Synonyms Discrimination: Actual, True, Genuine, Real

Navigate meaning: true, real


Analysis: Actual only made a attributive, emphasizing something is true, actually exists, rather than theoretical, rumored, assuming.

Example: The Actual Cause of this Quake is stock unknown.

Translation: The real reason for this earthquake is still unclear.

Example: The Play Is Based Upon an Actual Event.

Translation: The script is written according to the true story.

同义词辨析:actual, true, genuine, real


Analysis: TRUE means information, etc., rather than fake, rather than rising or false; also refers to friendship, love, etc. Is a true meaning or a veritable, which usually makes a quite.

Example: SHE GAVE A TRUE Account of what had happened.

Translation: She tells the event that happened.

Example: True Friendship Is Worth


Than Money.

Translation: The real friendship is more valuable than money.


Analysis: Genuine emphasizes the true price of items, not counterfeiting, also refers to feelings, desires and so on.

Example: Is Your Ring REAL / GENUINE GOLD?

Translation: Is your ring of real gold?

Example: Is The Painting A Genuine Picasso?

Translation: Is this picture of Picasso?


Analysis: REAL can be used for both tangible people or intangible things, usually referring to actual existence and very important; means that the item is true rather than counterfeit or artificial, often uses Genuine; In the true sense, “means only the idioms, often use TRUE.

Example: That’s where the real danger lies.

Translation: This is a place in danger.

Example: Is Your Ring REAL / GENUINE GOLD?

Translation: Is your ring of real gold?