Ultra -high -value hot water bag, anti -hot explosion -proof automatic power break, charging ten minutes, warm nights for a night

Start with the cold of -10 ° C


I encountered the air, but I was hesitant to change my mind


Moisture yourself, ambiguous starting fermentation information


Ice water is mixed in 0 ° C completely fell

The fall is because he is warm

Solove R1 is a catalyst

Let your heart be changed


The risk of 6 ℃ develops rapidly, and the emotional outbreak at 70 ℃ constant temperature

Institute of explosion -proof water bags of Sule Research Institute

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79 yuan

To simplify complexity, sunny and warm

Sule R1 explosion -proof hot water bottle is warmly listed

Elegant colors will not fade with a long time

The delicate and short fluff leaves your gentle traces with your hands stroking

Holding hands with someone you like

Exquisite and delicate texture, add more interaction possibilities

Solove gives a hug to take advantage of the opportunity

There is no slow charging/storage heat short/flammable and explosion

There are fast -heat storage/separation/hydropower separation/multifunctional insulation belt

Explosion -proof charging clip/automatic power off/intelligent temperature control


Moist the distance between us with temperature

Use your body to perceive the delicate temperature of the water bottle

We melt together, warm up, but still endlessly

Winter R1 gives a hug to take advantage of the opportunity

It can warm the waist and warm the palace, but also warm the shoulders and warm back

When the temperature of the palm is extended to the whole body with the warm water bottle

You will find that this is a warm winter

Love does not care about the wind cooling, sporadic rain

The warm and mellow touch is hidden in an ambiguous mystery in the R1

Special intention to add cotton velvet materials

Absorb heat and release it to the surrounding area

So as not to burn the skin due to overheating


Whole Aili

They are full of careful care of each other

Like TA = worry about TA

Add explosion -proof

Automatic power temperature control system

When the charging voltage is approaching the boundary point, the power will be automatically cut off

More high -temperature material

8 -layer PVC protective layer, anti -dried stainless steel heating body

Safety settings every one more

I love your heart a little more ❤️

Le living green and dogwood powder are a hint


The new season is living green, taking into account both

Give you a sense of hope and comfort

When it integrates into the space, it is the moment now

A presentation of our best life state


Flower -like dogwood powder

People are comfortable, winter snow melts

The petals of the buds seem to have a kind of magic

Let the air exuding the breath of first love

At this time, you should be ambiguous, you should blush, you should be a little tempted

Love to be vivid, and even more active

Smart lover never expects love to sit and enjoy it

Only a positive gesture can radiate dopamine and Floomy


Be a sincere statement, narrate old and new

Help you prepare not too warm ice cream and alcohol

Leave the remaining warmth to you, the blushing confession


Start with soloVE R1

Don’t miss the warmth of warmth anymore


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