Triglyceride should take medicine when it is high? Doctor: Wrong, take a certain value before taking fat reduction medicine



Some friends usually have no abnormal performance, but when they go to the hospital to check their bodies, they find that

Triglycerides of glycerin

So I was in a hurry, asking what to do, is it necessary to take lipid -lowering medicine if triglyceride is high?

In fact, the height of triglyceride has a range value. As long as it is higher than this normal value, you can take lipid -lowering drugs.

Some people may not know what kind of medicine to take to reduce triglyceride to a normal level. What do you usually do to avoid rising triglycerides. Today, this article will tell you.

1. What is the normal value of triglyceride?

If you go to the hospital for examination, you will find that the doctor tells many patients

The normal value of triglyceride is between 0.6 ~ 1.7, so it is normal to check that the triglyceride is not more than 1.7.

What is the height of triglyceride?


Woolen cloth? Some doctors have studied this problem. Through the continuous study of this doctor, the elevation of triglycerides will make people easily get coronary heart disease. Triglyceride is also related to our blood vessels. Excessive triglyceride can damage the blood vessels. Once the triglyceride is too high, acute pancreatitis will be induced. At this time, the hospital is checked and treated in time.

Some people are afraid of rising triglyceride, do not want to suffer from coronary heart disease, and do not want to abnormal blood vessels. Then we need to pay attention to the following points.

These are likely to cause elevated triglyceride:

⑴ Overweight

Friends with too heavy weight need to exercise frequently, reduce weight, and make the storage volume of fats in the body smaller, so as to avoid rising triglycerides.

⑵ bad lifestyle

, Smoking, drinking and poor food structures may increase the three oil glycodes. Here we focus on the food structure, mainly due to excessive carbohydrates or lipid foods, exceeding 30%of the total heat, which is not very not very not the same. It is good for the body to absorb the corresponding nutrition.

(3) Some diseases induced


For example, type 2 diabetic nephropathy syndrome, chronic renal failure may induce triglyceride to rise.

物 Take a certain drug

For example, adrenal corticosteroids, large doses of beta -receptor blockers, or estrogen, etc. These drugs can increase triglycerides in a certain period of time.

Family genetic disease

Many people may not have thought that the elevation of triglycerides will be related to family inheritance. In fact, this disease is family high glycerin trimermia, which is rare because gene mutations cause this disease because of genetic mutations.


2. What should I do if triglycerides are high?

In fact, triglycerides do not need to worry too much. In addition to actively receiving doctors, we can also use some self -healing methods.

The doctors will tell you several ways to reduce triglyceride to reduce triglyceride.

① Diverse movement

The length of exercise is best for more than 40 minutes, and the way of exercise is diverse. If you do n’t force everyone to follow a certain action, we can walk, dance, do exercise, gym training or running. Joint and muscles feel like exercise.

② Reduce vegetable oil

Some people like to put a lot of oil when cooking, and think that the dishes that are fried in this way are delicious, but I do n’t know if the long -term drinking oil is high, it is likely to increase the triglyceride of the glycerin. Soups with high fat content, such as pork rib soup.


③ It is best not to eat sweet drinks

Because these sweet drinks contain a large amount of starch, starch can synthesize triglycerides after being absorbed into glucose. If long -term consumption of sweet drinks, triglycerides will increase.

④ The diet structure should be correct

It is best to have more fruits and vegetables and protein. Do not eat a kind of food alone. Some people like to eat meat. They are filled with meat on the table and do not eat a little vegetable. This is extremely unfriendly to the body. In addition, when we use meat, we can not eat fat or skin, which can reduce fat.


⑤ Pay attention to the total amount of vegetables

Some people feel that eating a small bowl of vegetables is enough. In fact, it is calculated according to the total amount. This is not enough. It is best to have a large amount of vegetables in three meals a day, and the types must be rich. , Dark green leafy vegetables have a lot of benefits to the body, so eat it frequently.

⑥ Eating more is beneficial to the food that is beneficial to the elevated triglyceride


For example, hawthorn, garlic essential oil, and Su Mo oil. These three foods may improve heart vitality, reduce blood pressure cholesterol, reduce coagulation and blood lipids, and reduce mortality caused by disease.

There are still a lot of methods. The key is to persist. Some people feel that they have done it for a while in this way. After the body does improve, it will start to be free. There is nothing at once, but there are too many excuses to find, but it will make the physical condition worse.

Third, what good fat reduction medicines are there?

If the triglyceride is elevated, we want to be reduced, we can choose this drug, which is very effective for this drug to be reduced to it, it is



The medicines represented by Benza Better -not -Betfino and so on.

When many patients are raised by triglyceride, they will think of his Catiner drugs for the first time. He can indeed reduce blood lipids, but the effect of triglyceride is very small, so use Bate drugs to effectively use the effect of drug effects. More obvious.

But here is not to use the two drugs to isolate and use it. If the two are used in combination, the blood lipid condition will be greatly improved.

In particular, patients with abnormalities of arteriosclerotic blood lipids, if they have high glycerol trimermia, then use this method, the effect will be very obvious.

The specific use of these two drugs should follow science. For example, starting from a small dose, this is to avoid severe physical reactions caused by excessive dosage. When there is not much adverse reaction, you can slowly increase the dose.

There is also a different time for Hisine drugs to take Bate drugs

In the morning, Bate -class drugs are used. In the evening, he is used with statins. If you have symptoms of discomfort, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination. The doctor will make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation.


Glycerin trigema does not have to take medicine. Anyone below 1.7, even if the body is raised, there is no adverse reaction, you can do not need to take medicine, but the value exceeds 1.7 or even abnormal symptoms even if there are abnormal symptoms below 1.7 It also needs to be used to go to the hospital for corresponding examinations.

And the fat reduction medicine is not taken casually

We need to choose the appropriate drug according to whether they have high glycerol trigemin. The doctor recommended for this condition is a combination of Jutin -like drugs and Bettic drugs. In the state of life.


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