How hot is the water droplet mule in costume dramas? Zhen Yanbai Suzhen loves to wear, the most beautiful is Yang Chuchu

Those who watched “Step by Step” will be attracted by the Mulan sister -in -law given to Ruoxi’s Mulan. Mulan sister -in -law has a simple and elegant shape. Mulan’s vivid soul. Before the fire of Mulan sister -in -law, this kind of water droplet sister -in -law was the most common in costume dramas, but just a soul.

In “Yangmen Tiger General”, Yang Chuchu’s costume is really as famous as its name. Chu Chu is moving. The green dress is fresh and beautiful, and the pink dress is sweet and elegant. The small braids are obliquely across the hair. Red apricot became the finishing touch.


In “Good Girl Spring Hua”, Shao Qingzi’s pink costume was gorgeous, with a flying fairy cricket on his head, decorated with golden puppets, and two pink water droplets beside the ears.

The princess in “Deep Palace Spy Shadow” often wore a blue dotcu ring on the elliptical hair buns and pink water droplet buns. The point green shows the luxury.


Not only the women in the court drama like to wear this kind of water -shaped hair bun, but even the characters in the fantasy drama will wear it. In “The Biography of the White Snake”, after Bai Suzhen married Xu Xian, she combed women’s buns, and a few packets were rolled up at the top of her head. This water droplet sister -in -law was given the moral. Before Bai Suzhen went to bed every night, Xu Xian would pull off the mule for her, promising every night, it can be seen that he was willing to get old with Bai Suzhen.

Xiao Shufei in “Extreme Hongyan” inserted the white water droplets into the appearance of enoki mushrooms. The two ends of the hair buns were row each, each of which six. When I saw it at the time, I didn’t feel any disagreement.


In addition to the princess of the deep palace spy shadow, the Wan Yan in Zhen Huan also has a water drop -shaped hairpin. What is different is that it has a beads connected, and a nice name is Lantian Yuyu. PS: Single stocks are crickets, and double stocks are 钗 ~


In “Biography of Rugao”, the heroine Rugao also had white water drops, and inserted it on the tail tail during the period when she entered the cold palace.

Among Rugao’s jewelry, there are two types of water -shaped buns of red and green, and they are usually worn at the bottom right of the flag.