New Estee Lauder Zhiyan’s three -piece anti -aging, 25+starts with anti -wrinkle and anti -aging super recommended suit

It is said that the years are the killing pig knife,

But all the workers locked by 996 know,

This knife killed so fast.

After entering the workplace, boys and girls,


Even in the age of inherently in his twenties,

Stay up late in work every day, the face value will decrease slightly.

Therefore, skin care has become a subject that everyone has always been concerned about.

When encountering many skin troubles,

Many people automatically choose the signature of the skin care industry–

Estee Lauder.

What brings today is

Estee Lauder Zhiyan’s three -piece anti -aging:

Small brown bottle 50 ml of installation,

150 ml of native liquid, 75 ml of Zhiyan cream 75 ml


You can lock your youthful value in multiple directions.

These three major pieces are also the endless word -of -mouth products of Estee Lauder’s parents.


Especially small brown bottle,

I remember one of the popular Weibo of my college era,

It’s a small brown bottle. Although there are more skin care choices now,

A little dazzling,


But the “status of the rivers and lakes” of the small brown bottle has always been there, and some people have been praising.

Estee Lauder Seventh -generation small brown bottle 50ml

The reputation of the small brown bottle is too great! Since the birth, since the birth,

The word of mouth is very good, there are 100,000+notes in the small red book,


There is no problem at all!

50ml’s official website official website is priced at 850 yuan,


A milliliter is about 17 yuan.

It’s really a drop of essence and a drop of money,

The effect is good, the contrast is more clear.

Picture Yuan Xiahongshu

For reference only, the effect varies from person to person

This essence is the result of 7 years of development of Estee Lauder.

Compared to the previous generation’s anti -aging effect, it is not a little bit!


The seventh -generation small brown bottle is added with a monkey bread tree seed extract,

And triple peptide-32,

While moisturizing, you can add the repair and collagen regeneration of aging cells.

Clock Xinxinyuan Technology, anti -aging effect is very nice! Intersection

It can open the skin’s repair ability at night;

Improve the skin’s ability to resist external pollution during the day.

And absorb quickly.

After completely absorbing, dry and not heavy.


In a few major muscle bottom essences,

The moisturizing and skin feel of the small brown bottle is the most suitable for dry skin.

Both the green bottle and the small black bottle are moisturized.

The first essence after water

Estee Lauder Proton 150ml

It’s a deep moisturizing hand again,

Many people mistakenly think that it is a toner,

It is actually a high -functional water quality essence.

This essence water contains a variety of amino acids and minerals,

There is also the two -row yeast component of his house, which can repair the bottom of the muscle well.

Specialized micro -essence technology, deep layer of skin.


Native Living Technology, activate repairing power, trigger regeneration power,

Strong defense, so much power is quite powerful in the final analysis,

Make your skin more tough and restore native young.

And the moisturizing power is very powerful,

And the use of dry skin and sensitive muscles is also completely OK,

It is called SKI immortal water unwavering replacement, and it is not sticky.


What is even more surprising is that it locks the water in the skin and makes the face very hydrated all day.


The method of use is actually used by the official after the second clean water. It takes a total of three times to shoot with a cotton cotton with hand. Long -term use can achieve the effect of “bombing, moisturizing, and bright”. When I used it, I tried it three times and with a cotton pad. It was very suitable. The method of using the official shooting three times will be better, and the skin becomes transparent. The essence water is very easy to absorb, and it is absorbed by the skin almost when patted.

There is also a cherry blossom limited edition of the original liquid

Original original liquid: suitable for dry skin

Sakura version of native liquid: more suitable for oil skin

Estee Lauder Duo Zhiyan Cream 75ml

Why is it called a universal cream,


Its powerful repair power is not only the “point” of invisible pores.

You can also solve the problem of the facial “line”,

Apply on the tiger mouth with obvious fine lines,

It can be seen that the fine lines have a significant dilute trend.

Contains miracle trees to resist old essence,


Can accelerate the anti -aging gene of our skin

Inject fresh energy, so fight against fine lines.

Everyone knows that Kyan’s high moisturizing noodle cream locks are great,

But the effect of Estee Lauder’s cream lock water is not inferior at all.

For the little fairy.

Apply a thin layer after normal skin care,

The skin was refreshing and moisturized the next day.

After use, the skin becomes more moist and elastic.

How good is Estee Lauder? Only the talents who have used it!

Use the steps of three steps,

Easy Keep your face value!

If you are 25 years old, you must resist wrinkle! Anti-Aging!


Estee Lauder Multi -Effective Anti -aging three -piece set,

This set is from Zhiyan’s anti -aging,

The cream is super easy to use, very soft,

Massage and absorption will not be greasy to use the skin. The skin is particularly moisturized.

The highly recommended suit.