How to choose pantyhose in autumn and winter? Just look here

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I don’t know if Mi Meng has felt that this year’s winter came particularly early ~~~ The little fairies all began to struggle again: what to wear? Intersection Intersection Wearing too much, it looks bloated, too little and easy to cool. Want to wear skirts? I’m afraid of old cold legs. Don’t tangle, winter artifact -pantyhose to save you. How to pick? Today, I will teach you how to pick a beautiful and warm pantyhose, and easily hold your college style, literary style or fashionable style.


1. Thickness

1. How much “D” is marked on many pantyhose. What? What kind of ghost is “D”?

Small popular science: “D” is called “Denier” (Daniel). It is the woven thickness unit of the tights on the market, and it is also extended to be defined as the prevalence of pantyhose. Under normal circumstances,

The larger the “D” value, the thicker the thickness, and the lower the effect of the transparent meat; otherwise, the lower the value, the thinner the thickness, and the higher the effect of the transparent meat.

Raise a chestnut:

So, how much “D” is suitable for such a cold day? Give you the picture directly:


The above data is just a reference for everyone, because the same thickness will be divided into velvet and no velvet, or the anti -freezing ability of each baby is different, so it is necessary to judge according to the style and thickness! (After all, like LZ, I am afraid that cold stars are going directly to 500D)


Second, style

There are three styles of leggings on the market: nine points, steps, socks. In fact, the style is not important, just you are happy. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Haha, Pi, we can post the serious strategy post.


Nine points:


In fact, your mother told you to wear the high -end version of the autumn pants. SO, when you don’t want to wear autumn pants, come right.

Stepping on

: This pantyhose has two obvious advantages: 1. Do not climb (girls who have experienced pantyhose quietly climbing to the calf understanding ~) 2. Do not take off when you go to the boyfriend’s house ~ When wearing socks, when washing your feet …) Disadvantages, that is, some girls may feel 硌 feet.

Local socks:

This is a savior with light -mouth single shoes and shallow boots. The heel that successfully saves you will be exposed a little. It is also born for lazy people. There is no need to wear socks!

Third, color

1. Classic black

Speaking of pantyhose, the first thing we think of must be black, and a color that is almost worn. In the pantyhose world, black pantyhose has stabilized the throne all year round. It is it, the effect of thin legs is immediate.


A black match can also be cool and sexy out of the street. Don’t miss the cool girl

But, is there any other choices except black? The answer is yes. After all, there are many young ladies with their own immortal. They also prefer many light -colored jackets and skirts in autumn and winter. If they are equipped with a pair of black pantyhose, it is too abrupt! SO, in order to satisfy your various tastes, LZ went to pick up more colors.

2. Variable gray system

The most versatile color except black is of course gray between black and white. The gray leggings are not as extreme as black and white, and can be regarded as a savior with a light -colored coat.


There are many types of gray, from shallow to deep, and in the combination of fabrics, the effects are different.


So, so many gray, how do we choose when we match?

The white silver gray color is lighter, and it will look fat; the black carbon gray is too turbid and does not look refreshing. In comparison, LZ thinks the most practical and beautiful thing is the middle gray:

Light hemp ash and tobacco ash

Essence Light ash is light but not stingy, suitable for light color matching, stable ash but not heavy, suitable for dark colors.

Let me give you the picture below


3. Gentle milk tea color

The milk tea color is a representative of the net red this year, and it can be seen everywhere on coats, sweaters, and hats. What are the reasons for pantyhose?

What is milk tea color? As the name suggests, it is like milk tea. The colors are fully integrated with milk, coffee, oats, etc. with milk. The milk tea color is soft and smooth, warm but not sinking, which is the king of temperament in color.

Chocolate is rich in color, suitable for dark colors; coffee is sweet and gentle, milk tea is well -behaved, suitable for light color matching


Points: In short, when choosing the color, you only need to follow one principle: the same color system or the color system. That is: the overall deep, the socks are dark, the overall, the socks are light, the socks are light ~

Third, material


The quality of pantyhose is also very important. Good quality pantyhose is not only durable, but also uniform in texture. It is very comfortable and warm to wear, and it can better set off the temperament. On the market, common leggings are generally material: elastic cotton, Modal, velvet, wool, etc.

From the season, the material of pantyhose in spring and autumn is generally thinner fabrics such as Modal and elastic cotton; in winter, it is relatively thick base such as velvet and wool. The velvet is delicate and silky, and the comfort is extremely high. The wool has excellent warmth and humidity and breathability. The anti -static effect is also bars. Everyone is just good when choosing.


Fourth, do you want to buy pantyhose?

1. Fake meat pantyhose


As soon as winter, there will be a lot of “fake meat” leggings with thickened velvet. This kind of pantyhose has the effect of transparent meat, but without the natural sense of real skin tone, it will look very strange.

Try to avoid this unnatural fake meat pantyhose, it looks really difficult to say. Essence Essence

2. Read -light pantyhose

Some fabrics of pantyhose will look reflective. This kind of pantyhose will not only increase the visual sense of the legs, make you look fat, but also have a sense of cheapness.

3. Color pantyhose

In the show, we can often see bright pantyhose, full of personality and dazzling. Balenciaga’s “Christmas Lollipop” requires your legs to be about the same as that of real lollipop. Because colorful pantyhose has high requirements for body and applicable occasions, it is easy to step on thunder as daily wear, so mortals like LZ still do not take this risk. Essence


Five, the matching of leggings

1. With skirt

You can make all kinds of skirts in your wardrobe dry ~

2. With pants: cropped pants, wide -leg pants

You can’t afford nine -point pants and wide -leg pants from summer to winter. Pantyhose is in hand, I am leaving in the world


3. Match a coat


In winter, pantyhose and coat piano are harmonious, perfect!

Ending, do you learn how to choose a suitable pantyhose? ,,,,,,,


, ,, not to learn? Intersection Intersection Then slide up again

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