Na Ying couples are rare to fit, her husband’s green cotton jacket is locked, and Na Ying is very high -profile to wear red

As a big sister in the entertainment industry, Na Ying is very high -profile whether it is a person or doing things. However, her husband Meng Tong was an unusually low -key person. The couple are rare in the same frame, and they are also wearing red and green couples. It seems that Na Ying’s wife is more high -profile.

The husband’s husband Meng Tong was very straightforward. The hat and scarf were equipped with a military green cotton jacket. They looked very good, but they did not have a good fashion. This trip is also a rare frame. The wife held her husband’s arm, but her husband frowned all the way, very serious.

And Na Ying’s dress looks a bit mixed, but the fashion effect presents is still good. The white T -shirt and the red sweater are stacked, a bit of contrast, it looks clean and festive. A bright black down jacket outside is also popular this year. Is the pants that belong to the mixed and loose pants, or a little fan!

1. Analysis of the details of Na Ying

This time, Sister Lang is about to go online in the second season. Na Ying and Cecilia Cheung team. The former has a straightforward personality, boldly, and in sharp contrast to the latter’s gentle temperament. It seems that Sister Lang, who is blessed by Na Ying, must be full of highlights.


This time she and her husband in the same frame, presumably to participate in the recording of Sister Lang, but she still adhered to her high -profile temperament. This casual dress with down jackets, although she is casual, is also very eye -catching.


Light -light down jacket

Looking at the popularity of down jackets this year, it is still the main fashion degree of light fabric. Because down jackets are relatively large, it is difficult to clean in winter. Large models such as black are easy to match and match. But when you start black every year, it seems too monotonous and ordinary. Like this shiny down jacket, it increases fashion and does not look like a shirt.

Sweater stacking T -shirt


Whether it is a long down jacket or coat in winter, choosing a hooded sweater inside is a good choice. Under normal circumstances, the sweater should choose a hooded style so that you can stack the color with the down jacket. For example, the stars need to be concave, and they will be open to wear them. You can learn the sweater stacking white T -shirts. The inside is slightly larger and exposed to the edge, which seems to be fashionable.

Mix and match loose pants, comfortable and thin

This year I like loose pants, because comfortable, I can cover thick legs. Especially with a large jacket, it looks very free and easy. Na Ying is a loose version. The design of a little lantern pants is very fashionable.

Na Ying, who is with her husband, is still very confident and easy. The whole person looks like a face, and it looks a little bit embarrassed. However, at the age of 53, she still looks good. She has no particularly old -fashioned appearance at all. How comfortable the costumes they chose this time did not care about the eyes of others.


Na Ying and Meng Tong were married together, but the relationship between the two has always been pretty good. Although her husband looks rude, he still loves his wife. This time the husband and wife are in the same frame. The husband’s green military coat is simply simple, which is completely different from Na Ying’s high -profile temperament, and it looks very low -key.

2. Analysis of straight men’s wear


It has always been that straight men are really direct and practical. Like the winter wear, it is mainly to wear it. Of course, the cold winter is still more important to keep warm.

Military green coat


The military green coat was very popular during the period of his father. At this time, I still feel a bit not fashionable. It is a very popular design, and it feels like a straight man. However, now the color adjustment is better, and many greens are adjusted very beautifully. Like the color of the previous two years, it is still a popular color.

For the matching of accessories, boys are relatively simple. The main color is green, and blue is chosen in accessories, such as a hat, scarf, and pants. So in color matching, there is still no wife enough.


The 53 -year -old sister still doesn’t care much about maintenance. She often went out of the street and looked very grounded. However, this all -black match is much better than the black and white above. The black T -shirt is paired with tight pants, a large black down jacket outside, and a black -and -white plaid scarf to create a sense of layering.

Although the sister is sometimes not in the state, but after the matching, it looks fashionable and thin. A tall man like her is more suitable for this short down jacket, paired with light gray workers, and a Gucci black T -shirt. The temperament is particularly good. Coupled with the short hair that takes care of it, such a sister really gives people a feeling of bright eyes!

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