Today, I will wear leggings and wear it, these three “loose pants” are popular, very practical

In the semi-season, I have to change my new clothes. The old style wearing last year has long been in the bottom of the box. Every year, try the new style, let the whole people look new.

However, in the season of March, the spring breeze is warm, but it still pays attention to the thick adjustment of the costumes. Only pursue beauty, too thin, cold, simply. So many people will consider matching leggings, doing the basic warmth, but it really doesn’t show up, and there is no trendy sense.

Don’t wear leggings, this season pants are the best choice, but are you choose a tight, or is it loose? Xiaobian’s suggestion is loose, just in line with the spring lazy and elegant, and to accommodate all leg-type problems, you can make your wear. So, I recommend several most popular “loose pants”, very practical!

NO.1 daily casual bread pants

There are still a wide-leg pants in many women’s wardrobes. It is still a hot single item this year. Simple design, daily and wild, it is difficult to don’t love. In addition, it is not embarrassed in any season, and it is always true that such a trousers are always. Especially the slightly fat girl, the wide legs is the best single product you are thin and thin.

→ Wide legs should high waist trousers

Wide-leg pants are the most relaxed version in all trousers, although it is good, but the pants are not good, even if fat, it is visually bloated. And the wide-leg pants should look up, and there is a big long leg effect. It is absolutely choosing high waist pants. They are the longest, both of which use longitudinal extensions, and they are not a problem.


→ PINK classic advanced material


Wide-legged pants are famous, wear unique and good-looking, start from the material, it can make your style very different.

Classic handsome denim material


The wide legs are smart, but there is no handsome, if you join the cowboy material, you can show this handsome, and how to match the jeans wide legs will not be ubiquitous. It seems young and energetic.

Clean cotton texture

The cowboy material is hard and thick, it is difficult to wear a sense of knowledge, but the material can’t choose to be too soft, it will make the trousers do not have a type, even close to the legs, like the legs, completely revealing the thigh Striped. But the cotton liner is a lot of friendly, it will be thinner than the cowboy, comfortable and breathable and refreshed, and the three-dimensional sense, the whole person looks clean.


Match demonstration: windbreaker + wide leg pants

The windbreaker and the wide-leg pants are wide and wide, will wear rich with temperament. This loose worn wear should avoid removing the problem, it is recommended to use the difference between the materials and color matching to solve, like a hard soft material, or the classic black and white color. The windbreaker is a coat, or it can be used to tighten the body, and it is slim and have a figure.

NO.2 professional practice suit


Wide legs are full of leisure and comfort, so it does not have much relationship as a daily wear. But to go to the high-end sanity, need suit, suit wear the career, intellectuality and advanced, and its version is more, wide and not loose.

→ Suit pants

The suit pants don’t wear the kind of old-fashioned color, such as black dark blue, it has a serious workplace, wearing it is not fashionable, and does not match the vitality of the spring. And light colored suit is good, foundate white, gray or refreshing blue, will look good and atmospheric.


→ Gripes suit

The history of suit pants has continued for a long time, except for light colors to increase the trendy feelings of suit trousers, add grilled elements of suits, more retro feelings. In addition, there is a garment of the grit, let the wear look more rich, even the dark, there will be no old feelings.


→ Five-point suit pants

The length of the trousers is nine styles. Nowadays, five-fifth trousers can wear the feelings of the Confucian gentleman. If you are afraid of the short pants’s leg, you can use the same color match. This trousers are super friendly for the thick legs, and the shackles are straight.


Match example: tooling jacket + suit pants


The wear of suits should show its advantages, if it is a set of suit, it is really not fashionable enough. The same is the same as the suit is the tooling jacket, which wears the handsome feelings of the suit, especially the surface of the jacket, adding a multi-pocket design, wearing a more trend of fashion.

NO.3 cool handsome street dress pants

For girls, short and thick girls, it is recommended to do. This single product is more personal than the two loose styles, which can meet the role of modified leg shape, the long legs, and create a handsome Girl, so that you will be strong in spring.


→ Add Personal Belt Design

The surface of the workfuffs has a variety of pockets, although this is the highlight of the workshop. Let this dressing achieve better effect, add a person-made belt, recommended to join the chain designed belt, will not look serious, and wear a hip hop flavor, create a feeling of bad girls. If you are an apple body, we must wear it, easily cover the waist.

→ aged strap tools

If you don’t like the dress pants, it is too personality, and the strap tool is the best pay. The design of the strap comes with girl and youth, it can weaken the neutral taste of the strap pants. The strap pants must have the difference in the waist, otherwise we will not achieve a slimming effect, and use the color difference or the belt.


→ Bunch of legs than straight


The tooling pants are divided into two, one is a straight type. The two is better than the bouquet. This pants can create a loose wear, obese parts. The loose pants cover, and the most slender ankle of the leg is outlined, and the action is extended. The girl with short legs can also use the shoes with the pants to match the same color, to create a leg for one meter eight.

Match example: sweater + dress pants


The dressing pants is not only suitable for the cool style, but also suitable for the current popular comfortable sports wind. Tops and casual sweater matching, simply perfect. Sweats Don’t choose the sports style too strong, it will look very soil, the popular profile and the navel short, wear the wind and 痞.

The next half of the spring is not wearing leggings, and the above three loose pants, Get various wear!