These three old beauty, redefined what is sexy

Beautiful spring is coming, my wish is one – dress is thin!


Before going out, choose a touch of clothes that can put it.

“Confidence” is a clothes rack, which supports the spring of the spring.

Summer spring, every woman wants yourself thin!


The world of adults, it is not easy in addition to long meat!


In China, obesity is not a problem with others.

Chinese population, super 30% of the population is already abdominal obesity (the largest waist and abdomen hips).

When people go to middle age, they can wear tight, waist butt, and they are really wearing ordinary and can become the most dazzling one in the crowd.


► Waist hip ratio calculation formula:

Waist hips ratio = waist circumference ÷ hip × 100%


The waistline measurement site is the upper edge of the navel, which is the finest part of the waist; the hips are widely measured.

New Zealand anthropologist Babina Dickson Research found:

Waist / hip circumference = 0.67 ~ 0.80 is healthy, the most perfect waist button is 0.7.

The following few old gods’ waist hips are perfect.

50 sexy god Marline Monroe

▽ 万 千 直 男 的 梦 中 妮 贝贝鲁奇

▽ 老 维 密 天使 Alexander Anbrroet

If you want long-term cultivation: fitness is the best way


If you want a daily shape: a reliable Underwear, the upper body is instant, can help us into the full spring and summer.

After 30 years of age, it is the process of confronting the gravitational gravity.


If, in our entire clothes, we will do it every day, protect us, keep comfort, help us to undertake good body.

Wearing woman

Put the seamless safety pants to do all the styles of secret tools

Today, I share a lace without trace-free wearing safety underwear. Collecting light / bare / antibacterial / plastic


1 = Safety Pants + Antibacterial Pants + Nangible Plastic Pants

Wear 1 piece to get 3 pieces

√ 80-160 pounds can wear

√ W-type thin design! Wear small waist, small hips

√ Super cost-effective: 69/2, Get 3 kinds of pants

↑ Light is like a cloud, spring and summer is refreshing ~~

The importance of safety pants should understand that close-fitting clothes give us confident security and important experience.

The skirt is thin or sedentary, and the trace of ugly panties is revealed.


There are also safety pants, not suitable, wearing a pants that are not wearing, showing ugloes, not tolerant, and more terrible than walking

Or the material is poor, it will have a feeling of feeling, the spring and summer is more uncomfortable.

As a panties: gynecologists wearing them

In fact, as a woman, I have to say that every woman needs this decision!

You think that when the weather is hot, a underwear + a leggings, all the pants are all sweat, and it is not breathable.

If the aunt is visiting, a layer of aunt towel, one layer, one level of safety pants, another layer of skirt,

4 layers ahead!

Private parts are not breathable!

The safety pants on the market don’t have to say, most is chemical synthetic fabrics, it can’t be worn in panties (ugly, I don’t say)

With hands, the broken fiber is like a daily flower, and these fibers enter private sector will lead to gynecological diseases.


Solden environment, bad emotions, most easily breed various bacteria.

Each gynecological disease is a harm to female body.

Only one sense: bring a breathing-like experience! It’s so wearing and will pay for it.


Pure imported fabric, exhaust gas, super safety.

Women’s private parts are easy to wet, breed bacteria, which has a very high demand.


And this is used inside


Bottleful cotton double-port design, has a strong anti-drug effect on various fungi, bacteria,

More care for private parts

Quickly suck dry water

Other polyester fiber fabrics should be at least 5 seconds, after wearing it, there will never be a painful, wet answer.


The surface contains countless ice holes, fast and absorbent heat dissipation, with a micro-wind, there is no need to worry about the humidity in the summer!

The sample just went to the fire, and did not test it. Little did not fall, you see, specially picking black water washed after washing, wearing a super peace of mind


Usually you wear underwear + safety pants, it is equivalent to you to washes two clothes every day, replace this,


I don’t have less to wash less, I can’t find the reasons to reject it!

I passed 4 or 5 times, I am still like a new one, I have never been deformated, and I have no problems from now to autumn!

As a plastic pants: high waist abdomen is more secure


New York Times emphasizes consumption trend reports, in the past two years, young women have climbed the love of high waist pants.

High waist pants can provide the most important thing to comfort and security.

The biggest advantage is that it is [high waist] ↓

Use a widening lace, abdomen thin waist, avoid leaving the fat boundary line, and the perfect hidden minced belly.


Super package force will bring good support, from the small abdomen to the coverage of the thigh, more security than ordinary underwear.


When you find that your ass will collapse, when you have a fat, it is the time when you are on the high waist.


The full coverage design not only allows you to safely exploit, but also provide more support for fat on your hips.

In addition, this kind of small belly is, for us, it can’t stand it.

Low waist or middle belly is often easy to put the small belly to two, the high waist will not. It is more friendly for girls with flesh on the belly.

The viscose fiber-based fabric has the 3x armers of ordinary fabrics, comfortable and not tight.


Deep-skin breathable, micro-pressure state, gentle lock, let the abdomen enjoy health while also defensing fat ~

Wearing the waist skirt, put the upper clothes,


That waist, I feel

I am so beautiful!

80-160 catties can wear, no roll, 4 colors optional


Many people are worried that the body is not good enough to wear this safety trousers. This is completely not worried.

This lace safety pants are from the waist to the legs, all of which are three times.


Whether it is a waist, the thigh thick girl, 80 ~ 160 pounds of women can easily put on, even if wearing a tight bag hip skirt, will not reveal traces of underwear.

↓ Size Reference

The little fairy passed through, is praised,

Mainly a word: comfortable!

Many people in the summer will choose breathable, no trace of underwear, why not change a fabric health, can let the private parts breathable free breath, can also prevent the underwear?

This anti-walking underwear, 4 colors: black, white, color, gray ~

It’s very simple, no matter whether you are a long skirt or a short skirt, dark or light, you can get it ~


Anyway, as long as wearing a skirt will wear safety pants, wearing two, it is better to only wear this 1: also breathable, and save money, the value is also high;


Usually wash underwear + safety pants, choose this, not only wearing light, even have a peaceful clothes!


This spring, summer, choose 1 safety pants that can be worn outside, enjoy light and no trace ~


Recently, the weather is good, and the spring is getting more and more strong.

I bought a lot of good-looking chiffon clothes, waro-long skirts, waiting for too long at home, waiting for weekend and small holidays ~

As a skirt, best CP, one = 3 small trousers, skin-friendly, non-trace-shaped lace safety pants, can you still have it?


Limited time offer: 89 yuan

Selling “high light” for your legs to prevent hooks


Summer must-have small panel shoes light breathable

What? I heard that it can get the girl with the shoe cover.


On only one year, only 3 times each time is the first version of the headline, I am worth it!

BM wind is really good, but I really can’t wear it!

Rowed grass