“Datang Women’s Book” is on fire! “Fashion” bloggers more than 1000 years ago teach you to wear

More than a thousand years ago, the Tang Dynasty also had “fashion” bloggers.

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Original title: It’s amazing! What kind of fairy is this? “Datang Women’s Book” is on fire! “Fashion” bloggers who have more than 1,000 years ago taught you to wear it ~

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Shishi makeup, Shi Shi makeup, from the city in the city.


——Bai Juyi “Shishi Makeup”

And just like Bai Juyi’s “Shi Shi Makeup”


Women’s makeup is also the best portrait of Datang

Do you want to know what the “fashion blogger” of the Tang Dynasty looks like?


Today, let us cross thousands of years and space


Through a “Datang Women’s Book”

Satisfy your curiosity about the “fashion blogger” of that era

Feel the aesthetic spirit of diversified, confident and compatibility with Datang

You can also review the history of the rise and fall of the Tang Dynasty by the way


Not much to say, the “fashion bloggers” of Datang are here

The trailer is so beautiful

Planning and production: Chengdu Linxi Photography & Real Cai Cai


Camera: ghost ghost

Makeup: Zou Zou


Late video: Ghost and Ghost Ho Li (@视 视 视)

Appearance: Real Cai Cai (Organization@出 出 出 出)


Part of the modeling:@部分 部分 部分



Early Tang Dynasty: Wude starts in the first year of the first year of the year

The first fashion blogger comes from the Early Tang Dynasty


She is a “double ring lady”


Style reference from the illustrator Weibo@御 造 造 造


In the early Tang Dynasty, narrow sleeve short clothes were popular

The daughter of Shuanghuan Hao in the video

Tanzai half -sleeved, with a colorful long skirt, the clothes are thinner




Gaozong period: 628 AD-683 AD

Next is a “men’s clothing woman” who is a “fork -hand gift”


Women in the Tang Dynasty often wearing men’s clothing

This is because the Gaozong period is gradually elegant and open

The respective body has also changed from slender and weak to more upright

Look at the “Caps Lady” during the Gao Zong period

During the Tang Dynasty, women liked to wear curtain caps

The curtain of Gao Zongshi Motor Hat gradually becomes shorter

It’s really immortal and sunscreen



Wu Week period: 690 AD-705 AD


Finally to our Queen Wu Zetian period

During the Wu Zhou period, self -confidence is upright


It is the most calm and confident time in the Tang Dynasty women

Dare to show the figure, the decoration is gradually gorgeous

Local silk painting unearthed in the Tomb of the Astana Tomb of Turpan

This “fashion blogger” collar moves, the sleeve sleeves are long

The eyebrow shape is rough, the eyebrows are raised and scattered

Silver red, noodles, eyebrows paint flowers

In addition, Tang Dynasty music dance art is rich in color


The three most popular music and dances are

“The Dance of the Knitus”, “The Qin Wang Breaking Formation”, “Hu Xuan Wu”


The shape comes from the Tangcai dance figurine


Is it beautiful ~



Zhongzong period: 705-710 AD

From Wuzhou to Zhongzong, they are all the age when women’s aura opens

The Tang Dynasty prevailed wearing fake buns, known as “Yisu”

Gao and Yiyi of the Wu Zhou era

Most of the women in the Chinatown Museum are wearing righteousness


Next is the “half -turning woman” wearing Yisu “


Earlier: 762 AD-805 AD

Next, the “Lotus Crown Lady” comes from the early Tang Dynasty

After Tianbao, the popular cicada hugs the noodles




Wearing a lotus crown, wearing a chest shirt skirt


Late Tang Dynasty: 875-907 AD

The “Dunhuang Supporters” who appeared next

Style refer to the image of the supporter of the murals of Mogao Grottoes 9 murals


Illustration prototype also comes from illustrator@御 插 插


This graceful and luxurious noble woman


Wearing a gorgeous long skirt

The head comb is tall, and the flowers are inserted on the hair

But at this time it has reached the Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty has become fragmented


The wind and rain fluttering Datang dynasty

Maybe it is also a kind of backlight, right?


In the late Tang Dynasty, the women’s clothing was getting wider

The outer sleeves are large, and the long skirt has become a trend

With the prosperity of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty

The last “fashion blogger” of the late Tang Dynasty was named

“Crystal Cosmetic Woman”

The historical prototype is Tang Wenzong Tian and the Cemetery of Zhao Yi Cemetery during the years

“Crying Saton Woman” head combs spine


Crying eyebrows, black lips, blood dizzy now

Sad makeup, reflect the decline of the abroad

I have to praise the original painting of the painter@插 不 不 不


The cos restoration of the@队 和 team is great



Finally, let’s appreciate more people who have not reproduced in the video

“Datang Women’s Book”

This is an illustrator’s understanding and re -design of traditional Chinese historical costumes

Early Tang Lady Map

Style refer to Zhaoling Yang Wen mural

Men’s woman wearing a scrub

Refer to the murals in the Tomb of Princess New Town During the Gaozong period

The female officer of the Zhongzong period, wearing a walking crown

The woman dressed in Hu Yu during the Wu Zhou period

Women during the Wu Zhou period

Style refer

Tianbao’s woman with “Tianbao -like” bun in the early stage


Woman with colorful glaze pot pottery pot

Late Tang woman holding the peony


Late Tang blood dizziness girly girl, the shape is part of the “Map of the waiter”


Author Weibo: @作 作 @小 作 作

Illustrator Weibo:@插 插 插

Picture and video belong to the original author

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