Lamb leather gloves, elegant, warm, never outdated

In winter, the cold wind is cold, and the hands are often cold and unable to hold things. At this time, you know the importance of a pair of gloves.


In addition to keeping your hand warm, it is also a classic, never -out accessory.


Raising your hands and leaving your feet, inadvertently, seeing a pair of beautiful and delicate gloves on his hand can reflect a person’s taste and matching skills.

Today I recommend this Lavendel leather glove. The texture is superior, especially soft, wearing warmth and comfortable.

The hand is the second face of a person. Of course, you need to protect it well. With such a pair of gloves, in the winter where others shrink your hands and your pockets, you will be more elegant and calm.

Hand -made gloves, at least 18 processes can be made in one pair of gloves.


Lavendel has more than 200 manual masters, and they all have more than 10 years of handmade leather experience.

Lavendel’s ladies lambskin gloves, fits the tailoring of the hand,


This will look slender and not bloated.


It is made of Ethiopian lambskin, which is soft and smooth.

The lambskin is very soft, so the gloves have a certain ductility. Most of the women in the hand are suitable for wearing.


The gloves use the dyeing process without coating. The color is naturally bright and does not contain substances that are harmful to the human body.


Lavendel’s environmental -friendly dye, from a large global chemical supplier German TFL, has reached international environmental protection standards.

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The surface of the leather is slightly reflective, with a natural and soft luster of the leather.

There are not too many decorations, simple and generous, with noble sense.

Sometimes I just wear a simple coat, and a pair of leather gloves add a bit of aura for you.

Many colors are available. If you dare to wear it, you can challenge bright red.


The color system, the color is warm, adding some retro literary atmosphere to the leather gloves with a sense of distance.

The hand size range of the gloves refers to the figure below.


Product size diagram

The Lavendel brand’s product was designed by Italian designer Mark Paulson.

He is one of the few professional glove designers in the world, and has served as chief glove designer of many brands.


It is said that buying and buying can decompress it! Try it!




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