Jiekison 2020 Gardening Horticultural Scissors Top Ten Brands Ranking

If you are looking for garden scissors, what brand is good? Then the top ten brands of the garden scissors can be used as a reference for buying. We are committed to recommending the best word -of -mouth scissors brand with the most authentic user data, so that you can choose rest assured and comfortable.


Alice ARS 120D

Alice 120D surface is hard chrome, light -quality anti -skid handle, lightweight and non -slip handle can be held in hand comfortably, moderate length, continuous use is not easy to fatigue, which is very suitable for professional horticultural trimming, especially the orchard pruning.


Worth wide -headed flower cut

Wo Shi’s garden scissors can be described as full of girls, macaron color matching, flowering, pruning, and home use everywhere, PP material handle, fitting hand shape, comfortable hand, thickened short knife, strong bite force, wide knife head head head, wide knife head head Avoid accidental injuries. Flower arrangement garden girl is worth having.


Near Big Bird Pucklings (Chikamasa)

This scissors come from the Japanese brand nearly a big bird’s peak. The scissors -blade design resembles a bird’s peak. Therefore, branches and cut flowers and their efforts are not easy to destroy the branches. The handle design is very Japanese characteristic, high -carbon steel is not easy to rust, suitable for home flower arrangement technology



Omeka AMK008 branch cutting and cutting

Omike AMK008 This type of avil design, uses old branches, hard branches, cut rough branches, is more steel from the garden cut, bonsai branches, etc., SK5 high -carbon tool steel, sharp blade, high hardness, difficult to curl, and convenient blades. replace.


Stihl pruning

Customers who have used garden machinery products know that Stell is familiar with the brand. This scissors may be a niche product compared to machines. It is low -key and easy to use. The quality of carbon steel is as good as ever. Suitable for bonsai, flower arrangement, home branches and other scenarios. (The common drumming fan in film and television dramas is his family!)


Cai’s scissors


Cai’s expansion and shrinking large flat cuts are generally common in roadside, schools, and communities. It is suitable for the concave shape of the small pier. The Cai’s scissors have a long history and high quality. It is a good helper for garden gardens!


Feisbo electric scissors

Charging portable electric scissors, saving effort and rapid effort, clean branches, 4.5 cm coarse branches, backpacks of backpacks, safe and easy to operate, eight hours of ultra -long battery life, multiple sets of meals, enjoy.



Kato Electric 2.5 cm coarse branches


Kato 2.5 cm coarse branches cut small and exquisite, wireless and easy to carry, 6-8 hours of lithium battery life, bearing safety operation, blade sharpness and unsuitable, light body, cut branches cut branches




Xingli electric scissors


Xingli 828 electric scissors, electric pruning, German imported movement+micro -control chip. The unique roller screw transmission principle can run 500,000 without failure. Nine core power cables, through 500,000 bending experiments. Adopt high-performance lithium batteries, charging for 3-4 hours, and working continuity for about 8 hours. The appearance adopts streamlined design and aluminum alloy shell packaging structure, which is more in line with ergonomic design, and it is more comfortable to hold. Microcomputer Intelligent Control: The switch requires twice to turn on the blade to prevent unintentionally touched the switch or the accidental operation!


Jiahang Electric Branch Shear

Jiahang adopts a scientific perspective gold ratio with blade, easy

Cut short tender branches, 30mm large -caliber design, the fuselage is suitable for ergonomic design. It is comfortable and not tired for a long time.

Which of the top ten brands of garden garden products in Jiekinson Gardens above, which one do you like best?

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