Japanese flower swimming race clothes are too unique! Plain white bottoming festival words are directly worn on, still Chinese red and beautiful

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, many people have further learned about Japan’s sorrow culture. Whether it is the opening ceremony or closing ceremony, the costume performances of the actors are very distinctive, especially the team clothes during the swimming competition. Simply and clear, the huge “sacrifice” on the clothes is very eye -catching. In Japanese culture, this means representing the festival ceremony. However, for the Chinese people, it is a bit incompetent. China Red becomes a beautiful landscape, and the culture of Japanese things makes people understand

Japanese flower swimming suit slot 01: color distribution monotonous


Generally speaking, in the Olympic Games, there are very strong artistic ornamental competitions, such as art gymnastics, swimming, and clothing colors.


The style, because this can easily become the focus of the audience, and

High -saturated colors are matched with light, and the visual impact is stronger.

In fact, the entire clothing color of the Japanese team still appears more diverse. In addition to the large -scale nude color system, it also joined

White black side, fluorescent green, pink, fluorescent yellow

Wait, etc., but when the color matching is distributed, there is no very good harmonious fusion, just


Single discharge


, Formed a color strip style, it is still allowed


Nude color occupies a large area of ​​dominant position

With the slightly exaggerated “sacrifice” texture, it will give people a very monotonous feeling

Japanese flower swimming clothing slot point 02: The pattern of the festival is too large, it seems abrupt

The biggest slot on the Japanese flower swimming team is when designing patterns, not like other teams

Use color blocks to perform abstract combinations,

In order to create an artistic atmosphere, but directly and clearly let the festival pattern occupy a large area, the red bottom surface is matched with the fluorescent yellow words,


Both belong to high saturation colors


It was very good

A sense of contrast

, So that in the original elegant color matching, it will look like


Without beauty.

Color distribution positive case

One: The color blocks of the Chinese flower swimming team are intertwined and distributed, which is more beautiful

The Chinese flower swimming team has chosen the bright Chinese red as the main color, and coupled with the pure black gold color to decorate. Although the black and gold account for a small proportion, they use it

Silver broken diamonds are outlined and embellished

, Add a bit more on the basis of high saturation color tone


After mixing together,


Color block distribution, blend with each other

There is a layered at the same time and can highlight the characteristics of Chinese.

Two: The opening ceremony of the “miscarriage” in Japan, more cultural connotation

Pure black base+colorful bright color pattern embellishment, high -level atmosphere

In fact, the one who can represent Japanese culture best is



It is very classic and better


Highlighting cultural heritage

In the preliminary kimono plan of the Tokyo Olympic Games, a total of 213 kimonos were designed according to the participating countries. Among the Chinese styles, a more versatile classic

Pure black as the foundation color

Although it is not as representative as Chinese red, when it is matched with other color blocks,

It will undoubtedly produce a better sense of collision, and easily create a simple and advanced model


Handmade embroidery join the Great Wall Peony Xiangyun, the classical charm is full

The design of the pattern pattern is also quite colorful, and many representative patterns have been added, such as

Great Wall, Peony, Xiangyun

And not blindly accumulated in distribution, with a good one

Primary and secondary

The light -colored Great Wall is used as a background, while the national flower peony is selected to choose yellow and green to brighten, and it is full of creativity.

But unfortunately, this can represent the creativity of traditional Japanese culture, but because of the serious losses during the epidemic, when the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee requested reimbursement, it was rejected and eventually failed to appear at the opening ceremony. A major regret.

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Japanese flower swimming race clothes are too unique! Plain white bottoming festival words are directly worn on, still Chinese red and beautiful