Uniqlo, Murakami, and Bili three parties are jointly named. This is the cheapest solar flower T -shirt you can buy


Not long ago, the official Weibo of Uniqlo and the INS account of Murakami Murakami broke the news. Recently, there will be a joint T -shirt of Murakami and Billie Eilish and Uniqlo three -party T -shirt. At that time, the editor also told everyone the first time, and also predicted that it might be available at the end of this month. Sure enough, on the 19th of this month, yesterday, Uniqlo’s official Weibo announced that this time with Murakami Murakami and Bili, the three -party co -branded will start on the Tmall flagship store and official website of Uniqlo on the 29th of this month.

At this point, I can’t help remembering the scene of Uniqlo and KAWS joint T -shirts that the whole people grabbed. Murakami Murakami can be a heavy joint target in its trend circle. It can be said that it is no less than KAWS, let alone this time there is Billie Eilish, a heavyweight singer blessing.

Xiaobian may have to reappear for 19 years to grab the co -branding of KAWS.

Introduction to joint objects



You may not know Murakami, but you must know his representative work solar flower. This is the evaluation of many people on the Internet.

Murakami was born in the 1960s, and obtained a PhD in the Fine Arts Department of Tokyo University of Art in 1993. In 2003, his work was sold for 68 million yuan, which is the highest in the history of a single artwork of the Japanese. It can be seen that Murakami was very famous as early as 20 years ago. But it is truly well known by more people. In recent years, it relies on the unique solar flower design and co -branded with many well -known brands such as Supreme and LV. However, it is precisely because of the co -branding with brands such as Supreme and LV that many people think that he is a fashion designer or trending designer, but I think Murakami Murakami should be called a artist.


On the left is the joint name of LV and Murakami, on the right is the joint name of Supreme

Billie Eillish


The group photo of Bili and Murakami

Billie Eilish’s Chinese name Billy Elish, of course, domestic netizens prefer to be called Bili. Although Bili debuted in just 5 years, the achievement and popularity were not low. The number of attention on INS has reached more than 60 million people. Like many singers, Bili also founded its own personal brand Blosh. Its brand logo is a unique diagonal shoulder character pattern. (Tell you quietly, Bili was born in 2001 and is a proper post -00!)


Murakami designed the cartoon image designed for Bili


However, it is worth talking about here that Murakami and Bili are not the first time they cooperate, because the two have previously cooperated with Bili’s MV and Bili’s cartoon image.

The trend item of the three parties this time

T -shirt

A total of 13 styles of T -shirts have been released in this joint name, of which 10 are jointly named and the remaining 3 are the joint names of Uniqlo and Bili. The style contains children’s clothing, women’s clothing, and neutral models. As for pricing, because Uniqlo belongs to the fast fashion brand, it can be said to be very cheap. The pricing of adult models is 99 ¥ and children’s clothing is priced at 79 ¥. As for the exhibition of goods, Uniqlo itself is a fast fashion brand, and the previous joint names are definitely high.

The main design language of the T -shirt is composed of Murakami’s iconic color sun flower pattern and Bilie Eilish’s English letters. In addition, there are Bili’s personal brand Blosh’s brand logo, the design of the sloppy shoulder character, which contains the design of the looming solar pattern, and the character T -shirt design composed of Bisili’s own photos.


In the co -branding with Bili, the letter printing with a relatively simple print with the name of Bili and a pattern similar to the flame embellishment.


The joint name will also be released to sell two hats simultaneously, one is a baseball cap and the other is a fisherman hat. The baseball cap is the three parties of Murakami plus Bili and Uniqlo, while the fisherman hat is the two parties of Bili and Uniqlo.

I personally think that the white fisherman hat is most worth recommending. It is versatile and has a high value. At the same time, the fisherman’s hat is better in summer. Of course, if you still like Murakami’s sunflower, then buy a baseball cap.

Finally say another sentence



First of all, regardless of the large or small amount of goods, I think someone will not be grabbed. So when is it better to buy in the secondary market? Here we can refer to the joint name of 19 years with KAWS. From the beginning of the sale, the price of speculation reached 300, 400 or even higher, but in the later period, a large number of replenishment prices of Uniqlo were also rapidly dropped to about 200+. In this joint name, not only the artist Murakami, who is comparable to KAWS, is still a heavyweight singer blessing, so it may also face high hype in the early stage. Therefore, it is recommended to wait and see first. You can try to go to the offline store to touch your luck. Because Uniqlo itself is a fast -fashion brand, it often does not have an over -limited situation. The amount of goods is often the main factor that determines the price. If the price of the secondary secondary market is too high, everyone can wait and see.

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