Shanxi’s four famous dates -Junzao

Jiaocheng County is located in the central part of Shanxi Province, the east side of Luliang Shanshan, the west edge of the Taiyuan Basin, Luliang in the north, the Fen River in the south, and the east according to Taiyuan, the west of Fangshan and Li Shi, the geographical location is very important. The most important thing is that Jiaocheng County belongs to the semi -drought climate of the warm and temperate continent. The average annual sunshine is 2743 hours, the average annual temperature is 7 degrees Celsius, the average annual precipitation is 440 ~ 700 mm, the average annual relative humidity is 62%, and the frost -free period is 100 ~ 161 days. Such a unique climate is very suitable for planting jujube trees.


Jiaocheng Junjube is one of the four famous jujube in Shanxi Province. It is known as “post -jujube”. The shape of Junzao is unique, and it is a cylindrical cylindrical in the shape of a bottle shape or the upper and lower thick. The color is dark red, the skin is thin, the skin is thick, the nuclear fruit is large, the crispy and sweet flavor, the weight of the flesh accounted for more than 95%of the total weight, so there is a saying of “eight one foot, ten pounds”. This jujube flavor is crispy, and it is good for raw food. Fresh jujube sugar contains 28.69%, contains 0.45%, and is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C. Jujube meat can extract edible flavors, and can also be used as medicine. It has the functions of nourishing blood, nourishing the stomach, and nourishing the stomach, and strengthening the spleen and anti -cancer. Therefore, some people who are not very good can eat more jujube, and they can also drink jujube to drink water.


Jiaocheng Junzao is now mainly distributed in Jiaocheng City, such as Waka Kiln, Tianjiashan, slope, and magnetic kiln border mountains, Hongxiang, Chengcun, stability, etc.

In fact, the history of Junzao is very long. It has a history of cultivation of more than 2,000 years. In ancient times, it was a royal tribute.


Junzao also attended important occasions many times. In 1990, Jiaocheng Junzao was designated as a special confession for the 11th Asian Games. Jiaocheng “Victoria” Junzao was rated as the “International Gold Award” at the first international pharmaceutical, nutrition and health product expo. In 2000, Jiaocheng Juma was rated as the “Gold Award” at the Yangling Red Jujube Fair across the country. And in 2008, Junzao also “implemented the registration and protection of agricultural product geographical indications”.

In recent years, the research on Junzao has also become more and more deeper, and many better cultivation methods and methods have also appeared in Junzao. It has also made different care methods for Junzao in different periods. In terms of level, packaging, logo, transportation, storage, and temperature, there are strict standards. This proves that Junzao’s status in the future is inestimable.

There are four famous jujube in Shanxi. In addition to Jun Ju, do you also know those dates?