Crash 3: The judges of the knowledge are rich in summer. Not only are land surfing, but also “pinching fish ponds”

Well, hello everyone! Here is a captain “after a short sadness, and then dedicated to finding all kinds of joy in the game”!

(Live, now!)

That’s what happened!

“Breaking 3” in 2021 The Valkyrie Summer Costume has been released in the game 5.0 version test suit for some time. There are 3 Valkyrie Summer in this year.

Xier [Twins on the other side], Qiana [Virgin prayer]



【The Law of Consciousness】


At present, the actual feedback of the player of the game test service, players’ evaluation of these three summer clothes is generally not high, and the most controversial is the first 4 -star clothing of the [The Law of the Consciousness]

【Oh! summer! .

Some players’ evaluation of this summer can basically be summarized as one word:


And its ugliness is not the kind of ugliness with inappropriate color matching and old clothing shape. 【Oh! summer! ] Every detail of the clothing is very delicate, and the blue and white color color also has a summer taste.


But the first impression it gives is ugly.

Ugly is fresh and refined, ugly obtains outstanding

Essence It seems that only the kind of popularity in summer will go out with clothes.

How to say, [Oh! summer! ] Although this summer dress gives people the first impression is ugly and strange, in fact, this clothing is quite suitable for [the law of knowledge] in terms of name and style.

Players think that this ugly clothing is mainly because there are too many accessories.

After changing this clothing, remove the weapon behind,

On the left waist of Ah, Ah’s waist is also tied with a small chicken with two pockets on the right side.

There is a pair of sunglasses on the neck, wearing a hat on the head, and half a swimming ring on the shoulders;

A red and black sleeves were tied to the right arm, and an unknown metal ring was worn on the left arm.

Calculate it carefully, there is even this clothing

7 accessories with different styles

Essence When these things are matched, most of the players’ energy on observation accessories. Faced with this kind of “extreme monster” clothing, players naturally have no choice but to pay attention to what the main body of this summer dress looks like.


But let’s say one,

Isn’t this way of clothing that you want to match the unruly personality of Ah Shi?

This is like a child who always wants to wear all the little things you like when he goes out, and finally goes out. What is prominent is a free and unrestrained.

As the saying goes


“It’s happy to buy a lot of money”

Who cares about it? If you say that it is not good -looking, it must be that your thoughts are wrong, let this uncle help you repair your brain!

And do not talk aside, [Oh! summer! ] The number and quality of the special effects simply doubt whether it is a liver in the summer.

First of all, when Ah Shi is wearing [Oh! Summer] When she switches weapons, she will appear separately

“Waves”, “cool”, “hi”


In the state of “Royal Sword Flying”, [the Law of the Consciousness] will remove the surfing board from the back to a wave of “land surfing”.

There is a small fan behind this surfing board, the details are, the old iron!


The most outrageous effect of this summer dress is the optimization of [the law of knowledge].

In the original skin condition, Ah Shi will summon a large number of chains when releaseing nirvana, and then stop the audience time. That’s legendary


“Turn on Vientiane”


s attack.

However, when Ah Shi was put on [Oh! summer! After], the release of nirvana will first summon the rainy rain on the battlefield, and then there are countless fish in the battlefield of the sea.

In short,


This blow is no longer “reversing Vientiane”, but “pinching the fish pond”

In addition, [Oh! summer! ] Another important significance of this clothing is that it is Fu Hua’s first summer dress.

The “dead bank water” that Shangxian missed that year is now finally returning to the game through another form, which is an honor for players.

The captain couldn’t wait to reach out to pick it up [Oh! summer! ].

Well … I reached out … so … gave me in vain!