Use your own cloth to make your own clothes

One stitches, one line, meticulous

Hand -made plate buckle


Hand -made plate buckle jewelry

Use a handkerchief dyed with blue crickets, purple grass, Sumu, turmeric, gardenia, rose, Donggua skin, Qiancao and other handkerchiefs

Wang Juan’s grass dyeing skills

At the beginning, she dyed cotton with natural materials, just to make clothes for her young daughter and make her daughter safe. Dyed a piece of cloth, and the clothes were made, and gradually, the dyeing clothing became her hobby, career and dream. Her name is Wang Juan, a post -80s of Luoyang.

1 I want to make pure cotton clothes for my daughter

In the summer of 2015, the half -year -old daughter had a rash, and Wang Juan had an idea -she dyed her daughter to wear cotton clothes, which was safe and comfortable.

After hearing about it, Wang Juan’s mother -in -law was very happy and said, “Grass -dyeing cloth clothing is the ancestor skills of our family.” The mother -in -law thought that the young people today would not like the traditional dyeing cloth. interested.

Under the guidance of her mother -in -law, Wang Juan picked 10 different cotton cloths on the Internet, bought 1 meter, cut into the size of the handkerchief, and tried to dye the cloth with the material that was available at hand.一个小电磁炉、一口小锅,单件煮,混着煮;文火煮,大火煮;短时间煮,长时间煮……黄豆、绿豆、红豆、黑米、玫瑰、菊花、洋葱、核桃皮、石榴Leather and tea, she tried the same, “It’s fun, it’s addicted to playing.”

Inspired by the love of children, confidence comes from the encouragement of the predecessors, the Internet has become a training class, not afraid of hard work is the motivation to move forward. Wang Juan dyed cloth clothes, at first it was the feeling. On one occasion, she made a pair of pants on the Internet tutorial for a 10 -year -old son and asked him how. The son said, “It’s a bit uncomfortable, but you can wear it.”

Since the child says he can wear it, then do one for yourself. The pants were well made, and Wang Juan was extremely excited. She ran to Luopu Park to take pictures the next day. On the way, she always felt uncomfortable, and she was not a little uncomfortable. After returning home, she was about to change shoes. As soon as she squatted, her pants were torn.


She followed the online tutorial and stepped step by step. Why didn’t she do it well? She re -draws, and then do it, it still doesn’t work, how can she not understand what is going on. The more she painted, the more depressed.

If you can’t figure it out by yourself, you must go out to learn! Before the daughter was weaned, she hugged her daughter to learn to dig a big placket and make a robe with a centenarium. In the late spring and summer of 2016, as soon as her daughter was weaned, she went to Fujian and Guizhou to study ancient dyeing cloth. After studying, the teacher said, “You can go back to the studio.”

2 There are surprises every time dyeing

Only one week back to Luoyang, Wang Juan opened the studio, named “Cotton Cotton Small Nest as a Faval Favorte”, and later registered the “Wu Yuexuan” brand. She was inspired by me. ” Her goal is: it can be dyed, and she can do it with her own cloth.

In the studio, she has the first tank. “‘Shengcin’ is like raising children. Put rice wine in the tank to raise the cylinder, stir every day, until one day of birth, blue pupa flower, put the cloth in, look at the color of the cloth and turn blue … … That’s really surprise! “Speaking of dyeing cloth, Wang Juan was virtuous,” Every time there are different surprises in dyeing cloth, when the cloth is put in, I don’t think about the results. Give me a lot of surprises! “


Dyeing and sewing dye are common techniques. The rope must be tightly tied when tied, and the red marks are proclaimed in the hand. When sewing, the pin must be sewed densely, and the dyed patterns are rich. Due to the scissors, cut it little by little, and cut it accidentally. One day, Wang Juan took the child to dye the studio in the studio, because there was no air conditioner, she sweaty. The only fan, she left to the children. “My heart is full of enthusiasm and obsession, and I don’t think it is long at all. My daughter is waiting for asleep.”

At two o’clock in the morning, he made great achievements. Wang Juan hugged his daughter, his son took the dyed cloth and returned home together. “After arriving home, I paved a dyed table and sat there to watch it. It looks good.” She said with a smile, she was almost nervous!

3 never say “almost”

Jiu Xiang is not afraid of deep alleys. Although the studio “Tibet” is in the office building, there is no brand at the door, but many people still come to Wang Juan for clothes. Once, a female customer wanted to make a set of Zen dance clothes. Wang Juan checked more than 100 photos of different Zen dance services in Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. In the end, a unique Chinese Zen dance service was designed.

But she is not satisfied and hopes that she can do better. In November 2018, she went to Shanghai to study the Haipai cheongsam for more than a month to learn version and design. In the meantime, she learned a small dress, and she was crooked. She thought, this is a dress, no one wears it, it is crooked. Who knows that the teacher asked her to dismantle it.

“Such small clothes are not worn, it’s almost enough.” Wang Juan argued. “What is the same? A lot worse!” The teacher’s attitude was determined, and she had to dismantle and hot, and re -sew.

It didn’t take long for her to make a real silk cheongsam for customers, because the cold hands were rough, and the sewing period touched it, and she touched the collar. “After doing it, I found out that I was tangled for a while: dismantling, it was second, the key is to be afraid of pulling the collar;


In the end, she dismantled the collar overnight. The next day, she soaked her hands with hot water and painted her hand cream over and over again, so she started to change the new collar.

“Since then, I will never say ‘almost’.” Thinking of the teacher’s words, she deeply sighed, “Because of this ‘almost’, everything that should be brilliant will be overwhelmed. Do this line, rubbing in my eyes, my eyes are rubbing in my eyes, my eyes are rubbing in my eyes Don’t enter the sand! “

4 One cheongsam to do seven days

In March 2020, Wang Juan’s grass -dyeing skills were selected into the Intangible Cultural Heritage Site of Western Industry District. In April, the children’s clothing she made for her daughter participated in the second Chinese fabric enthusiasts and won the silver award of the children’s clothing group. In May, she went out to study and explore the production and treatment of fabrics and dyes. “My fabric manufacturer in Zhejiang, watching the workers use Qián to process it into fabrics and dyeing step by step, it is not easy.”

In order to excel, in November, Wang Juan went to Shanghai to study again for more than a month to learn clothing and other skills. During her study, she went to the Two of the Huzhou temple on Sunday, and dyed 1,000 grass -stained handkerchiefs with the masters and volunteers to thank her friends and customers who had long supported themselves for a long time.


The skills are refined again, and Wang Juan intends to concentrate on making customization and make boutiques. For example, if you customize the cheongsam, knock on the edge completely, scrape the fabric first, then dry, and then cut the 2.5 cm wide cloth strip of 45 degrees, fold it 3 times, use the needle of the needle, 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. Friends who asked her to make clothes from Kaifeng came to Luoyang, “No wonder this one has to do for 7 days.”

“You can do so, the children’s clothes, their own clothes, are you doing it?” After hearing this problem, Wang Juan stunned and laughed: “It’s really not. Clothes, now it is rare to make skirts for my daughter for a year. I leave it for myself to wear flawed clothes. For example, there is a small hole in this pants. It gives customers, wear it by itself, and give it to customers. “

Many years of accumulation and continuous study, today Wang Juan is no longer satisfied with “single dry”. She hopes to organize some activities in Luoyang to let everyone participate in green grass dye. “”

When asked about the future, she smiled mysteriously: “I still have new plans and dreams, all of which have written in the diary, and I will share with you when I make it.”


Source: Luoyang Evening News