Shu Chang bought the new year’s goods is really high -profile, wearing a big red down jacket shopping, the temperament is amazing

Many post -80s generation grew up watching Shu Chang’s TV drama. She debuted very early. She has practiced a strong acting skills in the entertainment industry for many years. In the state of being middle -aged, she looks like a girl. She wore a big red down jacket out of the street to buy New Year’s goods and wear very high -profile.


Analysis of Shu Chang’s styling:

Big red down jacket

Shu Chang bought the new year’s goods to wear a high -profile, wearing a big red down jacket to go shopping, the temperament is amazing. Shu Chang wore a bright big red down jacket. In winter, down jackets are a very important item. This item is very warm and comfortable. When choosing down jackets in winter, you will choose a relatively simple black and gray, rarely try the bright colors. Shu Chang wore a big red down jacket to look rustic at all, but instead bursts out.

Bright down jacket

This big red down jacket uses the design method of the fabric design to present a unique feeling. This kind of down jacket of this laser element is very popular in the past two years, but the test of body, face value and control ability is very High, if your body is a type of fat, it is best not to try this difficult bright down jacket.

White inside


In the color matching of the body, you must know how to use the reasonable combination of bright colors and basic colors to present a sense of visual harmony and complementarity. When you wear a big red down jacket The white inside, the basic white inside is refreshing and clean, and can also reduce the gorgeousness of red down jackets.

Big wave curly hair

With a large wavy curly hair on Shu Chang’s head, for mature women, in addition to knowing how to use clothes to show femininity when wearing it To enhance femininity, Shu Chang chose a large wavy curly hair, which can not only modify the face shape, but also show a romantic and elegant matching effect.


Analysis of other styling of Shu Chang:

Black split top+black high waist pants


A basic black clothes will not be very high for the test of body, age and face value. It is a very versatile color. The black top uses the design method of the side split on the style of the style. High -waisted black pants can wear long legs that everyone envy.


White hollow dress

Girls with skinny figures can actually boldly try some light colors and use light -colored clothes to wear visually clean and refreshing. Feeling and feminine, with a bit of off -shoulder style design, it can better show the superiority of the body.

One -shoulder semi -see -through dress


Shu Chang’s body skeleton is very petite, and the body is very skinny, so the ability to control the clothes will be very strong. When wearing, a moderate -shoulder style dress can be perfectly designed by exposed skin. The lines of the body are manifested. The design of this dress uses semi -see -through design to increase femininity, and it looks more delicate without revealing.

Rice white shawl+white straight pants

The easiest way to reducing color matching is to use the basic color system of the same color system. When you can also use different color saturation to wear a visual layering, the upper -body rice white shawl with the lower body white straight pants, and the upper body gentle lower body refreshing color matching method is used sense.

Shu Chang’s debut for many years has been online. Although she does not have a lot of works and she is rarely debuted in front of the camera, she occasionally appears in the state of female stars. Isn’t she older sister?

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