Suddenly discovered: Whether wearing a “floral skirt” or a “denim dress”, high -level and foreign




I want to wear a dress that suits them. I often see good friends or colleagues around me in life.



Today we will look at a few dresses. I believe you will also like it. Choosing a style is very important. You can learn the wearing skills of the fashion blogger below.

She uses a print

Floral Dress

The concave shape, combined with the curly hair style of the big wave, looks very elegant on the feet on a pair of white Mary Zhen shoes, feminine.

This skirt is so temperamental, and there are still a lot of work in the design. The sleeves of the clothes are designed with bubble sleeves, which looks very playful and cute.


At the same time, the U -collar design is used, so that the sense of vision is more gentle, and it can better show the swan neck and collarbone. one.

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Square French dressed skirt Broken flower 2022 spring and summer new pink retro hollow short -sleeved skirt children waist

¥ 189



French dress, floral flower,


It is worth adding one to the wardrobe, you can wear it in many occasions. It is a good choice to wear to work, shopping, and party.

Pink retro hollow short -sleeved skirt children waist waist

, Can show your ant’s waist well, eye -catching and grabbing.


We then look at the second dress. The design of this dress is relatively heavy. There are a lot of kung fu on the cuts and the design of the shirt collar. This dress is still asymmetric. Big wavy curly hair becomes very feminine.

Short -sleeved A -line dress

It is very suitable for the current spring and summer seasons. It is very comfortable to wear and the color is very versatile. Girls of the age can easily control and wear a sense of advanced.

2022 spring and summer new mid -length

French design

The thin skirt of the waist can show you your small waist. If you go to work, you may become the angle of the office in seconds, and the temperament is full.

There is also a more versatile dress, that is the denim dress. It is born with fashion elements, and it is easy to wear a sense of high -level. Come out the effect of age -reducing fashion.

denim dress


, Denim shirts and jeans are one of the clothes items that are worth recommending to everyone, we have mentioned in many articles. When I saw this dress at first glance, I really loved it. This fashion blogger wore it as beautiful as it

First love girlfriend


Full of youth

2022 Spring New Mid -length retro

Rolling skirt

, A full sense of design, especially the design of the collar, adopted



The design concept, this seems very foreign,

Waist A -line skirt is thin

It is the favorite of many girls.

If you choose


Put on a denim dress

If you are, remember to choose your chest



“Design, you can compare the denim shirt without a pocket with this dress, and you know where the difference is.

Coupled with the button of the button, you must choose to feel a little “

Work hard

“At one point, the whole dress looks high -level, and the effect is foreign after the upper body.

Add one on the waist

Small belt


The color of the belt depends on personal preferences. You can also choose the color of the belt like a fashion blogger, which is also very good. In addition, the belt is not just for


Leak out an ant waist

At the same time, it is also to enhance your body proportion, which makes you look tall and thin.

Black suspender dress


It’s really love, black is very black



It also looks very noble and elegant. A dress that can not be made by faulty how to wear it can show you well.


Arm line



You can also show you





The advantages of your whole person are glowing.


A -line dress

It is also worthy of everyone’s own. The effect of the upper body is very comfortable. This 2022 summer new model is thin, medium -long French small skirt, easily control it today, go out to party or date, don’t worry about not knowing what to wear.


However, it is found that whether wearing a “floral skirt” or a “denim dress”, high -level and foreign,

After reading these 4 dresses, you should have your own thoughts in your heart.

What kind of clothes to wear to make yourself more beautiful and more beautiful. If you do n’t choose you, choose the same models worn by the monks and fashion bloggers, and try to wear different wear styles. You will find that you will find I can also be beautiful.

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