Bi -jacket is beautiful and better than suits. This spring’s “Gong Wind Jacket” is on fire, who wears who likes?

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

The sunny and recovered spring light, washed the haze and cold of lead -gray, and ended the sadness of Xiaoyu’s invasion. The rainy rain in the first few days of Shanghai was wet and my sensitive thoughts have always been fragile.

When I saw Chunyang Chunyang and the birds out of the window, even the few garlics that were put into the disk were buds and germinated, and the mood was instantly sunny.

As soon as spring, I always love to toss some gadgets. As for why it is not flowers, but garlic, please forgive me for being a veritable “idiot”. At that time, when the garlic was shown in garlic, I did not remove the skin, so I wanted to see how they broke away from the restraint. Well, the people’s heart is cruel, I admit it.


Since the mood is so happy and emotionally soaring, let’s talk about spring

Gongcong Wind jacket/windbreaker

Bar. When Luo Wei saw this series in the Japanese miscellaneous, he loved instantly.

Compared to the trench coat, it is playful and agile; it is easy to be free and feminine, and it is free to make people … Especially when the commute wind is added to some coolness, what kind of visual experience will it be? Follow Luo Wei to reveal the secret.

Analysis of the background of the style of the wind jacket/windbreaker wearing:


Style of style

: In recent years, the cool and cool style of leisure tide is particularly popular, and the style of work style is the most application of single items.

From work pants, workers shirts, work jackets, to Martin boots, daddy shoes, casual neutral shoes, horse boots, and today’s work jackets and trench coats, this wave of handsome trend just releases the depression of the entire winter.


Neutral, handsome, leisure,


Obvious style

; Khaki, moss green, black, military green,

Color classic

; You can reconcile any feminine items, showing beauty.

➞ Collaboration


If you pay attention to observation, the color of the work style jacket/windbreaker is generally: beige, khaki, black, dark blue, gray, military green, etc. are mainly neutral colors, which are tough and handsome. When color matching, you need to reconcile

Refreshing and tenderness



Gray blue+pink


: The material of the work style items is relatively special, with a hard sense of ride and changes in glossy texture. If the unique color is attached to it, it is particularly attractive, such as blue with gray tone. , Make fashion more confusing.

Use it to match the light pink, one stiff, gentle, and the ultimate contrast hit a more playful smart spark.

Point of knowledge

: This set of pink black bags in this set is a highlight. It is the key to improving fashion. It is less tasteless. ↓

Deep blue+light blue

: Although the dark blue is atmospheric, it looks mature. When it appears on the trench coat, the masculine style is prominent and does not match it. It looks serious.

Therefore, add appropriately


Light -colored inside

For example, a faint light blue ruffled sweet shirt, which increases femininity. At the same time, the refreshing blue grinding white jeans that belong to the summer reaches the effect of age reduction youth, giving work trench coat more casual meaning.



: When the gray is warm, it gives people a dirty and old impression, and is particularly unfriendly to skin tone. Especially such a gray worker trench coat with men’s style! It is really very picky, it is difficult to wear a sense of fashion.


With a white shirt inside, weaken the effect of the skin color from the neckline, choose a big sweater of the same color, simply use



Win. The beige small straight pants echo the white shirt and inject an elegant atmosphere.


: For work style jackets, the shorter the more it is, the easier it is to wear a sense of fashion, and it is easier to control the style. Short jackets like the figure below can also sunscreen and have more functionality.

There is a white T -shirt inside and a elegant gray skirt below. The light and soft golden yellow is like sunlight, like sweeping all the haze in the sun.


Dark gray+black

: In the work style jacket, the elegant neutral color is easy to doubt the wrong clothes and “steal” the boyfriend or dad’s clothes. Too neutral clothes, be sure to use




The dark gray worker jacket in the figure below, black wide -leg jumpsuit inside, large trousers and free and easy -to -use style work style, letting chic, full of handsome and unruly eyes.

Just don’t forget the silk scarf style embellished by the neck, cleverly let the exquisite reflection in the details, make the feminine taste everywhere, why fear and sexy? ↓

Black+green, khaki+white

: In spring, you need to come with some colors, which means that the fresh green of spring light can finally be swaying in the beautiful posture in spring, add some yellow tones, and immediately present a vibrant growth color.

Compared with the mature positive green, warmth is particularly like, and it is more playful and smarter in the calm black background. Compared with the green jumping sense, the stable khaki color can’t help but look a lot dull, but there is white stacking embellishment, which is also inferior.

Gray blue+black

: The biggest benefit of wearing a worker jacket is that you can please come out as much as possible. The more personalized, the more you can dance with the work style in harmony.

For example, a black personality streaming skirt, an exaggerated design, is the perfect partner of the work style jacket. The gray light blue is attached to the rough fabric, and the elegance of the silk is floating.


➞ style matching articles

In addition to the color matching, the secret to put on the sense of commuting in the work style is:


Understand style, harmony

Essence Although the main style of the work style jacket is the same, it is detailed

Different colors, length, details

And there are very different combinations.


⑴ Short model

: The shorter the length, the smaller the formation of the formation, the easier it is to master. It emphasizes playful, cheerful, and lively, and transferring people’s sight upward, which is conducive to being thin and thin, magnifying and free, and the breath of neutrality or boys is stronger.

Focus on


: Increase exquisiteness and inject femininity. ↓

Short coat+skirt

: With a free and easy short jacket, it can be used with a soft and clean skirt to produce a reflection effect. The ignorant “qi” is fresh and cute. The dressing jacket with white T -shirts, shirts, and casual leather shoes is of course shuncai.

When paired with a gentle skirt, please keep it clean and refreshing. The long skirt can easily look procrastinating, but it will pull the hind legs. Properly slim -fitting narrow skirts and fabrics are elegant, showing a charming ankle, pay attention to these small details.

Short coat+pants

: When pairing with pants, the trousers look feminine when pairing pants, such as white and light blue, such as white and light blue, bringing a sense of exquisiteness, thereby being too neutralized by weak chemicals.

There are also special cool pants, leather pants, and shiny fabric pants. The style is very strong. Of course, it is a powerful assistant for the work jacket.

When paired with pants, the most taboo is too “male”. Proper exposure, big V -neck, revealing wrist, let the little sexy quiet.

Commuting occasion

: If you want to make the work style jacket in the commuting wind, you need to correct it too much “qi”, add more exquisite and gentleness, and it is suitable for the workplace without losing the size and decentness.


Which elements look gentle and exquisite? The shallow colors, delicate fabrics, polarized versions, skirts, and pointed single shoes are all exclusive to women who do not hesitate.

Refreshing white

, Casual hoodes, hem drawers, very common work style short jackets. If the fabric is thinner, it is summer sunscreen. Use them to match long wide -leg pants and gentle skirts, refreshing and wonderful.

Even a pair of denim flared pants is vivid. Please pay attention to the embellishment of details, silk scarves, necklaces, pointed, and ribbons.

Calm black and enthusiastic red

As soon as he appeared, his eyes were dazzling. As classic color schemes, they need to add some tension and coolness to maximize the stunning color. Imagine that when the black and red match is a well -behaved ladies’ clothing, there must be no wonderful work style.


Black worker jacket, which sets off a bright orange red skirt, is noticeable. The intervention of casual sports shoes shows an elegant passion. Well, elegant, also has a variety of faces, depending on how you show it.


The worker jacket seems to have more advantages in stacking. Let it be stacked in the trench coat quietly, it looks good and energetic, adding a sense of dynamic and playfulness to the chic trench coat. Pointed high -heeled shoes and personalized bags make it easy to get fashionable.

Or simply use a knitted sweater to stack your shoulders, let the leisure style dominate. Sometimes leisure may not be another kind of elegance, a comfortable and relaxed and calm.



: When the length of the worker wind jacket is lengthened, it has the “ambition” that competes with the long trench coat, and instantly converges to play a cynical playful attitude.


Therefore, its points of matching are all in the details.

Exquisite earrings, atmospheric watches, chic rings, slim ankles, age -reducing bucket bags, and cool leather pants. These are places worthy of fun. With their blessing It is also logical to coordinate.

The same khaki long trench coat, replaced with a half -body skirt, looks elegant and gentle. Use a large bag with a strong sense of existence to enlarge the feeling, so that gentleness also has corners and styles, no matter when it can always make people look sideways.

If it is dark, you can add a clear color embellishment to express the shocking effect of the contrasting drama, make it fashionable to add points, and it is more consistent with mature women who want to highlight the beauty.



If you are not too much, you can paint the finishing touch with a little embellishment.

Below, take the most difficult green and gray as an example to take a look at its practice:


: Green long trench coat, increased area, mature atmosphere worse, depending on the rewriting color. It is light and not stable. Based on this principle, choosing a dark or bright color top, with light pants is the most suitable.

Green+brown, green+red can meet the above needs. Of course, with a black knitted skirt inside, simply let the gas field make the master, and use a white shoe bag.


: Although the gray is close to green, the color feel is completely different.

Cold, neutral sexy

Let it focus more on the exquisite control when matching. The leisure, sharpness, and romantic style in the figure below are a good combination.

Especially the combination of small black pants, don’t forget to add some necklaces, silk scarves, and pointed elements to reconcile.

Well, the above is the wearing of the work style jacket, I hope to give you some inspiration and ideas. Spring is here, but it is beautiful, from mood to appearance, it will not fall!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

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