Yidong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2021 annual report Abstract

Securities code: 301123 Securities Abbreviation: Yidong Electronic Announcement Number: 2022-027

1. Important reminder

The summary of this annual report comes from the full text of the annual report. In order to fully understand the company’s operating results, financial status and future development plans, investors should read the full text of the annual report at the designated media designated by the CSRC.

To the audit opinion of the company’s financial reports of the year’s company’s financial reports in the same accounting firm (special common partnership) is: the standard without reservation.

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Non -standard audit opinion prompt

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When the company is listed, it is not profitable and has not yet achieved profitability.

The reporting period of the reporting period reviewed by the board of directors for the general divideous profit distribution plan or the provident fund transfers to increase the share capital plan

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The general share profit distribution plan that the company has reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors is: based on 233,600,000 shares, the cash dividends will be distributed to all shareholders of 3.00 yuan (including tax) per 10 shares, 0 shares of red shares (including tax), and capital provident funds will be directed at the capital provident fund. All shareholders increased 0 shares per 10 shares.

The preferred share profit distribution plan approved by the board of directors decided

2. The basic situation of the company

1. Company profile

2. The main business or product introduction during the reporting period

(1) Main business

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of precision electronic components such as FPC, connector components, and LED backlight modules. The company adheres to independent innovation, always guided by customer needs, with product R & D design and full -process comprehensive supporting production model as its core, providing precision electronic component products for downstream customers. The company’s products are mainly used in consumer electronics, communication, communication, new energy, automotive electronics, industrial and medical care and other fields.

(2) Main products and use

The company’s main products can be divided into three categories: FPC, connector components, and LED backlight modules. The main products of various types are as follows:

1. FPC

The company’s FPC products are mainly divided into two categories: consumer electronic FPC and power battery management system FPC. The product introduction is as follows:

2. Connector component

The company’s connector component products are mainly divided into three categories: optical communication components, precision components and LCD connectors. The product introduction is as follows:

3. LED backlight module

The company’s LED backlight module product is mainly small and medium -sized LED dedicated backlight modules. The product introduction is as follows:

(3) The company’s main business model

In the long -term operation, the company has formed an independent and complete procurement, research and development, production, and sales system. Each system relies on each other, constitutes a profit model that meets its sustainable development. Details are as follows:

1. Procurement mode

The company’s raw and auxiliary materials mainly adopt the “purchasing by order” mode, and the equipment adopts the “purchase according to demand” mode. The main functions of the procurement department include the formulation of procurement processes and systems, screening, evaluation and monitoring of suppliers, and specifically involved control procedures such as supplier selection, supplier evaluation management, supplier optimization, procurement order management, procurement settlement and other control procedures. In addition, the company’s Quality Center assists the procurement department to evaluate the quality assurance capabilities of suppliers, the quality performance of batches of supply, and the HSF compliance measurement, confirmation and judgment of the original auxiliary materials, equipment and the treatment tools; Suppliers’ product development and manufacturing capabilities, and are responsible for the evaluation and confirmation of new materials.

2. R & D model

In terms of research and development models, the company is based on market research, customer demand, manufacturing feasibility assessment and risk analysis. R & D projects involve customers’ personalized needs, new product design and development, and manufacturing technology upgrades (such as mold design and manufacturing technology) proposed by products. The company continues to invest high R & D expenses for technological research and development each year, and continuously standardize the design and development of product manufacturing processes, ensure coordination and connection of each link, and implement scientific and effective management of design and development at all stages, ensure that the design and development results are ultimately final. Meet customer and market demand.

3. Production mode

Most of the company’s core products are customized and non -standard products. Therefore, the company basically adopts a production model that sells production and produces according to the order, that is, the company conducts product design according to customer requirements, and then produces samples through small -scale trial production. The technical parameters pass the production model of mass production after inspection by the quality center and customer. The company has a production plan department to conduct overall management of production time planning, schedule, material management, etc., coordinate the procurement, production, warehousing, quality control and other relevant departments to ensure the orderly production of production.

4. Sales mode

The company’s product sales mainly adopt a direct sales model. Through marketing and customer recommendation, they establish a cooperative relationship with customers, and the marketing center will manage and control the entire process of sales. At the same time, the company has established a comprehensive after -sales service management system, equipped with a professional after -sales service team, responding rapidly to customers’ technical consulting, etc., continuously improves the company’s service level, and improves customer satisfaction.

(4) Analysis of core competitiveness

The company’s current three major business sectors coordinated and innovated, and have the rare comprehensive supporting production and management capabilities in the industry, forming a unique business model and competitive advantage, which greatly meets customer personalization, diversity, large -scale and large -scale and large -scale Integrated procurement requirements. The specific performance of the company’s core competitiveness is as follows:

1. Product advantage

(1) Advantages of precision mold design and manufacturing

As one of the core technologies for production of precision electronic components, precision mold design and manufacturing technology is an important manifestation of the company’s product production process technology advantages. In the development of more than two decades, the company has accumulated rich experience in precision mold design and manufacturing and a lot of data, forming the company’s mold design and development database, and cultivated a professional mold design and manufacturing team. In terms of precision mold development and design, the company has a variety of 2D, 3D mold design software and a large number of general -purpose design software, and independently develop molds and tools, which can improve the speed and accuracy of mold design. In terms of precision mold design and manufacturing management procedures, the company has formulated management procedures for the design of molds/treatment drawings, materials development, mold development, model testing to new appearance sample inspection, mold acceptance process, and continuously conducts the process of this process Continue to improve. In terms of precision mold processing, the company’s large -scale mold processing accuracy is at the leading level in China. The processing accuracy of mold parts can reach ± ​​0.002mm, the processing accuracy of the key location can reach ± ​​0.001mm, and the surface roughness reaches RA0.02. With the ability to shorten the mold opening cycle while ensuring the accuracy of the mold, it can respond rapidly on customer needs, provide better product design solutions, higher production efficiency and low -cost process solutions, and provide customers with more convenient and complete services Essence

(2) Production process advantage

The production process of the precision electronic component industry is relatively complicated and there are many processes. The company is one of the rare companies that can provide full -process manufacturing in the industry. Its supporting facilities and complete production processes are complete. Process. After many years of operating accumulation, the company has formed a scientific and efficient production process system, so that under the premise of ensuring product quality, it improves production efficiency and reduces production difficulties.

(3) Quality control advantages

The advanced process process provides guarantee for the production capacity of the company’s products. While improving production efficiency through technological process transformation, the company has established a comprehensive quality management system and full process quality management procedure documents to escort the product quality.

During the product design and development stage, the company introduced APQP product quality preliminary planning and control programs to control the conceptual design, design and development, process development, trial production to production, and the process of information feedback, correction measures and continuous improvement in the whole process. , And constantly adopting anti -error measures to ensure product quality. During the raw material procurement stage, the company strictly evaluates and evaluates suppliers, and suppliers who meet the requirements and pass the review can be included in qualified suppliers. In addition, the company also performs cyclical assessment and continuous supervision of qualified suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials. During the product production stage, the company implemented QMS (quality management system) and stable production systems with DFMEA (design failure mode and consequences) as its core, and in order review and receiving, material planning formulation, receiving production, product entry, outlet, warehouses, warehouses In the process, management procedures such as feeding inspection, production planning, process management, finished product inspection, product safety, logo and traceability management are strictly stable in the whole process. During the after -sales service stage, the company implements a fast response system. If the system finds abnormalities, the company can quickly conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis of product quality and customer satisfaction, and formulate improvement plans to improve product quality and service quality in a timely manner.

2. Technical innovation advantage

The company has been rated as the “National High -tech Enterprise” since 2006. Over the years, it has always adhered to the strategy of product research and development innovation and manufacturing technology innovation. It has regarded technology research and development innovation as an important driving force for the company’s long -term healthy development. After years of technical accumulation, the company has fully mastered the core technologies of precision mold design and development, precision stamping, precision injection molding, automation assembly, and detection. And have developed a number of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, mainly include mobile phone battery protection board FPC development technology, mobile FPC design and production technology, new energy power battery FPC technology, high -precision high -speed continuous stamping technology, high -frequency high -speed signal Extracting needle high -speed stamping and automatic continuous injection molding technology, SFP component 360 degrees full -ian automatic welding technology, the injection molding mold manufacturing and injection molding technology of the backlight module high -brightly light guide light board, and high uniform backlight module technology. Among them, the “Development of Key High -speed Models Key Technology and its application in the IT industry” technology has won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology, the first prize of Dongguan Science and Technology; “High Uniform ultra -thin light guide board and mold technology The “” technologies with industrialization “won the second prize of Dongguan Science and Technology. These technologies have obvious competitive advantages in the industry and are leading the industry, which greatly improves the company’s product competitiveness, production capacity and production efficiency. For example, in terms of precision mold development and stamping technology, the company developed “the development of key technologies for precision high -speed advance molds and its application in the IT industry” technology has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level through the appraisal technology indicators of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Essence

3. scale advantage

The company has outstanding large -scale production organization capabilities, occupying an important market position in the field of precision electronic components. At present, the company currently has 6 professional manufacturing and service bases in Dongguan, Jiangsu, Changshu, Hubei, Sichuan Suining, Huizhou, Guangdong, and Delhi, India, with a total area of ​​about 120,000 square meters. And the newly funded funding project Guangdong Dongguan’s “Advanced Manufacturing Base Construction Project” and the “Printing Route Board Production Line Construction Project” in Pingxiang, Jiangxi, will further improve the company’s production capacity and expand production scale after completion.

On the other hand, the company has a large number of advanced high -end precision production equipment at home and abroad. With a large number of advanced production and testing equipment and automated production models, the company forms a large -scale production capacity. At the same time, it can further improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, with significant scale advantages.

4. Customer advantage

The company has deeply cultivated the field of precision electronic components. After years of quality optimization and brand accumulation, a large number of high -quality customer resources have been accumulated and a good customer cooperation relationship with it. Electronics, industrial and medical industries. Relying on high -quality and international marketing teams, the company’s technology and products mostly serve the world’s top 500 or well -known companies in the industry, covering many countries and regions such as Asia, America, Europe, etc. The company’s main customers have the characteristics of good reputation, large scale, strong strength, and high -quality customer resources.

5. The full process of comprehensive supporting production and management advantages

With the continuous deepening of the innovation of the company’s product terminal application market and accelerating iteration, the demand for downstream customers has shown diverse, personalized, and highly customized characteristics. This determines that the production model of companies in the precision electronic component industry must have the ability to design, sample production, batch production, and rapid response capabilities for customers’ specific products. In response to the needs of high customization and large -scale customers of downstream customers, the company has formed a full -process comprehensive supporting production model, that is, the company is based on the product design route and technical requirements of the product. Customers provide a comprehensive integrated solution. In the core process of mold design and manufacturing, precision stamping, precision injection molding, surface treatment, supporting assembly, inspection and testing, the company is independently put into equipment and personnel, and Application scenarios and other differentiated products are optimized for the optimized product route, rationally use and organize the effective connection of various production processes of the company, improve the overall production capacity of the product, and quickly respond to customer needs. This model effectively improves the company’s overall manufacturing level and service capabilities, and consolidates the company’s industry leading position and competitive advantage.

3. Main accounting data and financial indicators

(1) Main accounting data and financial indicators in the past three years

Whether the company needs to retrieve or rewrite the previous year’s accounting data

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unit: yuan

(2) Main accounting data in the quarter

Whether the above financial indicators or its total number is with the company’s disclosed quarterly report and the semi -annual report related financial indicators have significant differences

4. Stocks and shareholders

(1) The number of preferred shareholders and the number of shareholders of ordinary shareholders and voting rights and the top 10 shareholders holding shares

Unit: stock

Whether the company has the difference in voting rights

(2) The total number of shareholders of the company and the top 10 preferred shareholders holding shares

The company’s reporting period has no preferred shareholders.

(3) Discover the property rights and control relationship between the company and the actual controller in the form of a square frame diagram

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5. In the annual report approval, the status of bonds for sunshine duration

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Third, important matters