Does the current mobile phone need a film? The traveler tells you that the nude screen is more fragrant

If you buy a mobile phone now, you will basically stick a mobile phone film, set a mobile phone case, etc. on your mobile phone, and make a comprehensive armed for your mobile phone. So, today’s mobile phones need to be a film. Let’s take a look.


The film does play a role in anti -scratch and falling anti -falling effect

The reason why our film is completely because the mobile phone is afraid of the screen injury or more and more scratches affect the perception. You know, the mobile phone

For long -term use, if the film is not pasted, it will naturally cause some scratches. Although it is small, after all, it looks uncomfortable when the breath screen is not comfortable, especially the patient with obsessive -compulsive disorder, and the thief is uncomfortable. I often change it, and I can’t use a mobile phone. And the tempered film has a chance to block some sharp objects

The film is really more psychologically assured

Of course, although the film can have a certain protective effect, it will definitely break from too high places. Don’t try. Even in order to prevent the screen from breaking, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched screen insurance. There is no way. The screen is too easy to fall. Of course, the screen is now much better. Many mobile phone screens are made of Corning Gorilla Glass. Corning is a bulletproof glass. Like iPhone, it is a super porcelain crystal panel glass. Basically, it falls from the desk. It is not so solid that everyone has to post a mobile phone film, so now everyone is more psychological comfort.

Mobile phone film affecting feel


This little partner who believes in the use of naked screens has a good right to speak, really fragrant, especially new machines now,

If you do n’t have a film, slide it with your hands, the feel is particularly good, and the response is very sensitive. On the contrary, there are especially some thick mobile films or steel film behind the film. The material cannot be comparable to the mobile phone screen. Senior, sometimes disconnected, very useful.


Functional mobile phone film is completely IQ tax

Now some mobile phone film manufacturers also understand that most mobile phones are relatively strong when they leave the factory. The protection of mobile phone film they produced is not great, and they have created a variety of mobile phone films with various functions, such as blue light, radiation protection, protection, protection, protection, and protection. Eyes, anti -peep screens, these are not necessary in my opinion. Now the various lighting treatment of mobile phones is much stronger than that of this mobile phone film, and it is not only the image perception after bringing these mobile phone films, but also not only to protect the eyes. Here It is not recommended.

In general, the significance of the film is not much now. It is really a country that likes to stick the mobile phone film. Of course, it depends on the individual. You have to post, but think


Pursuing enjoyment, texture and touch feel, usually with mobile phones is more careful, then there is no need to film, but the advantage of the film is the same as the new one after the mobile phone film is torn. In the turn, the new iPhone12 of 99 can still sell more than 4,000, but the severe defects may sell 3,000, and the difference is still very large.