The baby is in the step of learning, and the scholarship shoes are purchased correctly.

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My friend Xiao Ai has been 11 months old, and has recently developed a strong interest in Fu Station and steps. However, the two mother -in -law had arguments about whether the child was wearing shoes.

Xiao Ai is a post -95s. She usually likes to watch variety shows in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. She found that children in these countries running randomly at home, so they advocate that their babies can be like this. Because I heard that the child is naked,

It can stimulate the development of the soles and enhance the coordination of the body.

But was strongly opposed by her mother -in -law. My mother -in -law said: If the baby’s little feet are banged, it is so distressed. Besides, the girl is like a “big foot” like this, which is really not good -looking. Children are about to take the first step in life, should they be worn or wearing shoes?


Medical experts suggested that when children learn to stand, they must wear shoes to protect their feet, but they also lay the foundation for the correct walking posture of learning.

This is closely related to the unique foot characteristics of the baby. Let’s take a look at the following, why the baby’s


Need a pair of good shoes to take care of?

Baby foot development has characteristics

Like a friend, seeing foreign babies running barefooted, and hearing some theories that can help brain development, they want to make parents “learn” for children.


As everyone knows, you also need technology, and the baby who has just learned to walk is actually better to wear shoes, which has a lot to do with its development characteristics.

on the one hand,

As the most complicated body organs of the bone structure, 70%of the babies of the baby are cartilage that is “to be righteous”, and it can not be completely formed until the age of 6.

The cartilage tissue of the infant is elastic and easy to deform. At the same time, the keratinization layer of the foot is also very thin, and it is easy to be damaged or infected. In the face of a complex ground environment, the protection of a pair of shoes is needed.

On the other hand, the baby who has just started walking, because the muscle development of the foot is not complete, has to be heel and toes at the same time. Although it looks cute,

The burden on the heel and toes is very large


Therefore, if you walk for a long time, you must wear a supportive shoes for the baby, reduce the pressure of the heel to the toe, and make the child’s feet effectively protect.

What are the misunderstandings to choose shoes?

Some parents even know that they should wear shoes for their children, because they do not understand the characteristics of their children’s foot development, they may fall into some misunderstandings. This

Some small negligence, accumulation will affect the development of children’s feet, serious points and even cause problems such as feet.

Let’s take a look at what common misunderstandings are when choosing “learning shoes” for babies.

1. Just care about the appearance?

Open the shopping website and search for children’s learning shoes, you will find a lot of dazzling, and you will look at it. The novice parents can’t help but dress their children as little angels. The merchant seizes this psychology and designs the appearance of learning shoes.


So, when buying shoes for the baby, we

The first thing to consider is the core function of shoes.

2. The price is expensive?

It is understandable that parents want to give their children the best psychology, but now many brands have become fashionable in design of children’s shoes, and they seem to be drifting away from health and comfort. I often see some children on the road wearing big -name children’s shoes that are expensive but uncomfortable.

Such as hard bottom leather shoes, or ultra -thin ballet shoes

Therefore, parents should not blindly trust the big names, and more importantly, we must consider the material and design of the shoes.


3. Buy the shoes.

A pair of small shoes are hundreds of shoes, and the children’s feet are growing fast, so some parents will choose to buy a biggest or even two -yard shoes for their children. Although it looks like the child can wear it, it is a long time. The ankle foot damage is very large.

4. Wear other people’s old shoes.


Xiao Ai obeyed my suggestion and decided to put on his children to learn shoes, but after two days, she happily told me that her cousin sent her several pairs of old shoes:


“It’s all new, and the size is right.”

Although I agree that children are wearing hundreds of clothes, this is both healthy and environmentally friendly, but I do n’t recommend young babies to wear old shoes, because the shoes I wear are slightly worn. If our children wear this kind of shoes, they will be affected during the course of learning.

How to choose to learn shoes for children?

A. Foot type in line with children

The baby’s ankles are all fleshy, so when we buy shoes, we must choose

Low gang

Avoid ankle injury. At the same time, different babies have different foot types, some are thin and long, some are fat, and some are wider than their peers. We should pay attention to these when choosing to learn shoes.

PS: You can’t pursue the good -looking shoes too much; the bending part of the sole should be located at 1/3 of the front of the shoe


B. Choose the right size

Before buying shoes, find a piece of white paper, let the child stand in socks, the toes are naturally stretched, and then draw the two lines along the longest toe and heels parallel. The distance in the middle is long.

The inner length of the shoes is 0.5-1 centimeters grew up than the baby’s actual foot,

For example, the shoes in summer are more than half a centimeter. In winter, considering that the child needs to wear thick socks, the shoes need about one centimeter to be appropriate.

After the child puts on new shoes,

You can pinch the surroundings of the shoes to make sure there is a little room for staying

Essence At the same time, observe the child’s walking posture. If the shoe is procrastinating, it means that the shoes are too large.

C. The upper is soft and the breathability is good

The baby’s skin is tender. When picking up shoes, you need to pay attention to the material of the material in the shoes. At the same time, you should put your hands into it to see if the wired head is uneven or rough.

I have a habit that the newly bought shoes brush first. In the process of cleaning, you can remove some threads, labels, etc. directly, and the child is comfortable.

D, the soles should be non -slip

The service object of learning shoes is a child who has just stood and is learning to walk

Their walking posture has not yet mastered, and the balance is not very good, so anti -slip is a critical detail.

Check the soles of the soles when you choose the shoes. If you have the conditions, you can put the shoes on a smooth slope to see if the shoes are moving. You can also put your hand into your shoes,

Press the feet to see how the soles are supported, do not choose the soft sole.

Tips: Especially in winter shoes, pay attention to non -slip. The rain and snow are muddy on the road. If the child is not slippery, it is easy to wrestle.

E. Replace the shoes regularly

According to the data of the China Pediatric Association, the average of the new children’s children’s feet increased by 0.5 cm every 3 months. At the peak period of development, a code will be increased at 6-8 weeks, so our shoes must be replaced frequently.

I often insert the back side of the child’s feet with my fingers. If there is no semi -finger wide, it proves to change new shoes. In other words, parents should not give their children a lot of shoes. Maybe you buy the size. When the baby is worn, it will be small. Isn’t it a waste?

Parenting Parenting Message:

The baby’s mouth can’t speak, whether the shoes are fitted, we need to observe carefully. Master a few tips above and make your baby easily take the first step in life. Is your child’s shoes right?

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