Evaluation: Japanese Tenbe Tianxao Mask, 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid, super hydration

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Let’s give you an Amway mask today!

(Actually, I have used this mask for more than 2 years

I have always wanted to write this evaluation, but I helplessly delayed frequent crimes ~)

First, please ask the evaluation mask to play

Entering Tenbe mask for evaluation time ☟


Tenbe this


Using 384 light silk mask paper


Light and soft, but the essence ability is absolutely not weak

Most of the tailoring is relatively common circular

How about the material of 质 质 膜 & tailoring

The most important thing is to test

Whether the face on the mask is served and the breadth of the coverage

The neon sauce and other scores will also be based on this standard

Very thin


Take care of the nose very well,

The corner of the mouth, it is easy to stretch to the small part of the post

The area of ​​the neon sauce is big



It can also be fully covered, and there is space to stretch


– Evaluation score –


Tenbe service full score


Tenbe mask essence is 28ml,


Colorless and tasteless texture, unlucky transparent essence


Focus on

Yes: contains 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients

Super dipping, moisturizing factors can reach the stratum corneum.

The right consistency is very easy to pour on the neck in your hand,

Elberds and thighs can be easily absorbed by the skin.


After removing the mask a few degrees, the essence is not sticky, and the skin is not sticky. You can go to bed without washing. Generally, after the mask paper is removed, it will be scraped with a gold rod to make the essence fully absorbed. Finally, the cream is enough.

before use

Look at the numbers of the moisture tester above

It may not be intuitive enough


Give everyone neon sauce

Under the brief explanation, the larger the water difference


Explain that the better hydration effect of the mask, the better


After use


Tenbe water light silk facial mask

To soothe and moisturize significantly, brighten the skin slightly


The mask paper is lightly served,


Overall the one that is suitable for all four seasons

The neon sauce is a dry -sensitive skin. After applying the mask to get up the next day, the entire face is soft and the condition is very good. As for the time for applying the mask, the neon sauce of the mask is about 15-20 minutes, and it is adjusted according to the personal skin.