“Original Works” Cashmere Mid -length Cardigan Jacket (Detailed Tutorial)

Friends Teacher Pang’s latest original big -name work, spring and autumn cashmere warm medium cardigan jacket, proper big -name style!

With the line, the temperament is elegant, not picking up, and it can wear the effect.


It is a practical cardigan.


Used: Multi -strands of cashmere lines, size: according to personal needs


Features: thick needle and thick line, most suitable for beginners

Finished product:


We are still interpreting its replacement;

Life long river,

We are still interpreting its wonderful;

Years alternate,

The constant is still the dedication to life.


Life is a clip of time superimposed; life is a bit of bland accumulation. Learn to be simple and complex, pure to the hustle and bustle, enjoy the comfort of the blue sky and white clouds, and appreciate the spirit of flowers and grass. The best way is at the foot, the most beautiful scenery is in my heart.


Process chart:

Years are traces of time and space, and every day is changing, and every moment is precipitated. Time taught us a lot of things. In the years, we have the same time, while clearing, do not take your own happiness because of a word.

Original/Teacher Pang

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Hanyan organizes Yu Hongmei Pavilion

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Hand -edited pure goat thread

¥ 14