It’s too short! Zhao Yazhi white leather+super shorts beautiful legs, flesh -colored stockings accidentally exposed, embarrassing

For beauty, in a broad sense, everyone may have different understanding. After all, a thousand people may produce 10,000 Hamlet, but if you limit this beauty on the individual, it will be much simpler.


Whether it is a man or a woman, you can’t help but be attracted by the good -looking people. This color is okay, but just appreciation. Therefore, everyone has their favorite male gods or goddesses. But for male gods and goddesses, people at each stage are exclusive to their own understanding.

For example, the editor of the 1990s, the goddess of childhood was Bai Suzhen and Xiaoyanzi. The goddesses in adolescence were Bai Suzhen and Xiang Xiangyu. Later, the goddess was Bai Suzhen and himself. Yes, no matter what Bai Suzhen is sitting firmly in the aesthetic system. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. Which of the winter and summer vacations from childhood to large after 1990 is not dominated by “New White Lady Legend”?

Today, although I have grown up to no summer vacation, I found that Bai Suzhen was still as beautiful as when he first met, and Zhao Yazhi, who played Bai Suzhen, was too fond of years and beautiful.


Speaking of Zhao Yazhi, many people may not be unfamiliar. After all, how many people have no summer vacation? However, after Zhao Yazhi, after “The Legend of the New White Lady”, he rarely participated in his works. Until 2016, Zhao Yazhi participated in the variety show of the star goddess experience show launched by Hunan Satellite TV. The goddess who has long missed.

Regardless of whether he is in love or self -discipline, anyway, Zhao Yazhi is well -maintained. She is now 65 years old in 1954, but she can’t see the marks of aging in her, and some are just the beauty and quietness of the years. The older the older, the more charm. It is Zhao Yazhi. Netizens can’t help but sigh that this is the 65 -year -old of others.


Recently, Zhao Yazhi and her husband Huang Jinzheng appeared at the Hong Kong International Airport. On the day, Zhao Yazhi’s iconic long hair was behind him, and his clothes were full of sunglasses. The upper body is wearing a white leather jacket and a pink silk inside. Wearing a white ultra -short jumpsuit in the lower body and a pair of white knee boots, the whole person looks handsome and beautiful, really beautiful.

As the saying goes: good -looking people look good. As the old goddess of good clothes, Zhao Yazhi has never lost the chain. In many people’s cognition, leather clothes show the existence of individuality. The white leather coat not only relieves the unique aggressiveness of the leather coat, but by the way shows a trace of gentleness and elegance that is not disobedient, but at the same time, there is a very attractive punk style.


Who said that pink is exclusive to girls, and she can wear pink dress sweetly in the past 60 years. Zhao Yazhi wore a pink silk inward in the white leather coat. Two colors are a combination that will never make mistakes. A very gentle and delicate. Design, gives the illusion of a silk scarf, makes Zhao Yazhi’s entire person look stubborn, dignified, and elegant.


Zhao Yazhi’s choice of the lower body was very bold. Wearing a pair of white ultra -short jumpsuits, the entire thigh was exposed, and she showed a beautiful leg, which was very sexy. But this sexy and vulgar sense of vision, because white over -the -knee boots cleverly control the excessive sexy in the controllable range, which looks very advanced.

However, there are also accidents that because the jumpsuits are indeed too short, when Zhao Yazhi walks and steps down, he will inevitably expose the edge of flesh -colored stockings, and the husband is black face in an instant. Therefore, the goddess should pay more attention.