Of course, you need to wear “leather clothes” in the spring.

The ladies who pursue fashion in the process of dressing are always unable to resist the charm of leather clothes. Although leather clothes are not easy to control, this kind of personality always attracts countless girls Fans for it.

If you want to hold a single product such as HOLD, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of leather clothes and what kind of matching style will be interpreted by different leather clothes. This is the basis for driving leather clothes. Of course, it is necessary to wear “leather clothes” in the spring.


1. The advantages and disadvantages of leather clothes

Advantages of leather clothes:

If you want to wear a leather jacket a sufficiently stylish matching effect, the first thing to do is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of leather clothes. The first thing to say is the advantages of leather clothes. This kind of personality is full of sexy fabrics. , Especially for young ladies and sisters who like neutral style.

Disadvantages of leather clothes:


There are many advantages of leather clothes, but the disadvantages are relatively obvious. This kind of fabric design is usually relatively closed, so when you wear it, you will feel that the breathability is not very good, and this leather fabric is not elastic. Slightly high.

Second, the matching style of leather clothes


Although the advantages and disadvantages of leather coats are obvious, they do not affect the love of girls at all. Through different ways, they can interpret different matching styles. If the loose leather jacket is paired with a short navel dress, it is sexy and bold. With leather clothes with short 5 -point pants, you can wear a motorcycle girl’s movement.

Generally speaking, everyone usually chooses a more basic and versatile black leather jacket in the daily mix. This basic black is usually practical, but it is not enough if you want to be more foreign. If your ability to control is strong enough enough If you can try some bright colors leather clothes properly.


Third, the principle of selection of leather clothes

When wearing leather clothes in early spring, you need to match different styles according to your height and figure. Generally speaking, the short and medium leather clothes will be more neat. It is suitable for petite girls. It can take into account sufficient comfort at the same time.


If your figure is a very tall type, you can try to try long leather clothes appropriately. Although the long leather clothes will be slightly higher on your height, you will also look very strong to wear, but the whole person is very strong, but Only if you are tall enough, you can support this long leather jacket.

Fourth, the matching demonstration of leather clothes:

Basic black leather jackets are handsome and full of work pants of the same color. The matching method makes the matching of leather coats full of high -level sense of minimalist wind.

If your body is better, you can use the medium -length leather jacket to complete the disappearance of the lower jacket when wearing leather clothes, and use this very bold match to show a slender beautiful legs.


If your matching style is relatively conservative, you can use short leather jackets to match classic high -waisted pants, which can be used to raise the waistline and you can wear a handsome feeling.

The petite girls should know how to use short styles when choosing a leather jacket, and use the short design method to shorten the proportion of the upper body, so that they can present a body proportion of three or seven points in the body. The disadvantage of height does not seem so obvious.


If you choose a relatively loose leather jacket, the lower body is best paired with a moderate slim pants, so that it will not look a little bloated, fat and short when matching. Increase the sense of hierarchy and three -dimensional sense.

The wear of the early spring season is actually very diverse. Shirts, sweater, suit, leather jackets, etc. are all items with high mid -ups and upper body rates in the early spring. What about inspiration?

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