What are the bicycle equipment? Bicycle riding equipment list Daquan

Nowadays, more and more people like outdoor activities such as cycling, but it should be noted that, compared to foreign conditions, domestic is more chaotic. Therefore, we must prepare ride equipment when we go out and cycling. To ensure your safety. Cycling equipment can be divided into compulsory equipment and optional cycling equipment according to the weight ratio occupied during the cycling process, and can be divided into vehicle equipment and rider equipment according to the withdrawal carrier. So, what are the equipment for cycling? Let’s take a look at it together!

Cycling driving equipment

How to choose a cycling bicycle

If you are considering commuting, you can choose a highway car. The price is not high, lightweight, durable, and easy to get started. If it is considered on weekends, you can choose a mountain car with strong comfort.

How to choose a cycling code

The cycling code can show the current speed, riding mileage, riding time, etc. In addition, it is inevitable that it will encounter the situation of rainy forward when riding. Therefore, it must also be waterproof.

How to choose a bicycle light

The requirements of the lamp equipment at night are high. If the shock resistance performance is not good, the file is suddenly jumped, and the lights are destroyed. Essence

Other riding body equipment

Front bag

The front bag should have enough load -bearing capabilities, load items within 3kg, and have practical storage space in front and left and right sides, which is convenient to classify different objects. In addition, there must be a removable shoulder strap to facilitate the first bag of the car when parking.

Cycling kettle


A qualified riding kettle should be made of food -grade plastic. The riding kettle marked with the “No. 4 PE” logo is the most common on the market, and the “No. 2 HDPE” and “No. 3 PVC” Materials cannot be used for food packaging.

Bicycle tail frame

Maigoo Xiaobian learned that cars are usually more suitable for installing top -off bicycles, while off -road vehicles and MPVs are more suitable for back bicycle frames or ball -type trailer bicycle frames.

Bicycle camel bag

It is equivalent to a car trunk, which can accommodate various objects. It is easy to remove, strong and waterproof. When going downhill, it can also help you stabilize the back.

Cycling personal equipment

How to choose a helmet

The main purpose of the helmet is to prevent collision, prevent branches and leaves from hitting, and prevent ride from rolling. The helmet with the brim can also sunscreen. The criteria for judging the quality of a helmet include texture, weight, lining, wearing comfort, breathability, air resistance effect, etc.

How to choose riding clothes

Riding fabrics are characterized by functionality, protection, personality, and comfort. In winter when the weather is cold, warm and breathable cycling uniforms are usually used. When the weather is hot, we must choose good breathability and perspiration, which can quickly discharge a lot of sweat and keep the surface dry.

How to choose riding knee pads

Spring exercise knee pads are relatively common sports knee pads in physical stores. This kind of exercise knee pads mainly play a certain oppression effect during cycling, which has a certain support effect on our knee joints. There is also a martial arts knee pads. The main role of this sports knee pads is to stabilize our bone and reduce the friction of the half -moon plate.

How to choose a cycling cuff cover

Compressing sleeve cases can improve the vitality of sports muscle group and reduce lactic acid accumulation, which is an ideal choice for cyclists; sunscreen sleeves are mainly used for sunscreen and cold; By breathable sunscreen can effectively protect cycling safety.

How to buy cycling gloves

There are half finger and full finger. When it is not cold, wearable half -finger riding gloves are cool and flexible. It is convenient to use small things from pockets and use mobile phones. Sun protection. Therefore, it is best to have both gloves in riders. Before you go out, see which gloves are decided to wear.

How to choose riding glasses

The glasses worn by cycling must have the characteristics of safety, protection, comfort, and beauty. In addition, from a professional perspective, when choosing cycling glasses, it should pay attention to its lens function. Dark lenses are better than light -colored lenses. It can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and improve UV indexes.

Which raincoat is better?

The most important thing for riding raincoats is waterproofing. In addition, it depends on the tightening method of the cuffs of the ride raincoat, because in winter, riders need to wear gloves. If the cuffs are tightened, it will affect the overall overall. Keep warm. Finally, it depends on pulling the piece, either waterproof zipper, or using a placket to prevent rainwater from penetrating.

Other riding personal equipment

A good riding backpack requires a comfortable carrying structure, good sweating and breathable function, and strong zipper and fastening structure of strong fabrics. In addition, waterproof and fluorescent reflex functions are also a reference standard for selection.

Cycling mask

MaiGoo’s editor learned that excellent design mask products will use high -grade silicone materials. Through flexible materials and angle design, users with different nose bridges can obtain good veneer.


Ride pants

Riding pants should not be too loose, because the purpose of riding pants is to fix the pads in a suitable position. If the pad is not firm or the position is incorrect, then this pad protects your pad into a murder weapon for your abrasive PP.


Riding shoe covers can reduce wind resistance and prevent and warm. It is recommended that the shoe cover is matched according to the same style riding suit, which can correspond to it, enhance the product series and visual effects, so that the riders have a complete and unified riding equipment.

Car repair tool

Portable air tube

There are more air -tums on the market, which are separated from the mouth and beautiful mouths, and there are also Fazui mouths. It is different in form, but it is no different in use.

Spare tire

Bicycle tires must have a strong grip. In addition, the lighter the pattern of the tire, the smaller the resistance, and the resistance to abrasion, anti -tie, lightweight, acceleration, braking, small tire noise, easy installation, etc.

Chain oil

The wet chain oil is suitable for the maintenance of the chain before and after the severe off -road riding; the dry chain oil is suitable for ride on the place where the pavement is often laid. Wax -based chain oil is suitable for a mild off -road riding environment.

Brake pads

Sintering brake pads perform better than resin brake pads in humidity, and have a longer service life than resin brake pads, but noise; resin brake pads are less noisy, and the bite power is relatively small, but the wear is faster.

Riding first aid package configuration list


Such as medical alcohol, cotton swabs, bandages, hemostasis bands, band -aid, etc., bleeding wounds should be treated in time outdoors to avoid bacterial infections.

Wound dressing

Copy iodine, or sterile apply for skin scratching; portable cold compress bags for muscle strain, wounds; bandages for bleeding.


Based on medical scissors, mules, thermometers, hydrogen oxygen, Yunnan white medicine, Urinelin, eye drops, glucose, band -aid oil, fast -acting savior pills, etc.