Solid wood tea room: new Chinese tea table and chair combination, more clean and high value

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In our country, drinking tea culture and group is very powerful, because tea is a healthy drink, and drinking tea can drink fresh and elegant style, now many people, business negotiations, or usually, drink tea will choose to drink tea.


Drink a cup of tea, you can’t open the tea, good water, good tea set, and also need a good tea table chair, bringing new clean and high Jacout.

Usually overtime, office, and reading habits, or bubble tea relax, this tea table chair combination is really just right, meets the daily needs, very recommended.

New Chinese style, unique heart

When you see this tea table chair, it is attracted by its new Chinese style.


This style seems to be born with the brown tea, and there are also some Zen style, giving people a quiet, peaceful, soothing feeling, and no cultural accumulation and elegant artistic conception. style.

Solid wood construction, environmental health

The entire tea table chair is made of solid wood. The wood grain can be clearly visible. In addition, it can also smell a light pine taste. It is very natural and fresh, and the surface of the table and chairs is treated by a spray paint. The effect is very good, smooth Delicate, and there is nothing taste, stay away from formaldehyde harmless, you can use it with confidence.

Logistics is efficient, easy to assemble

The package is very complete, the package is complete, the logistics is also very fast, many people are most worried about installing the problem, in fact, only need to install and simply install, soon, it is very good.


A variety of matching, choosing richer

Because everyone is different in everyone’s home or in the area, there will be different requirements in the style, table and chairs, and side supporting table cabinet holders.

The height, depth of the chair, the depth, and the width of the coat are different sizes, and the color of the cushion and the surface of the chair are optional, and can also increase the flower stand and the bok rack to enrich the configuration, contact small, you can choose yourself. The heart of the tea table chair.

This Chinese tea table chair is really good, the quality is also very good, it is very practical at the study, but it is not only that, but also in the meeting room, office and other places. Enjoy the clean and elegant adjustment, will not let you down.


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