This session of the Chengdu Furniture Fair is more fighting than last year, but there are still few nationwide preheating publicity!

Source: Large Materials Research, Panjo Boss operates internal reference in decision -making, actual elites’ daily books!

The Shanghai Jianbo Fair, the famous furniture exhibition in Dongguan, and the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Show, etc., have paid special attention to the research of large materials and wrote concluding articles. Chengdu Furniture Fair happened next to it, and naturally we could not miss our eyes.

In the past ten years, the city of Chengdu has been in the city, and GDP has killed the top ten. It is expected to sit in the eighth, and then strive to squeeze forward. Comprehensive influence rose to fifth, such as the first -tier cities, ranking first. If you look at some single indicators, such as aviation, bookstores, business, consumption, tourism, etc., they are often the first five miles, and sometimes even follow the first.

However, Chengdu Furniture Fair, as a qualified exhibition in the industry, has been the 20th year this year. It is a leader in the industry in the middle and western regions.

But compared to Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, it feels not very big.

In recent years, Chengdu Furniture Fair has mainly become the stage of Sichuan -faction home opera. Enterprises from Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other provinces have a certain number every year, but the proportion is not high. Everyone has a relatively few preheating publicity on public media, and lacks the momentum that affects the country.

Compared with the Shanghai Jianbo Fair, Famous Furniture Exhibition, Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Fair, Shenzhen Furniture Fair, etc., the advantages of mentioning the rate are not obvious.

What about this year? Compared with last year, Lao Deng thinks,

The content of this exhibition has signs of transformation and upgrading. There are some innovations, and the exhibition itself has made some efforts in public channel promotion.

one is

Many local comprehensive media have given continuous reports at least

For example, Red Star News, cover news, Chengdu Business Daily, etc. Many information were released by them, but they were not strong and lacking special bombardment. This requires the organizer to coordinate and communicate. On Tencent Dacheng, it is rare to see the topic page of the furniture exhibition.

The Chengdu Furniture Exhibition has the official website and its own public account. In the public account, a high frequency push has been maintained recently, and the highlights of the exhibition are pre -interpreted. Jiajiajia customized, Dingbing, Beixin Pearl, gold oak industry, etc.

Second, some companies that want to participate in the exhibition are sent information on some open channels

For example, some industry websites or self -media can see a few, although not many, at least there are action. There are sounds and exposure, it is always better than being stuffy.

From the design of the exhibition, there are some good things. There are so many furniture exhibitions. Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Nankang and other cities are all run. It is really not easy to create differentiation.

Let’s take a look first, what are the highlights:

A. It clearly puts forward the great ideal,

It is necessary to attract high -quality resources in domestic, Asia and the world’s top home and design industries, upgrade international cooperation, and build a dual “IP” based on the development of urban brands that radiate the country nationwide.

You may feel that the slogan is not useful, but if there is no slogan and the goal, things will be smaller, less and more.

B. Exhibition weekly

At the same time, the Chengdu International Home Design Week, this is not new, Beijing and Shenzhen are doing this. There are a few activities that are good, such as

World Furniture Industry Summit, 2019 by IF Chengdu International Home Design Award, Asian Design Exchange and Development Conference


The banner is relatively large

It is a good thing.

If some world -class brands can come, then this influence does be done.

Seeing from public information, some foreign furniture and design power is indeed introduced this time.

For example, the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada, France, Poland, Czech, Finland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Pakistan, Singapore and other furniture industry organizations will gather in Chengdu.

The World Furniture Federation will also hold a work meeting to elected a new rotating chairman. It takes a step to take a step, and when it comes to the 21st session, it can attract some more bullish brands worldwide.

C. United Asian Design Alliance

, Invite outstanding designers from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, Yemen, UAE, the Netherlands and other member countries, gathered in Chengdu on a large scale.

Chengdu itself has a high positioning, such as the world park city, national central city, world cultural city, etc. There are so many consulates here. This platform is capable of carrying out the exchanges and landing of global resources.

D. The practice of joining the German IF design award,

Create the “2019 BY IF Chengdu International Home Design Award” together, the strategy is more wise, because no matter what, the IF’s influence in China is still relatively high, and it is also famous abroad. There are some help.

The award -winning works will be made public at the design week. Excellent products involve seven categories of two -living furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, custom furniture, and home accessories. Aimed at products, not works.

I looked at the jury for a big material research. It felt not too powerful. Some judges were not very famous, and the appeal was not enough. If you want to make this cooperation award more famous, the domestic recognition is higher. Members have to upgrade files. Only when you go up at the level can you attract many big -name companies to participate, and only if there are more big brands, this selection can be ascended to a call and respond.

E. There is also a handwriting worthy of recognition that Sichuan has united the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Chongqing this time.

Including graphic design, packaging design, industrial design, environmental design, etc., this is a clever handwriting.

In the current central and western regions, in terms of furniture exhibitions, Chengdu Nengshu flags are also good. It depends on whether other provinces are willing to expand and deepen cooperation and in -depth.

F. A more interesting link is that at the exhibition, Pechakucha International Creative Sharing Conference, Settings-Separation-Feeling the Beauty of Design, Night Talk Bamboo and other cross-border fashion activities


Among them, PECHAKUCHA invited 10 guests in the form of a fast speech, inviting 10 guests to complete sharing in 400 seconds in 400 seconds. At the same time, many homestay representatives appeared in the “bed set” to disassemble the design and trend of the homestay from the perspective of vacation, life and rural areas.

Let’s take a look at the company’s actions, according to the incomplete statistics of large materials,

There are not many companies that send preheat propaganda in advance,

Most of them are limited to the public accounts, official website, and circle of friends who are limited to their own home. On national mainstream websites, it is not much covered with highlights and warm -up information.


There are also some typicals, such as the emperor standard this year is more active

This time they promoted the new terminal form “Red Store” in advance, and there were corresponding actions at the exhibition, such as the “Peacock Throne” single chair launched by Song Jin Chuan, Qian Xiaoping, and held a wealth summit before the furniture exhibition. There are relatively many information released by various channels.

The other is

nice view,

There are also information in some channels. The three exhibitions are the highlights. The investment conference on May 28, the Chongzhou opening ceremony on May 31 and the 2019 new product launch conference, and the whole house on June 1st. Will wait. At the theme exhibition of “Three Houses” in Xibo City, 12 new products including Maple, Nordic Sunshine, Jane, Jane, Rapland, and Hancheng Love.

A name is called

Non -color home

The company will hold the 2019 new product launch conference in Xibo City to launch a new product of Italian minimal wood suite furniture. BSP Home has information on furniture exhibitions on Sichuan furniture industry website “Furniture Mainstream”.

Leader of Le Jia

One interview can be seen on the Internet that this time with the fans to participate in the exhibition. Sama Boxuan will push into the project.

The listed company will participate in the exhibition. The [Rong Yue], [Jenny] of the national exterior patent and copyright of the national appearance will be the new product. Customized companies such as Holly, Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet, Yixian, Dingbing, Centennial Impression, De Bebe will also be present, but the preheating publicity that can be seen is less. The two companies of Sanwei and Kujiale also appeared.

There are also 3D lacquer wooden doors. Open the Sichuan -Chongqing investment, 0 yuan, and make every effort to create 20 model cities in Sichuan and Chongqing. It only takes 28 days to claim the site selection, design, construction, and opening. At the same time, it provides 18 -day systematic training. Seeing their information on the open channels.

The study of Dali has noticed that there are stores in the exhibitors, such as Red Star Macalline Sichuan Sichuan Province Yingfa Center, Red Star Macalline Tianfu Store and Red Star Macalline Life Aesthetics Center. There are two booths Essence There is also Fuson Mimi, who borrowed a bag to stay in the pavilion, and joined forces to discuss the “bags and lives” in Chengdu International Home Design Week.

On the whole, the preheating information of each participating company is not large, and most of them have not sent information on the open channels of third parties. This has a distinct difference from the previous establishment of the Expo and Kitchen and Bathroom Show.

According to the observation of large materials, before these two Shanghai exhibitions were held, dozens of brands issued the exhibition, which introduced in detail what new products to be issued, what activities there are, what policies do investment promotion, and so on.

This may have something to do with the preferences of the exhibitors. Shanghai’s home furnishing exhibition often attracts companies that are active on the national stage, especially a large number of listed companies.

Most of the special public relations companies provide support behind it, and the publicity channels that can be used will naturally be used.

In the Chengdu Furniture Fair, the Sichuan -style enterprises account for a small proportion. The companies of furniture have not been listed, and they have always lacked the habit of release information. This habit may be unfavorable for going to the national stage or even connecting the capital market.

Of course, the marketing actions during the exhibition are very rich, and more creative points are expected; maybe, after the exhibition, it will usher in a huge public publicity.