Yang Chao wore a red puff skirt too beautiful! Bubble sleeves with pearl necklace, sweet and noble

Yang Chao’s shape is getting better and more beautiful. A red puff skirt is noble and sweet, like a princess

Everyone should be familiar with Yang Chao. It is a very famous female love bean. Since participating in the draft show and debuting. Her popularity has become very high, and everyone likes her very much. Even if this limited combination has been dissolved now, her fashion resources and film and television resources are better among new -generation female artists.

And her face and superior figure of her dolls also suck a lot of fans. Xiaobian found a set of styles when she surpassed her sister to participate in the event. It was like a little princess who was alive. Let ’s take a look!

This is a set of programs when Yang Chao’s “Miss Beauty”, wearing a red bubble sleeve puff skirt, just like Disney’s escape princess, very sweet and cute, the skirt uses a tube top design design , Revealing her very fair skin, superior shoulder and neck lines and exquisite collarbone must be presented. The skirt has a large bubble sleeve design, which looks more palace’s breath and noble feeling, creating more sweetness of sweetness At the atmosphere, the big bubble sleeves widened the shoulders, the head and shoulders looked better, and the gas field was a lot stronger. The velvet quality skirt added a lot of high -end feeling.


Wearing a cuff with a velvet texture on my hand, it looks more noble and elegant. There is a small hollow on the chest of the skirt, which increases the sense of design. Design, outline the slender waistline, shorten the proportion of the upper body, the leg lines are pulled longer, the body proportion is optimized in place, very attractive.


The skirt is the design of a puff skirt. It looks particularly cute and sweet. There are black lace design under the skirt, which adds a lot of details. The skirt puts the thighs more slender, and steps on a pair of black knight boots. In fact, the knight boots have a high degree of modification of the legs. It can cover and cover the flaws of the legs or ankles. Sisters with small flaws can choose knight boots with confidence.


Beyond the sister also spent a lot of thoughts on the accessories, such as wearing a double -layer pearl necklace on the neck, which not only makes the temperament more noble, but also makes up for the details of the upper body. The feeling is more abundant, and also wearing a pair of elegant earrings. The entire integrity of the shape is more three -dimensional. It looks really playful and cute.

Comb the hair into a tall ball head and take a pinch of a twisting braid. The hairstyle looks very layered. Wearing a red bow as a hair accessory is very eye -catching and eye -catching. The richness of the shape is also higher, because the shape is a sweet and cute style, so makeup is also a type of teasing and sweet. I chose a very creamy muscle base makeup. Big and round, showing the state of the deer eye, plus the pink lipstick, the entire makeup surface makes the icing on the icing on the icing on the cake.


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