Why is iPhone12/13 adopted a scrub border, but the PRO class uses a mirror frame?

Obviously matte border is more abrasion and more textured, and it will not become fingerprint collectors (it looks clean), but why is the more expensive PRO class adopted a Chinese and unpretentious mirror frame design

The iPhone13 series of iPhone13 mini and iPhone13 are aviation -grade aluminum metal border. The iPhone13Pro and Pro Max are surgical stainless steel frames. One is aluminum, and the other is steel. Steel is three times more expensive than aluminum. Obviously, steel is more durable, more scratch -resistant, and anti -falling is better. It is mainly a better texture.

Apple’s PRO series uses stainless steel frames. It is customary. It is very good to distinguish from the standard version, which seems to be high -level. It is said that the iPhone14 series Pro will use titanium alloy cases, and the standard version will use aluminum alloy and stainless steel framework.

It is said that Apple mobile phones have a penny and a penny, and the differences between them are not only manifested in performance, lens, etc., but also different in some small details.

iphone13 appearance:

iphone13 basic parameters

Performance: A15 processor+4G run memory


Screen: 6.1 -inch OLED screen, supports 60Hz refresh rate. The original color shows that HDR shows that the maximum brightness of 1200 Nit, super porcelain crystal surface


Pre -front camera: 12 million pixels, original deep feelings, F2.2

Rear camera: 12 million pixel wide -angle F1.6+12 million pixel ultra -wide -angle F2.4

Battery: 3208mAh, an increase of 2.5 hours from iPhone12, 20W fast charging

Others: 146.7 × 71.5 × 7.65mm, 173g, IP68 waterproof, glass back panel with aluminum metal frame

iPhone13Pro appearance:

iphone13Pro basic parameter

Performance: A15 processor+6G run memory

Screen: 6.1 -inch inch OLED screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate, hyper -view leather XDR display, original color show, HDR display, 1200 Nit maximum brightness, ultra -porcelain crystal surface, super porcelain crystal surface

Rear camera: 12 -megapixel eastburning F2.8+12 million pixel ultra -wide -angle F1.8+12 -megapixel wide -angle F1.5; 3x optical zoom (amplification), 2x optical zoom (shrinking); 6 times optical zoom zoom; 6 times optical zoom zoom zoom; Scope, new macro photography mode (recent focus distance 2cm)


Battery: 3208mAh, 20W fast charge

Others: 146.7mm × 71.5mm × 7.65mm, 203g, IP68 waterproof, sub -light texture glass backboard, and surgical level stainless steel border

In terms of performance, both are A15, but the iPhone 13 Pro is the A15 of the five -core GPU, and the iPhone 13 is the A15 of the quad -core GPU. Although it is a bit different, the daily use of the two, whether the speed and fluency of the application are similar, and the perception is not strong.

In terms of screens, the appearance and size of 13 and 13 Pro are almost the same. The only difference is that the maximum brightness of 13 Pro reaches 1,000 Nit, and the maximum brightness of the iPhone 13 is 800 Nit. In the irradiation, 13Pro will show a clearer. The biggest difference is that the iPhone13Pro supports 120Hz high brush and supports Promotion technology. It is refreshed by adaptive from 10 ~ 120Hz. Simply put, it will be smoother in the process of use.

In terms of battery life, iPhone13PRO is almost the same as iPhone13. One is the iPhone13PRO battery is about 200mAh smaller than iPhone13. However The battery life of the model will be stronger than most Android, which can also make up for the shortcomings of the previous generation. This is quite surprising.

First place: iPhone 13 Pro Max: 9 hours and 52 minutes

Second place: iPhone 13 Pro: 8 hours and 17 minutes

Third place: iPhone 13: 7 hours and 45 minutes

Fourth place: iPhone 13 mini: 6 hours and 26 minutes

Fifth place: iPhone 12: 5 hours and 54 minutes


Sixth place: iPhone 11: 4 hours and 20 minutes

Seventh place: iPhone SE (2020): 3 hours and 38 minutes

The last is to take pictures. All iPhone13 uses iPhone12promax’s displacement optical image stabilization technology. It will be more stable in the shooting process. The iPhone13 has a telephoto shot more than the iPhone13. Even more handy, you can simply say that the iPhone13Pro’s shooting ability is much stronger than the iPhone13, which will be more suitable for those who have professional photography needs.

In general, the two models of iPhone13 and iPhone13pro are not very different in performance. IPhone13Pro has better shooting ability and better texture, and high brushes must be better than iPhone13 in terms High, and a lot of it. In my opinion, if there are usually too special needs, it is more of games, entertainment and other scenarios, iPhone13 is enough. Go to the PRO version, depending on your personal budget, it is very necessary.

Pre -front camera: 12 million pixels, original deep feelings, F2.2