Which is easy to use? Which is better for electric drying racks and manual drying racks?

Want to know the electric drying rack and manual

Drying rack

Which one is good or the drying rack is easy to use, let’s take a look at the sharing of the editor of Zhengzhou Decoration Network today!

1. Fixed clothes drying rod

The so -called fixed drying rack is the unable to move up and down. The material is generally stainless steel or aluminum alloy material. Easy installation and less supporting facilities.

Advantages: Low cost, easy installation, strong and durable, no need for clothes to dry clothes, and how many clothes you want to hang. The size is free to customize, which is convenient to customize. This is a place that is better than any drying rack.

Disadvantages: You cannot be lifted, and you need to have auxiliary rod hanging clothes; if you cannot lift, you cannot hide it in the ceiling. Practical is greater than beauty.

The fixed -type drying rack must be matched with a practical dressing rod, otherwise it is too high enough, which is also one of the disadvantages of fixed types.

Aluminum alloy drying racks are generally space aluminum. They are the same as stainless steel. They are just diverse and more beautiful, and they can be more integrated into the style of the home. Other advantages and disadvantages are the same as stainless steel.

There is also this kind of galvanized pipe, which has a retro feeling. The color is black and copper to choose from. Both single or double poles can be freely selected, which is also the advantage of a fixed drying rack.

Single -pole fixed formula, you can also install the side wall, which saves great space, which is more suitable for multi -space use than other drying racks

The fixed drying rack is more flexible, regardless of the single shot or multi -pole. Like other drying racks, it must be installed before the ceiling, and then the ceiling must be performed. If you don’t make a ceiling and install it directly.

If you are worried about the sliding clothes of the fixed clothes drying rod, you can choose this kind of wave -type anti -slider, which is generally welded to avoid the problem of sliding clothes to slide on the balcony clothes.

There are diverse forms, and you can customize it directly according to the space.

The fixed drying rack also has this form of vertical rod. It is generally used in the limited space at home. You can choose this kind of fixed fixed -type support rod. The advantage is that you can move at any time. When using it, just stand up to the ground, you can remove the corner of the placement and collect it.

Buy: Don’t look at the number of buying strategies on the Internet. When you look at it, you can’t understand when you buy it. So remember forever: one point price and one point.

Second, hand -shaking drying rack

Hand -shaped drying racks are more common, and almost every household is doing this. It is more convenient to use the steel wire to roll the hanger manually than the fixed advantage. And you can hide the drying rack in the form of a ceiling. Generally, it is made of aluminum alloy, and the length of the price and material has a lot to do.

Hand -shaped drying racks are generally at least two forms, and there are also three forms. They are used for cooling quilts and purchased according to the needs. You get what you pay for

Advantages: high value, satisfy any family use. Members can be used at home, which is convenient and practical.

Disadvantages: If the quality is not good, there will be problems with steel wires and hand shakes. Generally, it is difficult to repair. If the maintenance point is in the ceiling, the ceiling must be removed, which is more troublesome. Therefore, it is best to choose the quality pass when buying. Do not use violence during use, otherwise the best things must be repaired.

When you buy, you should consider it yourself. Do not buy a rack of five or six hundred lifting drying racks and want thousands of quality. Lift drying racks are generally about seven or eight hundred. There are two or three thousand good ones. Put a good and bad one. You touched your eyes and feel the difference between the feel and thickness of the world, so the price is the fundamental to buy the goods.


3. Electric drying rack

Electric drying rack, Rolls -Royce in the clothes industry. Don’t say bad, it’s not expensive. No need to do it, remote control operation. Moreover, the loading gravity of the rotten electric clothes rack is larger than the manual wire, and can hang more clothing and quilts.

Electric drying racks not only have advantages in enduring and remote control, but also have the function of hot and cold air, and they can still dry their clothes even if they are rainy days. The higher -end ones also have sterilization functions. These are unable to compare with other drying racks, so it is of course the first choice for drying clothes. Especially when there are elderly children or pregnant women at home, electric drying racks are more convenient than any drying racks. This is the reason for the preferred choice.

Buy: Of course, the dense Raiders on the Internet are all watched, such as watching screws, looking at the material, etc. When you buy it, you find that you are all in vain. Always remember that except for the auxiliary functions, the price is always high -quality, so when you buy, remember that your price is endured and the goods you see.


There is a contradiction in the world that can never be adjusted: that is, it is impossible to exist with rare money to buy high -value goods, unless it is free for free, this is pure value.

So back to the title, which one is good? This answer is simple: the space can be put down as the premise. If you can buy an electric drying rack with a fixed rod, no one will refuse, which is good depends on which one is better depends on it depends on it. What kind of product did you pay for?