Ultra -light, super warm wool winter shoes, no matter how cold the weather is, it is not afraid of freezing

In winter, the super light and warm Australian wool winter shoes are here again!


This time, the brand “Jane” Australian wool winter shoes have many new models.


Both men, women, and children have suitable styles to choose from, which can be worn from deep winter to early spring.

Jane’s bean shoes and snow boots are used inside Merrust, Australia, and the fur is integrated. The warmth is particularly good.


And wearing them, not only getting warmer, but also comfortable and dry.

Inner inside of sheepskin: use the entire sheepskin, together with wool, tan, cut, sewn into the inside of the shoes.

The inside of the wool fiber is fish -like, and there are countless small pores, which contains a large amount of static air, making the warmth of snow boots and bean shoes particularly good.

The hollow structure can also absorb the water vapor generated by the human body, and excrete the body through the hair follicles on the cortex.

The denseness of the cashmere hair is high, the feet feel comfortable, and the bare feet are also very comfortable.


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Wool bean bean shoes women’s model

Wool bean bean shoes, a star product in Jianyu winter shoes, has been selling hotly in a living museum.

The upper uses high -quality anti -fleece leather dermis, which is the one in the inside. The wool is 12 ~ 14mm long. It is warm and skinny.


Doudou shoes are one -sided sheloprotein: that is, the entire sheloprotein is the whole, and a layer of cowhide is added outside. In this way, it can not only keep the upper from deforming for a long time, but also retain the function of wool to keep it warm and breathable.

In the cold weather, if you want to go downstairs to take things, wear it, it is convenient and warm.


The design of the half -footed surface can also lengthen the visual effect of the legs.

The name of Doudou shoes comes from the small rubber grains of its soles, like small beans.

Jian Jian uses natural rubber as the soles. Based on the bean soles, the horizontal stripes are also added, and the anti -slip effect is better.

In addition, Jianya’s bean shoes use new technologies, and use sewing to replace glue between the soles and shoe gangs.


After a certain arc, it will be more suitable for driving and walking.

The women’s upper has a cowhide bow, and the leather belt is interspersed at the shoe help, which looks more lively.

There are 5 colors: gray, maroon, chocolate, black, purple (no).


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Slope and snow boots are only women’s models

Jane’s sheepskin -wool integrated snow boots, this time the style of the slope and short tube.

The thickness of the toe is 1.3cm, and the soles are gradually thickened. The thickness of the soles is 3.6cm. It is very suitable for people who usually wear flat shoes for a long time.

This shoe, the boots, and the upper part are the fur -and -fur in different treatment.


Above the ankle is a double -sided sheepskin, that is, the surface is also sheepskin (anti -fleece treatment), which is softer and can protect the ankle well.

The upper includes a single -sided sheepskin, which is below the ankle. The surface is a cowhide -proof cowhide, which is more wear -resistant and difficult to deform.


The height of the boots is 14cm.

The insoles can be pulled out, and the thickness of the wool is 10 ~ 12mm. Avoid the situation of the hair on the soles of ordinary snow boots after wearing it for a long time. It also extends the service life of the entire pair of shoes.

Wool insoles can be purchased separately in the living hall.

There are also some details designs that make this shoe wear on the feet without ordinary snow boots as bulky:

The width of the upper is “slimming”: On the basis of ensuring comfort, the toe width is reduced as much as possible. For example, 37 -yard of the toe is about 9cm, which is 2 ~ 3cm narrower than ordinary snow boots.

The opening of the boots expands: The opening dimension of the boots is wider than that of ordinary snow boots, so that the calf is more visually important.

The soles made of natural rubber do not crack at low temperature. There are non -slip texture, light and safe.

There are three colors: dark blue, maroon, big red.

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In addition to the above models, there are also a number of simple winter shoes available in winter warm heart halls.



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