The top ten wedding photography in Shijiazhuang, which is better to take wedding photos in Shijiazhuang?

Shijiazhuang wedding photography in the top ten

There is a list of information service platforms based on the third -party platform data of merchants and information service platforms based on third -party platform data. Deliven to accurately query the industry benchmark and assist consumer decision -making through big data to provide users with more reference standards for merchants.

Shijiazhuang No. 1: Crown Photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 4312

Netizen comments: The wedding package set at the beginning of the year, and then shooting on April 28. Good luck, the weather is great, thanks to the photographer Ma Zhao for his serious shooting. The photographer Hao Xuan helped me to move the instrument with the shoe, and the makeup artist Yiyu’s careful dress. The interior three sets of clothes, a set of white gauze, a set of Chinese style, a set of couple’s living clothes, plus a European -style dress shot in Xinle Magic Castle and a night view of a Micro -travel night, from 9 o’clock in the morning to night More than 350 photos … Choosing Crown Photography did not disappoint me.

Shijiazhuang No. 2: Fan Beauty Mona Lisa

Per capita consumption: ¥ 4830

Netizens commented: Thanks to the makeup artist Yueyue and photographer, Mr. Feng, who is very satisfied with the makeup and beautiful makeup of Yueyue. During the makeup period, chatting is also very happy and has been accompanied by the whole process. Help us change jewelry and make up. Smile service throughout the whole process, so that we are very comfortable as customers. Like friends who have known for a long time, the original nervous emotions will relieve a lot. Teacher Feng is also very experienced. Many pictures will be taken many times, and the best one must be selected. Comments: I am very satisfied with the whole, but because of the rain, there is no way to shoot normally, so I took the initiative to apply for an extension. The service attitude is particularly good. Some friends will recommend pink beauty, recommended Yue, Teacher Feng Essence

Shijiazhuang No. 3: Love Strange Wedding Photography Tour Shooting

Per capita consumption: ¥ 2530

Netizen commented: Photographer Rooth is humorous and funny. The first time he took a photo with him very well and relaxed. Sister Xiaojing, a makeup artist, dresses me!

Shijiazhuang No. 4: Hera visual photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 3199

Netizens commented: The friend’s family went to shoot. It is said that it is a professional team and has no charges. They are very satisfied with the photos ~

Shijiazhuang No. 5: Mocha visual wedding photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 4739

Netizen comments: The photographer Aoyama is really great … the scene shooting venue is not enough technology to make up … the effect is first -class! The stylist is happy to satisfy my wishes as a beautiful bride, and after communicating the shape, I will accurately make the shape that suits me. Thank you for receiving Lili, Yajie’s patient service throughout the process. Effect … In short, thank you Mocca for letting me be a beautiful bride …

Shijiazhuang No. 6: Qiao Bride Wedding Photography

Netizens commented: It feels good, group buying is indeed cheaper than going to the store, and it is good to have time to see if you have time to see it.

Shijiazhuang No. 7: Sophie Yingdi Wedding Photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 4757

Netizen comments: Today I came to Sophie to printed and painted films. Teacher Zhang Hui was particularly enthusiastic to receive us, and in the process of choosing a photo, we gave us a lot of suggestions and opinions from a professional perspective, making us very satisfied with the attitude of Sophie’s screening service. thank you all!

Shijiazhuang No. 8: Manshafill Wedding Photography


Per capita consumption: ¥ 4767

Netizen comments: The photos are back, very satisfied, thank you for your efforts.

Shijiazhuang No. 9: Centennial Hero (Dongshangzun Rong Store)

Per capita consumption: ¥ 39

Netizen comments: I like the shape made by the makeup artist. It is the Korean style I want. The photographer is very professional, climbing the tree in order to shoot the effect. Thank you so much! The service is particularly enthusiastic, I really don’t know how to express gratitude in text! Hundred years of good and wedding photography!

Shijiazhuang No. 10: ATT fashion wedding photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 4520

Netizen comments: I am very fortunate to choose a photo photo in ATT photography. Thanks to the makeup artist sugar sugar and the patient guidance of the beautiful and photographer Geng Lei, taking a beautiful photo photo, it is worth a day, you can take a wedding photo. You can take a wedding photo. Choose here, the service and shooting are very good and very satisfied.

Shijiazhuang No. 11: Carbafi wedding photography

Netizens commented: Thin -patient service, Carbafe team, modified from shooting. It is also easy and pleasant when shooting. Without post -consumption, credibility is extremely high.

Shijiazhuang No. 12: Shi Photography (Lehui City Store)

Per capita consumption: ¥ 1965

Netizen comments: I have been shooting, and after the reception, I learned that it was a makeup artist. It was very cute, dudu, and tender. He helped pick up clothes together. He gave a lot of suggestions. Ask for help, the attitude is very good. The makeup is also very good, very detailed, and I can chat very well. I have been chatting with fans, and I won’t feel boring. The younger brother who took the picture was also very dedicated. At the same time, there was a group of girlfriends photo, which was taken together with two groups, so it was a bit late after taking the shooting. Wait for the film to post photos, look forward to it


Shijiazhuang No. 13: Micro -era wedding photography studio

Per capita consumption: ¥ 3338

Netizen comments: The Wei Times wedding photography, the service is quite in place, the quality of the photo is good, the service attitude is very good, the camera, makeup service and the customer are one -on -one model. During the shooting process The quality of other photography studios must be good, the costume style is very beautiful and stylish, and the outside scene and indoor scenery are very beautiful.

Shijiazhuang No. 14: Fashion Bazaar Wedding Photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 3507


Netizen comments: The stylist is very beautiful, the costume style is novel, the shooting location is diverse, and the cameraman is also very professional

Shijiazhuang No. 15: Milan Photography (Yan Zhao Nan Street Store)

Netizen comments: Store services are in place, very good. Photographer’s technology is also great! The stylist makeup artist is also very professional! I really like it.

Shijiazhuang No. 16: Socian Photography

Netizen comments: Professional team, the first choice of business photos, good, good, praise! Experience services are very good, great!

Shijiazhuang No. 17: Edinburgh Photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 2651

Netizen comments: I am very satisfied with this service and recommend it! The photographer and makeup artist’s service is very thoughtful. We were shooting very late that day and worked hard!

Shijiazhuang No. 18: Mu Hong Wedding Photography

Per capita consumption: ¥ 1772

Netizens commented: There are several groups of good shapes, and makeup is also very good. Several sets of packages are not bad for photographers!

Shijiazhuang No. 19: Micro -era wedding photography (Yiyou Store)

Per capita consumption: ¥ 2831

Netizen comments: I want to take a picture when I look at it! Exercise your own photo technology. It’s so beautiful to take pictures in the season.

Shijiazhuang No. 20: Meichi Ying Painting

Per capita consumption: ¥ 1946

Netizen comments: The wedding photos I took here are very satisfied, and the wedding dress is beautiful. I haven’t fixed the photos yet, I like it very much. Thank you Ziwen, thank you Teacher Ah.