Children’s clothing giants sprint A shares into the IPO pre -disclosure update stage, it does not produce clothing itself

The high valuation and financing functions of A shares are a citron for domestic enterprises. More and more companies are rushing to the A -share market for IPO pre -disclosure. Among them, domestic children’s clothing giants Beijing Jiaman Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Karman Clothing) was arranged for the IPO pre -disclosure update. In this way, it also means that Garman’s clothing has successfully advanced on the road to the IPO to A shares. If there is no accident, the company will be arranged to be approved as soon as one month and the latest months as soon as possible. Essence

Many people may be strange, but when it comes to the brand children’s clothing of “water children”, many parents, especially those with children, are more familiar. The operation company behind the children’s clothing brand is Garman clothing. Garman Clothing was founded in 1992 by Cao Shengkui, Shimahai Merchant Cao Shengkui. From the initial clothing export processing, to the establishment of its own children’s clothing brand “Water Children” in 1995, and after many years of hard work, the water children have become the number one in Beijing for many years. One children’s clothing brand, the top domestic first -tier children’s clothing brand with the top national sales, and the selection of the company’s top ten children’s clothing brands in the last three sessions have been successfully selected, and the company has also become a domestic children’s clothing giant.


From the perspective of business models, the sales of Karman clothing mainly adopt a combination of direct -operated stores and franchise stores. These years have also been sold on Internet platform sales. It does not produce clothing, but directly purchases garments from domestic founders and sells them. This business model brings a hidden concern for the development of enterprises. In fact, the company is operating to sell children’s clothing shops. The shop sells the clothes of the water children of their own brand, as well as the ordering of the brand “Taxi” and “Hargis”. Junior “,” Kenzo Kids “,” Catimini “,” Young Versace “and other 21 international brand children’s clothing.


In terms of financial data, Garman Clothing has achieved operating income of 385 million yuan, 402 million yuan, 548 million yuan, and 329 million yuan in the past three and a half years (2015-2017 and the first half of this year). It was 30.988 million yuan, 37,105,200 yuan, 54.617 million yuan, and 39.1065 million yuan. The performance was still steadily growing. Net profit data showed a trend of accelerated growth this year.

This time, Garman’s clothing is underwritten by Huaying Securities. It is planned to issue no more than 27 million shares on the small and medium -sized plates of the A -share Shenzhen Stock Exchange, not less than 25%of the total share capital after the issuance. Business operation center construction projects and enterprise management informatization projects and supplementary mobile funds. It is worth noting that Garman Clothing is currently a typical family -style enterprise because the Cao Shengkui family has four mouths of the company’s four mouths. High, it has also increased the possibility of selling shares to monetize in the future of the company’s IPO equity lift.