Do not bring the leaves to the leaf in winter to “buried” the leaves! Otherwise, you will regret too late!

Author: Cao Yongchun, born in 1965, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and experts. He graduated from China Agricultural University in 1990 and was engaged in nutrition research in fruit trees in 1995. He has been deepened to the front line of agriculture. The theory is connected to reality. He has established more than 1,200 high -quality and efficient demonstration parks in the north -south fruit area across the country. Published more than 20 papers, including “Cao Yongchun’s Fruit Theory” and “Nutrition of Nutrition of Fruit Tree”.


The minimum temperature is below minus 5 degrees, and the vines are prone to frost damage. Therefore, in some areas in the north, the vine should be trimmed in winter and buried soil covering to prevent fructic trees from frozen.

Plants have their own ability to adjust to adapt to environmental survival. The vine is a vines wide -leaf wood. Before the beginning of winter, as the temperature decreases, the leaves of fruit tree gradually fall off, the pores are closed, and the hibernation is finally entered to endure the severe test of the cold winter. Under normal circumstances, it is located in the northern area between 34 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude. All the leaves fall off on November 15th. After the leaves fall off, the average daily temperature is still not less than minus 5 degrees. freeze.

The reason why the northern vine covers the soil is equivalent to covering a quilt to cover the fruit tree, which only plays a warmth. After the vine leaves are yellow or fall off, they are trimmed, and then buried. The growth of the fruit tree will not be suppressed due to injury.

If the fruit tree does not enter the dormant state, the nutrition cycle will not stop; the leaves do not fall off, the functions of making nutrition and conversion of nutrition will not disappear; the average daily temperature is not less than 7 degrees, and the pores above the ground will not be closed.


If the vine bands the leaf pressure, then it is equivalent to “buried” fruit trees, because the soil still has a certain humidity and temperature, the growth of the fruit tree has not stopped, and the nutritional accumulation has not been over. Storage, at the same time, can easily lead to root rot.


可是,在很多地方,果农不秋施基肥,而是在10月中下旬就过早地把葡萄树修剪压埋,等待下一年开春施底肥,造成了葡萄树大量冒条,叶弱果小This is called “the south and the north, the upside down”, which violates the natural growth law of the fruit tree. The northern vine is usually buried before November 15th, and after the winter is frozen. Premature burial weakening the trees, delayed burials are susceptible to frozen, and will also weaken the trees.


There are also many fruit farmers that grapes must be dipped in “medicine” (in fact, which are hormones), otherwise it will not be expanded, which means that you must take medicine instead of eating when you are hungry. Why are the prices sluggish now? Let’s take a look at how your grapes are planted. People often have a habit. If you don’t find the cause from yourself, you always blame the heavens.

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