For new findings for breaking the spring mask

It has reliable news that the domestic mask market growth rate has more than 20% for three consecutive years, and the number of mask brands grows nearly 5 times. Until now, the mask market is still in a rapid growth period, but the distance is a mature category and is still a lot of fire. The consumers who love beauty are increasingly smuggling, and the mask is getting higher and higher. It is necessary for mask companies to strictly control product quality, and further innovate product concept.

Mask Industry Lenin Falling into Difficulties

In the past few years, the mask market has extensive development, lacking fine cultivation, and seemingly prosperous characters may explode at any time. Since the media exposed to some short-quality mask, the mask became the focus of social attention.

为破局 泊泉雅面膜求新求变

The State Food and Drug Administration has long shown clearly, and some mask merchants are still in the world, and the hormone ingotonic inexteroids disabled are added to the mask production. If the consumer uses the mask containing the disabling hormone, it may cause the skin to thin, and the problem of black spot, hormone dependent dermatitis.

Those facial masks containing the fluorescer will emit bright blue fluorescence when irradiated by ultraviolet light, and the light is needed to be cleaned to remove. Such a problem mask is simply a disaster for the skin is a light-sensitive consumer, and it is highly itching and redness, and the skin cancer is caused.

The negative news of the facial film industry continues, but not only affects the image of the “positive energy” film brand full of Moquan, but also hurts the consumer’s heart, and lives up to the favor of consumers. The local mask industry is deeply lost in the faith, and it is urgent to seek to break the way.

为破局 泊泉雅面膜求新求变

Boquan Ya Mask Seeking New Concept

Young people have a hunting psychology, like novelty – clothing to dress up, talking between specialty, the cosmetics used, is of course new, odd, interesting, and others are different from others. In order to cater to the taste of the young people, attract their attention, seize their hearts, and Puquan has been constantly innovating product concept and selling points.

为破局 泊泉雅面膜求新求变

For consumers, the mask is just a piece of paper for beauty skin care, a bottle of mud, but the Moquan brand is going to be in this paper, this bottle of mud is ramping the brain underground kung fu, doing articles, trying to get a way The “trick” coming out in front of it. From snail mucus, silk protein, enzyme mask to animal face, seaweed particles, magnetic therapy mask, carbonated, bamboo charcoal mask, etc. Will not forget this.

Air cushion powder, air cushion BB cream, air cushion … Now the air cushion has been called Wang and Moquan brand in Asian countries, and it plans to launch a mask of air cushion concept. In order to make the mask have the touch of the air cushion on the face, the Moquan Relivery team has undergone countless tests, eventually choosing bamboo charcoal fiber foam material, and will continue to spherical bubbles when it is attached to the skin. These bubbles not only have massageous skin, but also the role of skin oxygen, but also adsorb the dirt in the pores and remove the old horny. Boquan is a newly intended “bubble bath” mask, combined with the stimulation of the carbonated mask, combines the hot air cushion of the time, and will cause a new wave of wave after formal listing.