by the following methods.

(1) Hand touch:

There is no linen, the intensity is better than the cotton line, and the feel is harder than the cotton line. In addition, when you touch the linen cushion in the hot day, you can obviously feel that the temperature of other fibers is lower.

(2) Seeing:

The linen cushion is shiny. Compared with cotton products, the linen pad is brighter.

(3) Burning:

The flax of linen was burned and tasteless, and the white gray was fell after burning.

(4) Quality:

The linen pad feels very heavy. The same cushion is greater than the cotton cushion. The linen cushion is due to the amount of anesthesia and the division of manual weaving and machine weaving. Therefore, the price is very different. The merchant should ask the merchant clearly, the handcut, or the machine. Don’t blindly buy products with low prices, try to choose the brand of well -known manufacturers.


What is the material of the car cold pad?

Ice silk is a commonly used fabric of knitted clothing, also known as artificial silk. Among several mainstream fibers, the moisture content of ice silk is the most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin. It has the characteristics of smooth and cool, good breathability, anti -static, colorful color, and color. Ice silk has the performance of cotton and the quality of silk. Its feel is very similar to the linen pad, but the feel is softer and the color is very elegant. There are many styles to choose from. The larger the quality, the better.

What is the material of the car cold pad?

Victoria is a polymer material. The surface layer of the fiber surface is used to discharge the moisture and sweat instantly to make people feel refreshing and cool. It is a fiber with hygroscopic, breathable, and rapidly drying function. It is woven into a car cold pad with a soft feel, good cloth surface smoothness, good hanging, and high elasticity. There are many types of car cold pads. In addition to these three kinds of cold pads mentioned above, there are water leather chilled pads, bamboo chilled pads, jade cold pads and ice pads that change with temperature. Some jade -like cold pads should be cautious, because these products are cold when they are cold, and heat absorbs heat when hot, especially after a long period of exposure, it is easy to burn people.


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