How far is creativity, how many fashion stitching can be available

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Stitching, a method often used in modern clothing design.


Whether it is a frontier or a popular brand, the design concept of stitching can often be seen.

At the catwalk of the Fashion Week in recent years, the splicing trend has been surging from New York to Milan. The methods of stitching are different: bright colors are stitched together, and they return to the young age; leopard stitching fur, immediately wild and unruly; fur stitching leather, noble temperament is set off; suits stitching coats, capable and sharp back A little boyfriend; the sleeve stitching H -shaped coat, the slim figure immediately appears … without exaggeration, how far your creativity is, how much stitching can be.


In the fashion week that stitching horizontally, there is no invisible, but I can’t think of it.


The easiest to stitch is the essential bold innovation and eclectic style. It can have room for material, texture, and patterns, which is in line with the more mature and bold aesthetics of people.


In the wave of fashion, the development of splicing shows a variety of attitudes, and the cutting -edge levels on the printing and printing can no longer take into account the objective requirements in daily life.

Launding models and stars, the stitching design accepted by ordinary people is actually very simple, and it is not too exaggerated to embodies the sense of art.

Popular aesthetic splicing characteristics

In daily matching, we need to wear characteristics and personality, but we don’t want to be too exaggerated.


Try to be closer to the common clothing version as possible on the version. Pursuing hierarchical and personality while considering actual performance to avoid affecting daily activities.


The selection of materials should not be too particular. For example, the workers in our most common stitching pants inlaid tannin, combined with different materials, may make people feel more creative.

The most selling point of stitching is a combination of different textures and printed styles, which is also the first condition for our choice of stitching clothing.


This is also a way to reflect the form of splicing art. The poor stitching printing is easy to be like coarse skin.

Brand with splicing design

Speaking of stitching, the first thing I think of is the famous Japanese brand Junya Watanabe.

The niche brand established with the help of Kawaka Pauling, the head of the Japanese tide brand CDG, the designer of the same name, was established with the help of Kawakaka Ling. Its design style is bold and novel. Essence

JUNYA WATANABE has high accomplishments in splicing design. In addition to honorary Japanese traditional elements, it also actively combines the essence of Chinese and American culture.


The AAPE jointly created by the Hong Kong IT Group and the Japanese tide brand BAPE is also quite found in the field of splicing design. They often see their shadows from our familiar stars.


AAPE inherits the style of BAPE’s dare to try boldly in clothing design ideas.

It is very popular among young people in China.

In the end, we must not forget a very potential national tide brand hidden person. In 2012, it was born. In the quality and innovative issues that the national tide has been criticized for the Chinese people, the hidden person can avoid it as perfect as possible. Every clothes, the team’s team must try it on.


How to match stitching clothing

Although stitching in daily life has been played by various tricks and matching methods, many people still feel confused, and they are not as good as others.

1. For the hoodie of the stitching style, what we need is just a hat that is integrated into the style.

It doesn’t look too “smooth” to wear the street, so there must be a little decoration on the top of the head. It doesn’t need to be too exaggerated, simple embroidery baseball caps.


2. T -shirts and shirts are more versatile for young people. It is best to choose work pants. The whole looks a bit of functional style.

Try to choose large pockets, wide pants, because the texture and printing stitching will make the upper body look very atmospheric.

3. For the general favorite stitching pants, and most of them are presented in the form of work. I will choose to match the tannipa top.


A denim clothes with a straight work pants, the lines of the whole body are immediately recessed, and people will look high.


If you put it according to the thinking of stretching your body, avoid high -top shoes or boots, choose a pair of single shoes, and then pull the trousers to expose your ankle. At first glance, the legs are growing.


How about, are you ge√ Are you?


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