Caramel color, wearing it is more advanced than camel color

There are many popular colors, what classic camel, eye -catching yellow, difficult to control dark green, etc., but these are not the color that Lily wants to introduce. Today I will introduce the caramel color with you. This color is ready. More advanced than camel!


Caramel color is a more subtle and restrained color system. It itself has a particularly romantic temperament, and it has another feature that it is easy to match! The caramel color gives a warm feeling. It belongs to the color of autumn and winter. It is brighter than dark brown. Crac sugar clothes look more tasteful in texture.


Extended reading >>>> The combination of these red sweater is eye -catching and fashionable!


Caramel color is favored by many street shoots in autumn and winter this year. If you pay attention to the trend of the fashion circle, you will definitely find that there will be such a touch of caramel color on the streets. During the screen, there is a sense of warmth in addition to fashion.


Some people may not distinguish between caramel and camel. In fact, they all belong to the same color -earth color, which is recognized as high -end colors.


The caramel color is slightly darker than the camel, the yellow weakens, and the red tone is more red, so the caramel color is more suitable

Yellow skin, very white, showing colorful

At the same time, it also shows the qi field, and it is particularly feminine.

Basically every year, fashion magazines will be joined by caramel -colored in September and October. Many female star models will wear caramel -colored clothing on the cover. At this time, it indicates that the autumn and winter season is really coming.

With a girl’s twist braid, stepping on the handsome Martin short boots, wearing a caramel -style caramel coat, this style is unique, so novel and stylish, I believe that many mushrooms will be crazy to call.

There is also the caramel trench coat wearing this actress. The retro atmosphere is full, with a striped tall -neck shirt, and the Sen girl is full.

Look at the actress wearing a caramel -colored patchwork and a short jacket, a beige turtleneck sweater, and the lower body with coffee -colored striped wide -leg pants.


The black sweater is overcomes with scorched sugar, and the lower body is selected from a rowed black short leather skirt. This combination is thin and fashionable.

The long caramel deer deeper velvet coat, which is more qi to wear, with blue ruffled casual pants inside, adding a touch of femininity.

Of course, such a standard color will not let go. ▼


[How to match caramel color]

1. Caramel color+white

Looking at the warm caramel color, with a gentle and delicate feeling, and the clean and pure white, there is a fresh sense in the virtual.

The combination of caramel and white is like a sweet coffee adding fragrant milk. It tastes a bit of unique and difficult taste.

If you choose a caramel -colored sweater in winter, you can wear warmth, and it is also very ladylike. It is matched with a white plaid skirt. In addition, don’t forget to wear the same color, you can easily wear a sense of high -level!


2, caramel color+black

The caramel color is brighter than ordinary brown, but it does not give people a feeling of being too public. It can show fashion and taste in texture, so it is standard for the trend!


It is not easy to collide with black, because black looks a single color with rich elements. The calmness of the atmosphere is defined as black, and the combination of the two is low -key and restrained.

Crac sugar coats and black pants are more common. Among them, you can use white items to transition slightly, or choose some bright color items for embellishment, such as red hats or shoes.

Personally, the black inside is more textured, and it is inexplicably playful with a caramel coat. What do you think?


It ’s really white if you do n’t match a turtleneck sweater in winter! Choose a caramel fur jacket. It is quite sexy if it is paired with a camisole. The satin or velvet material can be more high -level.

Similarly, using small -area caramel color items can also make the overall shape more fashionable ~~

3. Caramel color+blue

The definition of Lily to caramel is: fashionable, taste, and the higher layer of understanding is retro and elegant. Matching with blue items not only gives a sense of high -level, but also adds a capable and neat.


The first feeling of caramel -colored cortex is very retro, and a pair of blue jeans in the lower body, the bright yellow bag held in the hand, the collision of colors gives unlimited possibilities.


In addition to being matched with blue, it is also super good to combine with Tibetan blue, because they are also a good CP. This combination is more suitable for a stable mushrooms.


4. Same color matching

Generally speaking, similar colors are the most taboo, but in terms of focusing, it is the standard of showing a high -level sense and modern model. The noble atmosphere of the back rate and the screen of the screen is made in seconds.


Of course, if you feel that you are a master and know how to adjust the color combination, you can try the caramel+caramel.

This furry caramel jacket is really warm in winter, and it looks warm when it looks like the color is?

5, caramel color+other colors

The caramel color and red single items are very harmonious. Both are warm colors. This combination feels warm when watching in winter, driving the chill in minutes.


The gray degree of versatility is not ordinary, so it is also under pressure to match the caramel color. The soft gray tone and the warm caramel color are very eye -catching in autumn and winter.

Potter tea is also one of the popular colors this year. It is really high -level with caramel color. It looks very expensive as a whole.


It looks small and fresh with lime color. Such a combination is more suitable for girls with lively personality. Of course, this color combination is also good!


After reading, have you attracted such a warm caramel color? Anyway, I want to prepare a few caramel -colored items, what about you?

If you choose a caramel -colored sweater in winter, you can wear warmth, and it is also very ladylike. It is matched with a white plaid skirt. In addition, don’t forget to wear the same color, you can easily wear a sense of high -level!