The richest man in Qinghai? Northwest Wine King? It’s hard to be satisfactory for the transcript of God’s wine | Look at the financial report

Tianyou virtue is renamed before

In the post -epidemic era, “new performance high” seems to be the common topic of white wine companies that quickly recovers, but Tianyoude ( is an exception. The annual report shows that its performance has shrunk below the horizontal line 4 years ago. The national steps are “unable to go out”, and the revenue of green wine has shrunk year by year. The “holes” of major shareholders seem to be difficult to fill in. Behind the seemingly turning financial report, Tianyou Dejiu can be described as many troubles.

The revenue brought by “can’t go” shrinks

On the evening of April 25, Tianyou Dejiu’s 2021 annual report and the report of the first quarter of 2022 were released. The annual report data showed that Tianyou Dejiu turned his losses in 2021. Among them, revenue was 10.54 billion yuan, an increase of about 38%year -on -year; net profit of returning to the mother was 63.2248 million yuan, a year -on -year losses, and at the same time, the non -net profit was 48.3114 million yuan. Compared with the third quarterly report of the 2021, the company’s net profit returned to the mother in the fourth quarter of last year was 222 million yuan, an increase of 56.4%year -on -year.

Under the attack of the epidemic in 2020, the high growth rate of Tianyoude’s wine was not expected, but compared with the white wine with new performance, this transcript can be described as dwarfed.

The reason is not difficult to understand. Several incense -type hegemony competes, leaving the market space for green liquor to be less than 2%. This pattern company has not been able to break through for many years, and the ending is still counterproductive. From 2013 to 2019, the company’s revenue fluctuated around 1.4 billion yuan. Today, compared with 2018, the scale of Tianyoude’s wine revenue has shrunk by more than 20%, and the net profit has shrunk by about 40%.

Tianyou Dejin Report

From its performance in Qinghai Province, it can be seen by this dilemma: from 2017-2021, the sales of green wine in the province increased by -6.65%, 5.53%, -13.30%, -43.95%, 42.58%, basically basically, basically basically This disappears is not shocked. In addition, the strength of dealers inside and outside the province is a bit different. 430 dealers outside the province have only contributed 28.24%of revenue. 76 dealers in the province support the remaining 71.76%. Compared with 2020 The amount of exports of provinces decreased by 3%.

In addition, Tianyou Dejiu also faces the impact of mid -to -high -end Sichuan wines such as Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao to a certain extent. Annual report shows that compared with 2018, the company’s high -end green wine sales have fallen by 18%. The gross profit margin also declined for four consecutive years, down from 66%to 63%.

青海首富?西北酒王?天佑德酒的成绩单很难令人满意 | 看财报

The risk of goodwill impairment is high, and the major shareholders are “diverse” investment in the wall and reduced their holdings of shares

青海首富?西北酒王?天佑德酒的成绩单很难令人满意 | 看财报

In 2015, Tianyou Dejiu acquired the Chinese wine era (ie, to increase the sales level of 140 million yuan. This account has brought about the risk of high reputation. In fact, it does not bring the company’s e -commerce channel construction. How much help is more about performance dragging.

The annual report shows that under the good market, the Chinese wine era still lost 380,000 yuan in 2021, and Huazhijiu Bank, the same industry in 2021, increased by more than 80%in 2021. This miracle failed to come to China In the era of Zhongjiu, a total of 166 million yuan has been lost, and from 2015 to 2019, the loss of 41.63 million yuan, 46.75 million yuan, 32.32 million yuan, 21.85 million yuan, and 17.22 million yuan. 100 million yuan, several times more than the company’s net profit.

In addition, in 2021, Tianyoude’s e -commerce platform business only achieved revenue of 56.84 million yuan, accounting for only 5.39%of the total revenue. This shows that it has not made much achievements in cooperating with Luo Yonghao to live broadcast wine and establish its own anchor team. Hundreds of millions of money, Tianyou’s e -commerce strategy has limited harvest.

青海首富?西北酒王?天佑德酒的成绩单很难令人满意 | 看财报

In addition, the annual report also shows that Qinghai Huashi Technology, a major shareholder of Tianyou Dejiu and Li Yinhui, has reduced its holdings of the company’s shares for three consecutive years. 49.74%, 48.56%, cumulative cumulative cash more than 500 million yuan.

青海首富?西北酒王?天佑德酒的成绩单很难令人满意 | 看财报

Continuous reduction of blood recovery is related to the “diversified” investment of the former richest man in Qinghai.

The industry in Li Yinhui covers many fields such as tourism, real estate, grain and oil, wine, etc., but the general harvest is not good. The financial report shows that the “Rainbow Tribe” they invested in the “Rainbow Tribe” in 2019 and 2020 net profit lost 45.6357 million yuan and a loss of 24.5881 million yuan. At the end of 2020, its net assets were only 7.2214 million yuan. In addition, the “new lilac grain oil” in 2019 net profit loss was 28.6379 million yuan, and in 2020, it continued to lose 1.1532 million yuan.

Xi’an Chuanghong Real Estate is executed. Source: Tianyancha

Real estate investment seemed to be even more smooth. Tianyancha showed that Huashi Investment controlled by Li Yinhui has invested in Qinghai Huaao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Chuanghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Among them, 50%of its Holdings became the executors, and the target was 36.39 million yuan and 47.26 million yuan. According to the public news of Xi’an Government Website, a real estate in Xi’an Chuanghong Industrial has been suspected of being suspended due to the issue of capital turnover. There are endless streams of “sue” masses, and local media have also exposed many times.

Chuanghong Real Estate was “sued” Source: Xi’an Municipal Government Message Board website website

The funds were tight, and of course, the major shareholders were absent from the fixed increase last year. On August 19, 2021, the original Qingqingli wine was planned to increase by 22.56 million shares, with a net raised funds of RMB 404.4 million, and the price was 18.26 yuan/share. The projects raised funds for investment for 17,300 tons of high -quality green -galfuria wine Chenhua old clearance technology reform project, marketing network construction project, Qingli wine research and development and testing center construction project, Qingli wine information construction project, Qingyu planting base construction project and construction project Supplementing mobile funding projects, the sales of themselves cannot be broken for many years. Tianyou virtue has to add so much production capacity. This may not be meaningful.

青海首富?西北酒王?天佑德酒的成绩单很难令人满意 | 看财报

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Chuanghong Real Estate was “sued” Source: Xi’an Municipal Government Message Board website website