Call down again! Share 10 sets of autumn and winter thick coats to wear demonstrations, warm and fashionable, not bloated





I received a question from the fans today: “

The winter in the north is really too cold, is there any thick jacket recommended?

Intersection “

In winter




able to pass


Come to achieve it, but when the weather is cold, I am too lazy to clean up myself, it is better to wear it directly

Thick coat

You can sleep more than ten minutes in the morning.

So I chose 3 thick and fashionable thick coats. If you are interested, remember to collect it ~


1. Teddy Velvet coat

2. Parker down jacket


3. Short bread suit

Recommended one: Teddy Velvet coat

Teddy velvet coat

Its biggest advantage is its fabric. It is not only highly warm, but it is better to take care of other fabrics. It is not easy to lose hair and it looks very textured.



The bloated younger sister can look at this one. It is a very gentle milk white, fluffy with fluff, very comfortable to feel, and seems to be expensive.


When paired with this loose fluff jacket, be sure to remember “

Outer pine

“. I like to repair the height of the body+tight pants or the” light leg artifact “. I wear a pair of short boots on my feet, which is handsome and warm.


The version of this teddy velvet coat is more slim, and it can be seen from the shoulder position. The clothes are dotted on the body

Pearl button

A bit

Small incense wind


the taste of.

You can follow “

“In principle, the slim turtleneck sweater with a straight skirt shows elegance.

Teddy velvet jacket


It belongs to the kind of warmth visible to the naked eye. Imagine being wrapped in such a coat, not only warmth, but also unique to security.

Must -wear

turtleneck sweater


You can also wear two


To increase the fineness. And a teddy velvet coat has a attribute

Age reduction

Oh ~ ~

This is a fusion

Horn buckle

Teddy velvet

Two elements coats, wearing a hat, I feel that I have become cute! The most suitable for white coat must be black ~

Recommended 2: Parker down jacket


Know the military uniform


But cold resistance “


Top current

“And what I want to recommend is to overcome the combination of down jackets,

Parker down jacket

Its fashionable and versatile nature is beyond your expectations.

The windproof fabric is used, no matter how big the north wind is big, you don’t have to worry about drilling into the clothes. There are also removable plush collar collars, standing up and letting go. It depends on your mood.


On the waist of Parker down jacket, there is

Drawing line design

You can pull it lightly

Show up

I like this design very much. Seeing the bonus of the down jacket inside, there is no problem to spend this winter.

I often receive a private message from fans, “

How to wear thinness in winter?

“. Sisters who are confused in this regard to see this

Waist Parker down jacket


Let the belt a series, immediately

Leak out a thin waist


At the same time can help you

Optimize the body ratio


If you want to be thinner or a small girl, you recommend trying it.

The version of this Parker down jacket presents

A -character version

Just take one


There is also a special thinking on the legs, the principle is the same as the A -line skirt.

Strong tolerance is one of the advantages of this Parker down jacket, which can easily hide the flesh and thin. The waist has a belt embellishment, and the waist is more waist to show the waist temperament.


The inside of the Parker down jacket is used

Dot -type process

It is not bloated and not fat.


Recommended three: short bread clothes


You said it, I saw it at first

Bread down jacket

The heart was rejected, and later! Really fragrant! The upper body is not fat and fashionable, how can I not buy it!

This green

It feels simple, without fancy embellishment, seeing it only has one feeling: it is definitely not cold to wear it.

In order to match this bread suit, I chose one


With matching, the pumping rope on the waist is wide and long, which plays a role in lighting up.

The color of this bread down jacket is particularly beautiful,


Ice cream color system


Gradient color

Design is very energetic. The upper body immediately broke the dullness of autumn and winter.

When we are paired with bread down jacket, remember “


Upper width and narrow

“These four words. Loose bread clothes match

Black leggings

Is it beautiful?


If you want to show long legs, you can wear a pair of short boots with tight pants, so that you can visually extend the leg lines ~

The above is the sharing of today’s thick coat. I hope everyone can live a warm and beautiful winter ~

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Teddy velvet coat


Outer pine

Parker down jacket

Bread down jacket