What small dogs are smart, smart dogs are easy to adapt to the environment

What small dogs are smart

, Small dogs are more popular


Dogs, because small dogs are easier to take care of and are easier to raise the family environment, they are loved by dog ​​fans. However, in the process of breeding pets, we must pay attention to training them from an early age so that they can develop a good living environment. Of course, during the training process



Dogs are easier to master instructions. What small dogs are smart?

Teddy dog

Usually called


It is a French variety that can be divided into several different types according to the size of the body.

The teddy dog ​​is a type of poodle. It looks small and clever, and cheerful and lively. In life, the teddy dog ​​is one of the very smart dogs, and it has a very high IQ.

Unlike other dogs, the colors of such dogs are very diverse, not only the most common black and white, but also not very common gray teddy, as well as blue, silver, brown, apricot, red, etc. Color. But in terms of color, the Teddy family is very rich. Colors are not only related to people’s love, but also related to the price. Their price also largely depends on hair color. Compared with white and black Teddy, other categories of color teddy are usually more expensive. The most expensive of which is the gray teddy dog, which is relatively rare.

The reason why Teddy is the smartest little dog is not only because they are recognized as smart. Even from a professional test, the IQ of the teddy dog ​​is relatively high. In the IQ rankings of various dogs, the IQ of Teddy Dogs ranked second, and it was the most ranked small dog.

It is no wonder that Teddy not only obedient is very good, but also quickly understand people’s instructions. It is very easy to train. It can be found to find a lot of fun to feed. It can be said to be beautiful and smarter. Essence