The handle of the snack industry! The 16 beef jerky I have ever eaten, not waste cheeks

I always like to eat beef. Whether it is cooked, steamed, braised, fried, dried, etc., I am all favorite.

Every time I go to the supermarket, I always have to stay in the beef jerky position for a long time, but now most of them are chopping hands online, and it feels more favorable.

Let’s take a look today, the beef snacks I have eaten.


The price is not the price, it is the price I chopped, and it can be used as a reference.

1. Zhang Fei Beef

100g/10 yuan ~

This price needs to be chopped up

Zhang Fei beef is Amway from the classmate of the pupa. He blows the crickets like a food capital. Zhang Fei beef is the king inside. He also eaten Zhang Fei beef from that time and could not extricate himself.

There are many types of beef beef, beef jerky, beef, shredded beef, beef, cold beef, etc.

This kind of lamp beef is particularly popular in Sichuan. It is spicy and tastes very fragrant. This kind of snacks are a little oily.

2. Sichuan man spicy beef

105g/11.8 yuan

The price is still more affordable

This is Dazhou Specialty

It’s not the kind of hard beef jerky, which is relatively soft and delicious, spicy ~

3. Sichuan girl beef jerky

112g/14 yuan

There are Chuan people, naturally there are Sichuan girls


Sichuan girl is Chongqing specialty

There are more tastes, I prefer this pickled pepper flavor

4. Sword and spicy beef

60g/6.8 yuan

There are still some discounts on the Internet

This is the brand of Zigong. Everyone is a must -have in Sichuan. It is also a representative of the heavy taste.

You can try it, their cold rabbits

5. Jiang Zhizhong spicy beef

118g/17 yuan

From Meishan, a century -old name


The spicy taste is still my favorite, not particularly spicy, very chewy

6. Laogawa East Beef Jerry

108g/15 yuan

This is also a very old brand in Sichuan

This kind of whole beef tastes very refreshing, eats a little bit, very chewy

7. Old Sichuan beef jerky


160g/23 yuan


This old Sichuan is also amazing, it is the brand of Chongqing


Because he was founded in 1937, then Chongqing still belongs to Sichuan

I especially like spicy and spicy scent


8. Poor dog spicy beef jerky

86G/10 yuan

This is a brand that I know when I was young

It should also be the earliest beef jerky brand

There is numbness in spicy ~ very strong ~

The taste is very solid to chew

There will be a little sweet after eating

9. Niu Lang Korean Spicy Beef

100g/10 yuan

Chongqing specialty, the beef jerky recently hot

I like salty and spicy, don’t miss it

Don’t do it, it’s easy to bite, it’s worth chopping your hands


10. Shu Dao Xiang Spicy Beef

101g/11 yuan

The Sichuan brand is also the recent superfire brand

The spicy sweet taste

Very fragrant, many sesame seeds


Wall crack recommendation!

11. Meng Du torn beef jerky hand

50g/4.4 yuan

Inner Mongolia brand

The price is really cheap


The taste is really good

This is 50 % of the air -dried beef, the meat is soft, and it tastes very convenient


The salty taste, feel the original aroma of beef.

12. Huling Beef Jerry

500g/60 yuan

Wenzhou Specialty

Beef jerky super big piece

Almost all of the large pieces of meat are rarely minced meat

The meat is slightly dry and humid, slightly sweet, and the fragrance of pure beef can eat the meat band of Q bombs.

13. Old chef beef jerky

500g/69 yuan

Hangzhou Specialty


There are many tastes, including sandy, Wuxiang, spicy, honey


Satay and Wuxiang are the best, the seasoning taste is a bit heavy

But the whole can still

14. Kangli Top Ten Beef Jerry

60g/8 yuan ~


Tianjin Specialty


The taste is soft, chewing is completely abandoned at all


15. Fire burning bars beef

500g/201 yuan

Yunnan Specialty


Dry, not greasy at all, it is the original flavor of the juice

The kind that will always smash the mouth after eating


16. Everyone is happy beef jerky

96g/15 yuan

Yantai Specialty

The beef is humid and fragrant, and the beef taste is full

The chewing in the mouth is really enjoyable

Because the taste is relatively heavy, most of them have eaten spicy taste

In fact, it is pretty cool to eat some original beef jerky

There is also a bad teeth. I don’t eat the kind of beef jerky, which is particularly difficult to chew.

How many of these brands have you eaten?